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How to Create the Perfect Power Plant Outfit

Updated on March 15, 2015

Power Plant Fashion is More than Steel-Toed Boots and a Hard Hat

Working at a power plant requires an outfit which provides both safety and style. How do I know? For just under two years, I regularly worked each week at a power generating station, the fancy word for power plant. I spent my winter counting and identifying hundreds of fish. In summer, I stared through a microscope for hours identifying tiny creatures in masses of weeds. Clearly, a far cry from my fashionable retail job.

As time went on, we discovered the unique fashion style in our power plant. All of us were so impressed that we decided it was time to start dressing like the regulars. The outfits made far more sense for work than our own and most of all, they matched well with our safety hats and steel-toed boots.If you are taking a power plant job or just looking for a different spin on your wardrobe, consider the special style described in this squidoo.

Always Begin With a Hard Hat - Then Work Your Way Down

I quickly discovered there were a lot of items which can fall on your head or are low enough for you to acquire serious head damage at a power plant. If you prefer your head in mint condition, then a good hard hat is the proper way to start. We all went with the standard white and recommended (free) option. When buying a hard hat, there is a great variety and seriously consider being creative. You do not want someone accidentally swapping hard hats and donating their germs to you.

ERB 19989 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Mega Ratchet, Flourescent Pink
ERB 19989 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Mega Ratchet, Flourescent Pink

We were given hard hats in a color range of white to white. To bad as I would have loved to be able to choose another color. Not only would it have been prettier to look at but the fish grime might have blended in a bit better.


Creative Hard Hat Options to Purchase

If you have an option for choosing your hard hat then look for one which best defines who you are. Amazon has an amazing selection and personalizing your hard hat is a great way to show off a little personality.

Avoid Eye Injury With Proper Safety Glasses - Oh no! He Wasn't Wearing His Safety Glasses!!

When you work with nasty chemicals like I did, you do not want to get them in your eye. Trust me. Even breathing in our macroinvertebrate preserver made you cough and lose your sense of smell for a few hours. Not to mention, the odd things which come with hundreds of fish and can get in your eye. Safety glasses are serious business so do not take them lightly. I apologize for the highly unfashionable pair in the picture and please do not get those. They cut off the circulation to your head which is why we all preferred the 'sunglass' option on power plant days.

Trendy Safety Glasses

Avoid losing circulation to your head as it will give you a major headache. I speak from experience which is why I prefer the safety glasses which are more along the lines of sunglasses. You can even get prescription safety glasses but honestly, just purchase a regular pair first and move on from there.

Note: The Safety Glasses and Hard Hats!

The Plaid Shirt is Key - I Apologize. I am on top of the Alps in Austria and this shirt is not mine.

One of the key parts to the power plant outfit was the plaid shirt. Typically, it was a button-up plaid and always in long sleeves. Plaid was always in style during my power plant time and if you want to look fabulous, consider getting your own plaid shirt. Plaid may not be for everyone but you never know until you try!

Finding the Perfect Plaid Shirt

Since you do not want to burn yourself or get fish guts all over you, go with the long-sleeve plaid shirt. Generally, it is preferable to do a button-up shirt but there is always room for creativity.

Should I Work the Denim Shirt?

We found a lot of jean jackets with denim shirts and then followed by jeans. This is a unique look which I am not capable of pulling off. If you are, then more power to you!

Picking Your Denim Shirt

There are an array of options for the denim shirt look. Amazon has some amazing options so look no further.

The Necessary Jean Jacket - My Take on It

We found with every plaid shirt there was an accompanying jean jacket. Now, you do not have to go all out full denim crazy but a jean jacket (or take on it) is a great option for protection against just about anything. As an added bonus, it will keep you warm in those months of zero heat.

Purchasing the Right Jean/Denim Jacket

Just like everyone's taste is different so are the hundreds of jean and denim jacket options. Never settle for what you can wear get what you LOVE to wear.

Choose the Right Pair of Jeans - Skinny jeans are frowned upon!

Choosing the right pair of jeans is a key part to the power plant outfit.Avoid skinny jeans as they are not a great safety option. Also, if your basket of fish overflows at least flair jeans will help soak up some of the four inches of water before it gets to your socks. In the picture I am wearing a pair of faded nearly bootcut jeans. They would become my power plant staple. I just had no idea I would be working in a powerplant...

All Jeans Are Not Created Equal

I worked in a retail store which not only had about five different types of jeans but also gave all the types names. Customers would ask me for a name (which could have been the name of an employee) and I had to know whether it meant skinny, boot cut, regular, or low-rise. Trust me. Think of your body type and what looks best on you. Then check out these Amazon options.

Keep Your Feet Safe with Steel-Toe Boots

As part of our orientation, we had to watch a safety video where this woman was not careful and got her foot pretty much ground off. Not only was it horrifying but it reminded me of how important proper safety boots are. We needed steel-toe ones and I wish I had a picture of me in mine.

Find the Right Steel-Toe Boots

I wear a size five (U.S.) in shoes and I still was able to find just the right pair. Even if you are not working at a power plant, consider some for those times you really really do not want to stub your foot or end up getting it ground off *shudder*. Here are some options Amazon would like to show you.

Love it? Flame it? So-So? - Comments are Always Appreciated

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    • profile image

      atomicgirl24 4 years ago

      LOL, very quirky fashion subject, to say the least!

    • Mamabyrd profile image

      Mamabyrd 4 years ago

      I can really appreciate the hard hat and safety goggle fashion statement. My mother has worked in a factory for as long as I can remember.