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Easy Way to Fix Pre-Taped Hair Extensions

Updated on January 26, 2018
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I believe a woman must ensure her hair looks good at all times and that the state of your hair speaks volumes about you.

You need a quick-fix for your hair and there's hardly time to visit the salon. The important event you are attending begins in a few hours and you need to infuse new life to your hair.

At a time like this what you really need is pre-taped hair extensions (also called tape-in) that will instantly add length, volume, and streaks of colour to your hair.

Tape-In Human Hair Extensions
Tape-In Human Hair Extensions

You will find a few varieties of hair extensions available on the market, but if you are looking for something you can fix all by yourself, and in record time, one of the simplest to apply is tape extensions.

Taped hair extensions come with a double-sided tape that you can stick to your parted hair, with minimal damage to your natural hair strands.

They are quite easy to apply and because the adhesive tape is completely invisible, it will give you a very natural look, just as if the hair extension is growing right out from your scalp.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

There are two types of tape extensions - the regular tape extensions and the pre-taped extensions. However, the latter is the best to use and the most popular kind for do-it-yourself hair stylists.

Pre-taped hair extensions typically come in pre-cut hair wefts with adhesive tape already attached to the bond.

To apply, all you need to do is peel off the protective covering on the extensions, and you are good to go.

Regular tape extensions take a longer time to apply because the hair comes only in wefts and you need to purchase special hair extension tape separately, and then fix it to the weft carefully before applying it to your hair.

Preparing Your Hair

Ensure your hair is completely dry and clean. There must be no dirt, oil, or residue of hair styling products that results in a 'build-up'. If you feel your hair is not clean enough, give it a quick shampoo wash then hand-dry it thoroughly.

If you don't have the time to wash and dry your hair, a good way to clean the area you intend to fix the hair extension on is by using a swab with alcohol and lightly sweeping it across your hair strands at the parted portions.This action will remove oil at the hair roots and allow the extension stick better.

Use the alcohol minimally as too much of it will harshly dry out your hair and may harm its roots.

Applying the Hair Extensions

Use a rat-tail comb to draw a straight part in your hair working up your head from the nape of your neck.

For colour highlights - part your hair below the crown and ensure the area you intend to stick the taped extension is not an area with thin hair. If it is, the bond of your extension's weft will become visible after styling. For colour highlights, use just a few extensions.

Professional Tutorial - How to Fix Pre-Taped Extensions

To add length and volume - you will need to use longer hair wefts. Part the hair close to the nape of your neck from one end to another, ensuring the line is the same width as your pre-cut weft. Carve out a thin section of hair just below the parting line.

Peel off the tape backing of the hair extension and stick firmly to this thinly parted section, ensuring you stick the extension about 2mm below the root. Continue to work up towards the crown until you get your desired results.

A pre-taped hair extension has the tape extend past the hair weft ending in what looks like tabs. Once you've stuck the tape lift the hair and wrap the tabs around the edge and under the section, folding them towards each other.

The hair extension tabs should meet in the centre of the section. This ensures that particular section of hair results in a longer-lasting hair extension.

How To Remove And Re-Apply Tape Extensions

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    • Lady_E profile image


      4 years ago from London, UK

      They do make a remarkable difference to hair styles.

      Thanks for sharing. Nice to have a video too.


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