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How To Differentiate Authentic Designer Jeans VS Fakes: 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, Hudson

Updated on May 5, 2012

Authentic VS Fake Jeans

Designer jeans revealed: 7 for all mankind, True Religion, Citizens for Humanity, and Hudson Jeans. How to lessen the chances that you are purchasing a fake pair of jeans on ebay. By informing yourself, not only will you save money, have a higher quality pair of jeans, but you will also help put an end to child labor and illegal practices.

7 Simple Rules for High End Designer Jeans

High end designer jeans vary among brands, but there are some similarities among them. These five rules will point out what to look for when you are looking to purchase a high end designer pair of jeans from a place such as ebay or a thrift store. In the end you will save more money taking the moral high road and purchasing a pair of jeans honestly. Often times people are unaware that they are selling fake jeans or the harsh conditions in which they were created. The more informed the consumer is the more it benefits the honest people in the world.

1. The fabric and the stitching: Although jeans vary among designers, the fabric is a good indication of whether or not they are authentic. If you are going to pay upwards of $150 for a nice pair of jeans they are going to be well made. The fabric should be soft and flattering to your figure. The stitching will be even and sewn with care. Check the hems, the tags, and the seams to make sure they are sewn evenly. The only exception is if the hem was altered on a used pair of jeans, but was done poorly. Fake jeans are generally stiff and feel like sandpaper. Higher end jeans are made to feel comfortable as well as wear evenly. However, do not confuse the thickness of the fabric with the feel. I once had a pair of Hudson jeans that I thought was fake because the fabric was thinner than I was use to. It turns out they were authentic.

2. The style and cut number: These numbers are truly important in establishing authenticity. Many brands of jeans will have these numbers, for example, American Eagle has a style number included on their tags and they average about $50 a pair. The higher end jeans generally have the style and cut number below the size tag. The style and cut numbers should appear to be stamped on and not raised or sloppy. The style number indicates the fit and design of the jeans. For instance, on a pair of authentic Citizens of Humanity Kelly jeans in Big Sur wash the style number is 001-099. If you find a pair of jeans on ebay or at a thrift store be sure to check the style number and google it. If a) only foreign websites or unknown bulk stores are selling the jeans dirt cheap or b) there is no style number because the jeans have never have tags sewn in or c) it doesn't appear anywhere on the web, you can bet your last dollar the jeans are fake. Authentic style numbers are all over the web and are easily found. The cut number is issued on only several pairs of jeans. If you search for a cut number and find thousands then you have established they are fake. Many times counterfeiters take a real cut number and mass produce it to try to fool the general public. If you see multiple sellers with the same cut number be sure to avoid purchasing anything from them.

3. The signature trademark: 7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion and Hudson as well as many other brands all have signature trademarks that identify them from the competition. 7 for All Mankind has a reddish colored tag with a dark yellow/orange writing on the back right pocket that says all mankind. Above on the waistband on the same side is a 7. Citizens of Humanity has an h tag on the back right pocket. True Religion has the signature horseshoe on the back pockets and it curves at the top. Hudson has a British flag with the word Hudson on the back right pocket. These are found on each and every pair of these jeans. Sometimes on counterfeits they are poorly replicated, sometimes they are excluded, but on true authentic pairs they will be consistent every time. Although having a signature on the jeans you are contemplating purchasing doesn't guarantee authenticity, viewing a pair that excludes the signature pretty much guarantees a fake.

4. The size tag: High end designer jeans are labeled by waist size. 7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, Joes Jeans, Rock Revival, BKE, Miss Me, etc are all sized based on your waist. If the jeans claim they are Joes Jeans, but they yield a tag size that reads 3 or 10 they are definitely fake, unless someone sewed in their own tag, but that would be ridiculous. Most of the sizes range from 24 to 34, but some brands may make them a little smaller and others may go up a couple sizes in range. Once I was in a thrift store and I found a pair of Gucci "jeggings." The only tag sewn inside was a 32. Based on all of the other rules I was able to immediately rule them as fakes. I have a feeling they were produced in China. I have a crazy hunch that Gucci doesn't even make jeggings and if they did it would specify inside that they were "Made in Italy." Be sure to take into account all of the other rules along with size because it doesn't mean they're authentic just counterfeit if the size isn't based on the waist.

5. The wash: If the jeans look filthy, have a grainy wash or look like bleach was spilled on them (unless someone actually poured bleach on them) they are most likely counterfeits. Some jeans will have factory distressing, but it is generally very subtle. If you view the picture at the top of this lens you will notice a pocket on an authentic pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans. Notice the slight fading on the bottom of the pocket where it forms a slight v shape. On a pair that is fake the fading would be much more pronounced, like a bleaching. Jeans that have whiskering will also display a subtlety. If it looks as if someone went all out to whisker the jeans with acid, they are probably counterfeit.

6. When in doubt take them to a high end retailer such as Nordstroms or Saks to have them authenticated. The salespeople are extremely helpful and are more than willing to go out of their way to verify the authenticity. Authenticating jeans comes down to a keen eye (loads of observation and research), and most of all common sense. If it sounds to good to be true through a retailer e.g. brand new True Religion jeans on ebay for $5.00 and the seller is selling 100 pairs, then it is too good to be true. On the other hand buying on ebay can save you money if someone is just trying to get rid of the gift they got last Christmas that didn't fit. In the end be sure to listen to your gut instinct and smile when you find a pair that is real for cheap!

Style Numbers and Washes of Authentic Designer Jeans

A wonderful place to determine whether jeans are authentic or not is This website is not necessarily complete with all style numbers and washes, but it does help to differentiate whether you have an authentic pair or not. Also, there are multiple pictures of authentic jeans as well as some of the fakes to help you develop a keener eye toward authenticating.

Ebay is also a wonderful resource. If you are planning on purchasing a pair of jeans be sure to email the seller for any additional information they have not included in their listing. Ebay also has guides written by honest sellers that discuss some of the traits of authentic jeans and what you should be looking for. One review I found helpful was:

Overall there are many great resources to help you on your journey to authenticating a pair of jeans!

Authenticating 7 For All Mankind

$6 Million Counterfeit raid of True Religion Jeans

Authentic Jean Collection

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