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How to Comb a Beard Properly

Updated on April 6, 2020
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A beard-grooming enthusiast who writes about beard products, styling and other related facial hair trivia who also sports a beardstache.

Combing a Beard
Combing a Beard | Source

How to Comb a Beard (Step By Step)

If you are looking for a simple how to step-by-step guide on how to comb a beard the right way, then this is it. At this stage, you’re probably well on the way to start growing a beard, you’ve invested in some beard oil and you want to start making it look a little bit more organised and put together.

However, before we get into the how to comb a beard guide correctly, you need to make sure that you’ve invested in an actual proper beard comb. There’s a range of materials out there from metal, cellulose and wood. These are all great, but you want to be using a beard comb that possesses wide teeth and ideally is actually designed specifically for beards.

A step by step guide to combing your beard.

  1. Invest in the right beard comb (consider material, width of teeth).
  2. Splash some beard oil on
  3. Comb the beard outwards
  4. Start combing all the way through the beard
  5. Comb down and shape it up

#1 Invest in the Right Beard Comb

You want to ensure that your beard comb has wide teeth on it as one with narrow teeth will likely snag on your beard hair a lot as you comb it through. Causing potential jarring to the beard hairs and weakening them — having wide teeth will ensure a nice natural gliding process.

There are a lot of beard combs out there that have narrower teeth as well. This for use of your moustache to help bring some order and to get them to lay down properly when used in conjunction with moustache wax.

#2 Splash on Some Beard Oil

This basically ensures for a smoother process. You aren’t combing the beard dry. Similar to how a barber will sometimes wet your hair before combing the hair on your head. It just allows for a smoother process.

Plus, it saves you having to add beard oil on later. So make sure you apply a bit of high quality beard oil on to your beard before you go straight ahead and start combing it.

#3 Comb the Beard Outwards

As you can see demonstrated in the video above, you want to start by combing the beard outwards. You can start from under the chin or from the beard sides, but you want to be aiming to do at this stage is simply separating the beard hairs from one another.

See, what tends to happen as you neglect your beard is that the beard hairs start to clump together, causing a unnecessary look of patchiness and potential knots. By combing the hairs away from one another it allows the look of a thicker, fuller and overall neater beard.

#4 Layer Up and Comb Throughout the Beard

You want to be combing all the way through the beard at this stage. Understand, that you beard is built up on layers and that you have to follow it up and downwards too, to ensure that every beard hair strand is properly being attended to.

At this stage your beard hairs should be pretty much everywhere and there’s no real ‘neatness’ to the whole beard. You just want to be separating the hairs so they don’t get knotted or clumped together, plus you want to be making sure that you the oil you applied is spread right through the beard.

#5 Comb it Down and Shape Up

Now your beard is well and truly all over the place, it’s time to start bringing some order to the beard. To do this, simply comb the hairs down and you can use a bristle brush as well as your hands to help aid you in this. Just using a beard comb is fine.

Your essentially styling up the beard at this point, combing and brushing the body of the beard downwards and into style so it looks on point. If you have a particularly unruly beard, you can take to some beard styling balm to bring a bit of hold to the beard that you can then brush or comb through.

Beard Combing Tips

  • Avoid snagging on your beard — it’s not the case you’ve got a knot necessarily, it’s just the way a beard overlays one another. Simply release the comb and start combing through your beard again.
  • Try to comb your beard when it is slightly moist — combing your beard dry is when it is potentially weakest and where you are mostly likely going to start pulling hairs out. Top up some beard oil before doing so.
  • Invest in a proper beard comb — getting a cheap plastic one from the local garage is likely going to do a lot more damage to beard than it is good.
  • Comb the beard gently — you don’t want to be aggressive in the approach to combing your beard. If you do, you’re going to be subject to immediate and potentially drawn out beard shedding.
  • Want to straighten up your beard? — Make sure of a heated beard straightening comb to get a straight looking beard.

Who Makes Great Beard Combs?

There are a whole range of different beard brewing companies out there, producing some great products. If you want a cellulose type style that you’ve seen in the video above, then check out Beardbrand who offer a great range of products too. If you want a really high end style beard comb then it’s definitely worth checking out Big Red Beard Combs and their fabulous range of metal and wooden combs.

Are Beard Combs Worth It?

There are three parts to a great beard. Firstly, there's the inner beard, this is making sure that you are feeding all the right stuff. Making sure you are getting enough protein (particularly biotin) and basically all the nutrition that's needed to ensure that your body can actually grow a great looking beard.

Secondly, there's the outer beard care. This is about ensuring that the beard is properly conditioned and moisturised, this can be done with the use of beard grooming products such as beard oil and beard balm to help strengthen and aid the natural oils that reside on your face.

This is unfortunately, where most guys who are looking to grow their beard stop. However, there is a third and crucial aspect to growing a great looking beard and that's style. Make sure you style the beard and that's where a beard comb will help you get the edge. They are specially designed to work with beard hairs, from the way the handle is set up to the array of teeth. See, when combing a beard they can snag and if it is flimsy, the comb will break, so they need to be strengthen and specially moulded to help cope with your beard.

If you already have a great beard comb, then let us know which one it is and where you got it from in the comments below. We’d love to check it out.

Of course, if you have any other questions with regards to beard grooming or how to comb your bead, then please don’t hesitate to ask we will be more than happy to help. Simply leave your question in the questions and answers section just below and we will get back to you right away.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jonathan Lees


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