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How to Choose the Right Earrings

Updated on September 22, 2013

How to Pick the Right Earrings to Wear

Do you know that earrings are some of the most ancient types of jewelry. Many individuals have enjoyed wearing earrings down through the ages. Those living in ancient Asia and Egypt found them very beneficial. For instance the ancient Egyptians fashioned earrings from stunning gemstones and precious metals. They found them useful for medicinal purposes as well as for protection from what they considered bad magic or evil sorcery. However, earrings were also a symbol of someone's social position or prosperity way back then. Of course, the ancients also wore earrings for the pure pleasure of wearing jewelry and they often had their very own sense of jewelry fashion.

Here, you can learn how to choose the right earrings to wear for any occasion. You can also find out more about the different types of earrings that are available today as well as a little bit of earring history so, keep reading to find out how to pick the right earrings to wear no matter the occasion.

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Ancient Earring History

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The wealthiest of Roman women truly enjoyed wearing their fashionable pearl earrings and gemstone earrings. They also enjoyed wearing other jewelry types. You can see this while gazing at many lovely and beautiful vases, coins and Terra-cotta figurines of ancient Crete and the surrounding areas. The earliest hoop style earrings are dated somewhere around 330 BC.

Earrings are Versatile

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There are various jewelry types and styles available to you today. Earrings are one of the most versatile jewelry types in the world of jewelry while only a few other types of jewelry can help you make such a dazzling fashion statement alone or with a jewelry ensemble.

Stylish earrings can frame the face and highlight the facial features while drawing attention to your eyes. They can also enhance the appearance of any special outfit without being accompanied by any other type of jewelry.

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Earrings are Alluring and Sexy

...learn how to choose the right earrings to wear...

Precious metal hoops come in various styles that include some alluring gemstones and precious metal charms. On the other hand if you prefer a more conservative yet sexy look you may enjoy wearing simple precious metal hoops. Glittery dangles enhance your appearance with a subtle softness that is fashionable and romantic.

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If you are the rugged outdoor type you may fare well with wearing style of earrings that are simpler in design in order not to damage or lose them while participating in any type of rigorous activities.

When you purchase expensive stud earrings you should inspect the post to see if it is threaded and has a back that screw onto the post while firmly holding the earrings in place. Ensuring that you have screw back posts on your stud earrings you will eliminate the possibility of losing your expensive earrings made of precious metals and valuable gemstone.

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How Do You Choose the Right Earrings to Wear?

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