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how to control oil from the skin

Updated on January 23, 2012

how to control oil from skin

How to control oily skin

We should look fresh and clean everyday. Women those who work outside they should take care of their skin regularly. If we want good skin well into middle age, we should adopt a lifestyle that won’t damage our skin. Many of us have different types of skin. Many people, however, get confused when trying to figure out exactly what their skin type is. Women, those who have oily skin they can remove oil from their skin. Oily skin is caused by your oil glands working a mile a minute to produce an excessive amount of oil.

Follow these steps to remove oil

1.       Use oil free facial cleanser  about 3 to 4 times a day but don’t rub it gently clean the face.

2.       Use alcohol free toner, simply dab on with a cotton ball. Pay attention while doing this specially  to the  T-zone,  this is forehead, nose and chin.

3.       Avoid moisturizer  but oil free moisturizer can be used if necessary.

4.       When applying make-up like foundation or pancakes, better to use oil free products.

5.       If possible then use powder based foundations.

6.       Finish the look with oil-press powder. The powder has the capability to absorb the shine.

7.       Carry any tissue papers to absorb extra oil and shine when out and about. This will freshen you  up more.

8.       Use cold water or ice cube daily when you return home from the office.

9.       Drink water as much as you can.


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