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How To Get Smoke Smell Out of Clothes

Updated on May 4, 2013

Having Trouble Removing Smoke Odor From Your Clothing?

If you smoke, or someone in your family smokes, then you know how difficult it is to remove the smoke smell from your clothing.

It's not so bad with your everyday clothes that you run through the washing machine every week.

But your formal wear, coats and jackets, and clothing you only wear occasionally - those items of clothing that you only take out of the closet a few times a year - those are the clothes that have the strongest odor.

Even if you only smoke in one room of your house, eventually the smoke will seep under doors and into closets and permeate every bit of your clothing.

And one cigarette is all it takes. Step outside on your lunch break and have a smoke with your friends and you might not smell it on your clothes when you go back inside but a non-smoker will.

If you'd rather smell fresh as a daisy, the you'll want to read on to learn how to get that smoke smell out of your clothes without investing in your own dry cleaning business.

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Why Does Your Clothing Have That Smell Of Smoke?

The smoke you see swirling around you while you're smoking a cigarette is much more than just hot air. It's a combination of chemicals and gases that are produced as the tobacco burns.

There used to be a commercial on TV that showed a person blowing cigarette smoke through a tissue so you could see all the residue that was mixed in with the smoke. That residue is thick and sticky, which is why it's so hard to remove the smoke smell from your clothing. It's not like the fragrance you pick up when you walk through a field of daisies. It's actually a sticky chemical substance, stuck to your clothes.

And the smoke permeates everything - into all the rooms of your home, into the closets, into your furniture and drapes. You may not be able to see it as it makes it's way through your home, but as someone who doesn't smoke to come into your home and check your closets. They'll be able to smell the smoke in every nook and cranny of your home.

Fresh It Up Demo - Video

Swash Fresh It Up - Clothing Odor Outer

You're running late. You reach for your little black dress hanging in the back of the closet and you're hit with the smell of cigarette smoke. When there's no time for laundry, Swash Fresh It Up eliminates the smell of smoke and leaves your clothes smelling clean and fresh.

You'll cut down on your laundry bills, too, when you use Swash Fresh It Up to keep your clothes smelling fresh as a daisy.

Things You Can Do To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes

  1. Frequent washing or dry cleaning will help keep the smoke smell out of your clothes. But it's really not that simple. As soon as you light another cigarette, the odor will cling to your clothes. And as soon as you hang those clothes back up in the closet, the smoke will start clinging to them again.
  2. Purchase protective garment bags for all your clothing.
  3. Perfumes will temporarily mask the odors but they won't be eliminated. As soon as the fragrance wears off your clothes will smell like smoke again.
  4. There are several odor-remover products on the market that do a good job. However, be sure to read the labels. Some of them can stain your clothing.
  5. Swash Fresh It Up by Tide, the company famous for their high-tech laundry products, is safe for all clothing and eliminates all odors, leaving behind a fresh, clean fragrance.

If you need to freshen up your clothes quickly before you walk into a meeting, or you don't have time to do a load of laundry, you can use Swash and feel fresh and confident all day long.

Do you find yourself doing extra loads of laundry just so you can get rid of the smoke smell?

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    • fitnessdad70 profile image

      fitnessdad70 5 years ago

      I can't stand the smell of my clothes after a night at the bar

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      What I do is run an extra rinse load to get rid of any unfavorable odors.