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How to Create an 80s Outfit of Success

Updated on August 30, 2017

80s Fashion from the Modern Closet

When my friend asked me several days ago if I wanted to go to an 80s themed birthday party, I said "YES OF COURSE I DO!" Then came the real problem...I had no 80s clothing. So I did what so many of us do. Type it into google and see what images come up. I looked at page after page of images and then read up on descriptions.

What I learned, I incorporated into a (as many people told me who were actually alive and doing stuff in the 80s) highly successful and very 80s look. I had so much fun, I just had to share it on squidoo! The best part? I did not spend a single dime. I used what I had to become what I wanted to be. Well, thanks to my little sister that is. She is the only person I know who has an actual shirt popular in the 80s, complete with shoulder pads, and shiny design. No idea where she got it..but hey! It made quite a splash. Now, I shall tell you how to incorporated my modern closet into an 80s worthy party outfit!

Where to Begin?

Regardless of whether it is a paper on the use of telomerase in cancer treatment or an outfit fit for the 80s, I begin with research. Normally, this would mean pubmed but unless there are some 80s clothing disorders, I obviously would not find help there. Thus, the wonders of google images. When scrolling through image after image, I picked out the elements I most liked and decided to incorporate them into my outfit.

I had less than a twenty-four hour notice so I had to be creative...and fast. I will explain the what and why I chose it elements of each part of my outfit. Enjoy and get inspired!

O. Those lovely leggings!

I loved seeing all the leggings because...I love leggings. They are so much easier to wear and be comfortable in than my skinny jeans. Although, I do love those too. For me, the only hard part was deciding the color. I own them in about every shade except red and pink, but the 80s was about bright colors so I chose my greenish blue pair. They were bright and I knew they went along with the multiple shiny shimmers on the shirt.

O Those Lovely Lovely Leggings!

Now. Leggings are not expensive and you can find them through Amazon, ebay, Forever 21, H & M...the list goes on and on. They work for the 80s and right now, they work for today. So choose a color and pick a pair.

Leg Warmers!

Of course I had to incorporate leg warmers! They were all over the 80s and luckily I owned a pair. I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch and at the end of the season, we had severely discounted leg warmers. I thought they were funny. Would I wear them in public? No, but for the price I would get a pair and see where it led me. For the record, I tried to use them to actually keep my legs warm...yea...they did not actually work to well...

The Mysterious Leg Warmers

So if you are going to do 80s than you need some leg warmers! You can find them cheap on ebay and pick your type. I do not suggest going real shopping for them if you have a busy schedule. They are seasonal and nowhere near as universal to find as leggings so you may have to do quite a bit of searching. And if you are me, quite a bit of shopping along the way for modern clothing.

Faux Pearls. Lots & Lots

My father used to go to Mardis Gras every year, so of course I have many many bead necklaces. I was looking through them hoping to find something and came across these long plastic pearls. The sites said to add lots and lots so I did. In the picture, they all ended up around my neck looking like only three. Nope. When I fixed those lovely strands, I had a nice six of them to add some excess to the outfit.

Faux Pearl Accesorize!

Every woman should own at least one strand of real pearls but this is not the time for them. This is the time for those fake pearls. Get multiples super cheap on Ebay and load up on your 80s outfit. I love all their pearls in the pictures and you will too!

The Magical and Needed Blue Eyeshadow

When I brought up dressing for the 80s...I heard blue eyeshadow. Blue eyeshadow and more blue eyeshadow! I never wear dark or blue eyeshadow. I prefer light colors in browns and golds to play up my blue eyes. Don't believe me? Check out my wheelchair fabulous squidoo. Luckily, Clinique had me covered in the blue eyeshadow area (with a little help from Sephora). Find your shade to make your night perfect.

Silver Silver Heels

I am a shoe collector. Heels ranging from 1/2 inch to 7, flats galore, and of course, those stylish winter boots. Thankfully, a lot of the 80s clothing incorporated myy beloved heels. I only needed to pick the color from my shoe collection. Silver was my obvious pick. Bright, brilliant, and the perfect touch.

Sexy Stilettos

Regardless of what time period, I recommend some silver high heels. They are a more unique choice to black and so very fun to wear!

The Perfect Top

I found mine in the back of my sister's closet. It was 80s vintage and came complete with shoulder pads. We kept marveling over the point of them. Perhaps, they accentuated a smaller waist? Maybe men found them really sexy back in the day? All I know is they were not comfortable and slid around my skinny shoulders making it look like i had a strange uneven shoulder syndrome. Still, it completed the outfit and who was I to say otherwise?

The Perfect Top

Complete your outfit with the perfect 80s top. Pick up one on ebay or look up your nearest and dearest thrift store! I put an H & M tank top under mine to make it long enough to wear comfortably in public. Get the top and get going!

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The Big Question

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