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how to get your teeth really white in 4 easy steps

Updated on February 5, 2013

How to bleach your teeth

get the smile you dream of

 Smiles are contagious. When we see a beautiful smile, we want to smile back. However, when we are self-conscious about our teeth, our smiles may be few and far between. Let's look at our options for getting really white teeth.

1. Crest Whitening Strips I have used these off and on for a few years. They have basic, advanced, 7 day, and 14 day versions o this product. I have seen my teeth get pretty white using their whitening strips, but never as white as the images we are bombarded with on tv and magazine covers. The cost is low enough to make these worthwhile. For less than $30 you can get your teeth a few shades whiter in a few days.

2. Bleaching This is where the really white teth begin to show up. Bleaching is a lot more work, but the results are worth it. Bleach trays can cost as little as $50 or as much as $500. Bleaching does have it's drawbacks. It can cause very sensitive teeth. To the right you can see a video showing how to blech your teeth very easily at home for a much lower price tag.

3. Whiten your teeth naturally One way to do it is using malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration. Combined with baking soda, strawberries become a natural tooth-cleanser. Directions: Crush the strawberry to a pulp, then mix with the baking soda until blended. Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth. Leave on for 5 minutes, then brush thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the berry–baking soda mix. Rinse. (A little floss will help get rid of any strawberry seeds.) You can apply it once a week.

4.Let your dentist whiten your teeth with lasers.In-office teeth whitening methods are performed with bleaching gel and a laser light. This is a good method of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, as the process may be closely monitored by the cosmetic dentist. The teeth are carefully isolated from the lips and gums, and then a bleaching gel is applied to them. A laser is used in conjunction with the gel to accelerate and amplify the tooth whitening process. This is probably the most expensive method, but also the most reliable.


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