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How to Layer Clothes for Staying Warm

Updated on March 28, 2015

Best Layering Pieces to Add to your Wardrobe

Staying Warm is all about Layering Clothes! If you're anything at all like me, you start layering your clothes as soon as fall arrives and you keep adding layers through the cold winter until the sun shines daily in the spring!

How to Layer Clothes for Staying Warm is an art and we'll give our best tips here. Gifts for yourself or to help keep someone warm and cozy.

I'm usually cold every day of the week here along the shores of Lake Erie, so make sure to always have the key fashion layering pieces in my wardrobe that keep me warm and comfortable all day long. As a business owner, I need to not only look professional but, create a look and feel that also makes my customers feel comfortable too. Casual dress is the way to go these days and layering pieces can be removed if it gets too warm, which is a great bonus!

Here you'll find the best pieces to layer clothes without adding bulk- so you'll stay warm for yourself or to give as a gift for someone that you might know that has low blood pressure, anemia, poor circulation or other reasons that cause your loved one to be cold. We hope you'll enjoy the video demos that show how to layer clothes for staying warm and please take a moment to answer our poll too.

Bring on the layers and bring on the cold weather!!

(image courtesy of amazon)

Women's Quilted Down Coat will keep you warm all winter long - Faux fur hood is great for rainy days too

Looking for a great gift for women?

Love a warm and winter white coat?

She'll adore this fashionable and cozy quilted hooded jacket!

Knit around sleeves and zippered neck offer more warmth, long enough to cover the butt, closures are easy to use and the hood is an added bonus with faux fur!

Circle Infinity Scarves to wrap around the neck and stay warm! - Layer a circle scarf over a shirt, sweater or on top of a coat for added warmth that's also sty

Keeping your neck warm on those cold and windy days is a must in areas of the world like I live. When I first moved along Lake Erie I was surprised at how quickly those winds could get inside my coat without a scarf. This is a simple idea that also looks good over sweaters and inside sleeveless vests.

Super Soft Acrylic/Wool Chunky Knitted Circle Loop Scarf-Ecru
Super Soft Acrylic/Wool Chunky Knitted Circle Loop Scarf-Ecru

If you or someone you know is always cold, give a gift of this pretty scarf that she's sure to love - like I do!


We want to hear from you!

Do you add lots of Layers of Clothing to Keep Warm?

Keep your body's center core warm with these key clothing pieces perfect for layering:

Women's Heavyweight Ribbed Tank Top - First layer of staying warm... cotton tanks retain the body's warmth!

Start your first layering piece with a lightweight, cotton tank or tee. Cotton can breathe easy, won't make you sweat and helps to warm your core.

These cotton tank tops in your favorite colors are thin, lightweight and my favorite first layer of defense in layering clothes to keep warm. You won't add bulk either which is important when choosing fabrics and layering pieces.

Long Sleeve Turtleneck

Turtlenecks not only keep the neck and arms warm in the colder winter months but, can also be worn under sweaters or alone as a top if you remove the extra outer layers of clothing if it gets too warm.

Hot Chillys Women's Peach Roll T-Neck Base Layer Top
Hot Chillys Women's Peach Roll T-Neck Base Layer Top

You'll love Peach Skin for it's silky soft feel, lightweight to not add more bulk, reduces moisture and in 7 great colors. Made in USA in your size!


Watch How to Layer Clothes for Staying Warm Videos - Great ideas that are sure to make you LOVE the colder weather!

Add a Tunic Sweater to keep warm - I love this tunic sweater to layer in the winter

AX Paris Women's Speckled Knit Salmon Sweater
AX Paris Women's Speckled Knit Salmon Sweater

I love tunic sweaters for layering in winter. They're long enough to cover the bum area, are great top layers to hide all the layers you've been building underneath and add an extra layer of warmth!


Layers from your waist down help to prevent cold windy drafts and protects the skin from chaffing and drying out!

Not those old long underwear like grandma used to wear!

These leggings won't add bulk to your jeans or work slacks and help to keep your legs and butt warm!

You'll get a six pack of leggings to wear or share!

Want warmer legs? Of course you do!

Fleece combined with microfiber work to keep your legs and feet warm and are super soft and comfy too!

Levi's Women's 529 Curvy Bootcut Jean, Indigo Heaven, 12 Medium
Levi's Women's 529 Curvy Bootcut Jean, Indigo Heaven, 12 Medium

I like boot cut jeans during colder months that allow a little extra room for the lower layers without adding bulk!


Levi's 529 Boot Cut Jeans - Affordable Jeans in 4 styles to choose from that look and feel great!

It's really easy to stay warm with the right clothing pieces that give you room to add layers underneath or on top!

Women's Sea Breeze Bliss Scarf

Fun and colorful scarves are not only fashionable but, can be worn in so many different ways and over any top to keep the neck and chest warm.

Women's Sea Breeze Bliss Shimmer Multicolor Fashion Scarf
Women's Sea Breeze Bliss Shimmer Multicolor Fashion Scarf

Blues and purples are the main colors of this long scarf that can be wrapped around the neck several times to take the chill off!


The majority of heat loss in the body occurs from our heads - Wear a warm hat as a simple way to stay warm!

Are you Ready to Stay Warm with Layers of Clothes Now? Let us know which items you liked the best!

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