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How to Grow Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

Updated on January 4, 2013

Learn How You Can Get Perfect Lashes

Not many women are blessed with naturally long and thick eyelashes, but those who are quickly become the envy of all of their female friends. Noticeably better-looking lashes are one of the most sought after beauty traits of women today, as the key to beautiful eyes begins with their natural frames.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always kind to everyone, and as such many women are seeking out alternative ways to achieve bold, beautiful lashes. Many of us are forced to deal with brittle and weak eyelashes or even loss resulting from stress or aging. Here you will find a list of recommended suggestions that can have you on your way to achieving those much desired gorgeous, striking, and attention-grabbing eyelashes:

Develop a Routine

1. Take Vitamins - While you probably already know how important this can be in other areas of health, beauty, and fitness; many people don't realize just what an important role vitamins and minerals can play in supporting lash growth. Studies have shown that individuals with diets that are high in Vitamin B, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E grow much healthier and stronger eyelashes than others.

2. Moisturize Your Eyelashes - Applying a moisturizer such as Vaseline, castor oil, and/or olive oil at night will help to prevent them from becoming brittle and breaking off. You can also consider incorporating the use of a conditioner into your beauty routine.

3. Develop a Consistent Skin Care Regimen - Developing and maintaining a good skin care regimen can assist in facilitating the look you are after. Keep in mind that some makeup products contain chemicals, and excessive usage can be detrimental to your eyelashes.

Always read the labels on your makeup and skin care products. Take note of the major ingredients and check them against published lists of ingredients known to carry harmful side effects. Use this information to replace any eyelash and eyebrow products or skin care products in general that could be harming your skin. It is also imperative that all eye makeup is removed prior to going to bed.

Top Selling Growth Products and Extensions

Getting a Little Extra Help

Sometimes even a perfect beauty routine isn't quite enough to get the healthy growth and volume you are looking for. In those cases, there's nothing wrong with turning to a good eyelash enhancement product for a little help.

Extensions - Much like hair extensions, eyelash extensions add extra length. This process involves applying synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like material to the eyelashes to create a longer and fuller look. Extensions have been met with mixed reviews, as some consumers report dramatically successful results while other individuals complain about excessive cost and high maintenance aspects.

Eyelash Growth Products - These products have a history of being successful in producing positive results for many consumers. They work by stimulating growth at the hair follicle using a variety of different serums and formulas. An important factor in selecting a good product is to make sure that you are opting for a high quality brand that does not contain harsh chemicals and uses all natural ingredients.

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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Eyelashes From Falling Out

The Bottom Line

As you can see, many of the tips in the video for dealing with lash loss are very similar to the ones we've already covered for growing strong healthy lashes. Whether you need major improvement in length and volume or just a little extra boost, you should be able to find a few things in the topics we've covered that help you get a little closer to your goal of having those amazing eyelashes that will have your friends wondering just how you did it.


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    • profile image

      Sheila 7 years ago

      Hi there, I really have short and dull lashes and its been bothering me all the time. A girl from the salon said to use an eyelash conditioner from revitalash because as what she said it's the reason why her lashes are gorgeous and it's really noticeable when I looked at her. Anyone how have tried it, any tips and suggestions please?

    • profile image

      Jenny 7 years ago

      Very informative hub, I liked the Vitamin part, will start using them from now on. I also swear by LashMantra which works wonders on my lashes and brows.