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how to do gel nails using LCN products

Updated on June 4, 2009

Basic Nail Info

  • Your nail is made up of 7 layers.
  • If you damage the base of your nail it cannot be fixed. It just has to grow out.
  • If nail peels, splits, cracks, is discolored, or brittle it is due to a vitamin deficiency.
  • If pink spot occurs in nail it is caused by overfilling, nail has to grow out to repair itself.
  • Hang nails are caused by unkept cuticles.
  • Always cut cuticles in the direction in which they grow.
  • only push cuticles back until a half moon is showing.
  • Always cut toes straight across... it prevents ingrown toenails.
  • For a more natural look when putting on artificial nails do not make the white part longer than the base or pink part of nail.
  • The line where the pink and white part of the nail meet is called the smile line.
  • Nail fungus, usually black, green, or brown, might smell... file nail as close to natural nail as possible if the spot is still there cure it with Dr. G's nail solution. Then put nail on as usual, you can also use it on top of the nail and around the edges, if it doesn't clear up after a while recommend to client to remove nail until it has cleared up, ALWAYS throw file away when done.
  • Some people can not wear gel nails if you find that there is lifting along the edges of the nail as well as the middle of the nail , try using 2 bonds (bond aid) and a gel bond, if problem still occurs it means the nail bed is too oily and the bond won't work properly, recommend acrylic, Product should not peel off in chunks.
  • Always make sure as your putting the gel on that nothing touches the cuticle use a pin, or a toothpick (works great) and swipe along the cuticle area.

Step by step to manicures

  1. Soak clients hands in warm soapy water
  2. Take one hand at a time and remove all polish
  3. Use cleaner swipe each nail
  4. File edges and top of nail and shape nails the same length, and width
  5. Use a cuticle pusher and gently push cuticles back till a half moon is showing
  6. Clip cuticles if needed
  7. Buff nails until smooth
  8. Apply polish
  9. Apply cuticle oil
  10. Apply hand lotion

Step by step to gel nail (using tips)

  1. Prepare nail- remove all polish, shape and push back cuticles
  2. Glue on tip
  3. Cut tip and shape to desired look
  4. Apply connex-plus-after 2 mins apply bonder gel
  5. Bake under light
  6. Apply bondique
  7. Bake under light
  8. Apply one component.. and bake
  9. Repeat step 6 or 8 until desired thickness
  10. make sure gel is even all over the nail, after each gel application use a toothpick and wipe excess away from cuticle before baking
  11. Use nail wipe to remove film
  12. File and buff nail till smooth and properly shaped
  13. Apply LCN sealer or FM pink for finished look
  14. Use cuticle oil and lotion to finish

Sculpting Gel Nails

  1. Prepare nail- remove all polish, shape nail and push back cuticles
  2. Apply a form
  3. Apply connex plus then after 2 min apply bonder gel
  4. Bake under light
  5. Apply white sculpture formature gel (to form tip of nail)
  6. Bake under light
  7. Apply sculpture builder gel over entire nail- bake under light
  8. Repeat step 7 until desired thickness
  9. Make sure gel is even all over nail, after each gel application use a toothpick and clear gel away from the cuticle before baking
  10. Use nail wipes and remove film
  11. File and buff nail until smooth and properly shaped
  12. Apply LCN sealer or FM pink sealer for finished look
  13. Apply cuticle oil and hand lotion to finish

Step by step to gel toes

  1. Prepare toes by buffing and shaping the nail
  2. Push back cuticle
  3. Apply connex plus... wait 2 min
  4. Apply white gel to tip of nail
  5. Bake under light
  6. Add a light coat of wilde-pedique
  7. Bake under light
  8. You can then add jewels across big toe if desired
  9. Use another coat of wilde-pedique
  10. Bake under light
  11. Wipe nails off and shape/ file edges
  12. Apply a coat of LCN sealer or clear polish
  13. Apply cuticle oil


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    • profile image

      moira 4 years ago

      Hi I also use LCN and as above is lifting, I also use LCN WILDE-PEDQUIE on toe nails and is lifting ?

    • profile image

      Jude 4 years ago


      I've been having LCN sculpture gel overlays and they are lifting at the sides .. Why is this ?

      The therapist uses connex plus and bonder and she is also baffled !!!

    • profile image

      irritated 5 years ago

      Bake? What school did you go to? CURE is the technical term. Bake is something you do in the kitchen!

    • profile image

      bernadette 6 years ago

      hi im from trinidad jus started doing gel want to about know more about your prodcout my salon love of hair & nails beauth salon

    • profile image

      Daw FD 6 years ago

      Hi Less-O-Less Iknow you've stopped using LCN but hey you know the product better than I do. Question, when using one component as a natural nail overlay do I still have to put on Connex first, cure under light then follow with bonder and cure again before finishing off with a french finish or a block lcn colour gel. This is a natural nail overlay question. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • profile image

      lousa 6 years ago

      hi i use ibd bonder for gel nail but i like to know other brand of a bonder and i can't find near my place maybe u can help me find by the other brand thanks

    • profile image

      les-o-lees 7 years ago

      LCN is a good product but i am no longer using it because the supply stores in town no longer carry it. i have switched over to acrygel and i love it it has the clarity of gel with the strength of acrylic. when you are testing out a new product i suggest u test it out on yourself or a close friend before u use it on clients because you might not be happy with the product and if the product is int very good u don't want your client to be unsatisfied. there are tons of places to buy new products first i would try your local beauty supply stores its much easyer to go to the store when you need something. you can also look on ther internet ebay is a good site to look on and most of the time you can find it for cheaper. you can also check around town and see if there is a rep that you can get ahold of to find that out you would prob have to ask another salon maby or the beauty supply stores might know i hope that helps and im sorry it took so long to reply have a good day and good luck

    • profile image

      Pauline Hamann 7 years ago

      Hi I want more to know about your product I am using Calbrook gel and want something else I have my own salon and want more and where can I get somebody to contact me to buy the product please.

    • profile image

      Erica 7 years ago

      Just wondering how long you cure each product for. ie. bonder, sculpture , bonder geletc.


    • profile image

      Lucinda 7 years ago

      Do you think is good for gel products.

      I want to start learning right away!