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How to Look and Feel Good While Gaining Back the Weight

Updated on August 1, 2013

Not all Weight Loss is Good

Putting on weight can be a struggle after an unintended weight loss. Along with the stress of getting back your figure comes the added worry of what to now wear. You have become to thin for most of your clothes and even the ones which fit look nowhere near as great as before. Let's face it, going out and having to buy a new wardrobe is expensive, time-consuming, and a bit depressing. You want your body back and buying clothes for this size are only adding to the reality of your current scenario. I know because I have been there/am still there. You will learn more of what I mean in the modules below but for now, know you aren't alone and I am here to help you not only look good (without going broke) but more importantly ease your mind and help you learn to once again feel good. Being positive is hard but well worth it and so is learning to make the best of your situation. How does it work? Let me explain...

Have you ever had a health problem which caused you to suddenly lose weight?

Growing Up Thin - A Healthy Me

I have always been thin. Once I reached my now petite height of five feet, the numbers usually wavered between 97-99 pounds on the scale. The only reason I ever knew my weight was from doctor's appointments. I don't remember a scale in our home and I never saw a reason to use one because it always remained the same.

Did I eat an especially healthy diet or take care of my weight? No, as a child I ate lots of sweets.The doctors have theorized I never gained weight (or reached anywhere close to my family's average height) because my undiagnosed Celiac Sprue was wreaking havoc on my nutrient intake. My family also believes it's why I exist outside of their mantra of eating when food is put before them. Food often made me sick so my body has never really seen it as especially enjoyable. If I'm hungry, I eat. If I'm not, then I don't eat regardless of whether you put something delicious in front of me.

In college my roommate would get so frustrated when she came home to find my dinner looking sad and uneaten on the stove. I would make it but then remember to do something and completely forget I was supposed to be eating. Food was just low on the list of priorities. If I got really into something in the lab it wasn't unusual for me to realize at ten or eleven at night I had yet to eat lunch or dinner. Despite my forgetful eating habits, I retained a steady weight for years. Never going more than a pound or two above or below my steady weight.

Pounds Begin to Disappear - Weighing Somewhere in the 80s

I have a module (below) which follows why I didn't go see a doctor when I should have. One of the warning signs started a few months before things would fall apart. I began to notice something odd about my clothes. They had become a bit looser...then a little bit looser...until I could not ignore the odd truth I was losing weight. Pants which had fit for years and years started to need a belt and shirts which fit me to a T started to look off on my tiny frame.

Once my health truly fell apart, the weight began to disappear quicker. Understand that at ninety-seven pounds, losing a 'few' pounds means a lot. If you look at a BMI chart, you will see with a five foot height and more weight loss you quick tip into unhealthily underweight. So when I lost more than five pounds, I was a little worried.

Then came the fateful day where my little sister getting ready and noticed me applying make-up in a bra after my shower. She was horrified at how I looked. To her, my bones stuck out and I looked downright sickly. I was hurt because at this point I was doing my best to gain any weight I could. From eating more often to eating foods higher in calories I was doing all I could think of yet still losing weight.

Not until several months after the event did I really have a mental crash (the complete tale is in my book). I would ask my boyfriend off and on about whether I looked different or bad or to skinny. He always reassured me I looked the same. One night we were sitting on the bed in my apartment. The room was very warm so I was wearing a pair of shorts. He looked at me and said, "your legs have gotten really skinny." There was a pause and then, "you don't find me attrraaacctttiivvvee anymore...You don't love me because I look different...I'm so sorry. I'm trying so hard to regain the weight. I'm sorry I look bad...etc." He looked horrified at his ever positive strong-willed girlfriend dissolving into a mess of tears and altogether pathetic noises. Even after reassuring me of his love regardless of my looks, I still cried myself to sleep after he left.

This may have sounded petty to you (why worry about weight loss after hospital visits and the ICU) but it had become very important to me to look physically the same. If I did not then people would know how sick I was and I did not want to see their pity. I could not work, go to class, or even take a walk down the street alone but at least I looked like the same me. Now I knew I did not and I was not sure where to go from there. I kept trying to regain the weight but only kept losing. I was now in the 80s for weight and evidently looked like a scarecrow!

How to start looking good... - Begin by Feeling Good

During the times when my weight got very low I felt terrible about myself. I realize it was partly from being so underweight but mostly because I lost sight of what made me who I am. My weight never defined me before so why should it now? I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and start learning to love this struggling body of mine.

In my picture I am feeling good at the top of the Mandalay Bay. The walls were all glass and you could see all of Vegas before you. Pretty amazing!

Getting Physically Healthy

It's Important too!

I have always struggled with exercise. I now know it's because of my hidden health problems which left me panting for breath after attempting to jog a single block and completely exhausted after even a simple workout. My cardiologist recommended a heart program (I was denied due to not having a heart attack) so instead I worked with a trainer who is known for working with patients who have unique health problems. He taught me about the best means to gain strength while not 'overdoing it.' His work has helped an immense amount in knowing what I can and cannot do (and how much to do) when performing a workout.

When I cannot make it out of bed, I use the exercise bands and exercises chosen by the hospital physical therapist especially for me. I can use them to get exercise while not having to worry about cracking my head from dizziness on the floor. On better days (but not good enough to leave home) I will do a simple Pilates or yoga workout. I find it good for both my mental and physical health. Sometimes I end up watching a DVD and getting two minutes in before I cannot do anymore. On those days, I just focus on breathing and listening. If you can't do the exercise then at least take away something!

Please remember to always speak with your own doctor before beginning an exercise program. I don't want anyone to jump on a treadmill after reading this and have a heart attack. Ask before you start so you know what program is right for you.

Black Mountain Resistance Band Set - Ankle Strap, Exercise Bands, and Carrying Case Included

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case
Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case

I got mine while in the hospital but I like the idea of this set because it includes an exercise chart and ankle straps (which I should get).


Pilates Workout for Dummies - Not Dummies...More like Newbies

Pilates Workout for Dummies
Pilates Workout for Dummies

I highly recommend this DVD if you are considering beginning Pilates without taking a class. They explain why and how to do things so you are not just jumping blindly into an exercise activity . I actually own this and really appreciate how they offer modified poses for beginners, more than beginners, and experts.


Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies - Perfect for Yoga Users of Any Skill

Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies
Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies

The same goes for this yoga workout. If I were to begin yoga (knowing nothing), I would start with a DVD like this!


Getting Great Looking Skin - I've Got Happy Skin!

My skin took a plunge when I was very thin so I realized there needed to be a change in my daily skin care regimen. I switched to using the Clinique 3-Step in the morning and at night. They have products for all skin types which were developed by dermatologists AND are hypoallergenic. More importantly, they understand it's not 'one skin type fits all.' I highly recommend giving their products a try.

Ahava Facial Mud Exfoliator - All Natural. Completely Amazing on the Skin

AHAVA Time to Clear Facial Mud Exfoliator, 3.4 Fl Oz
AHAVA Time to Clear Facial Mud Exfoliator, 3.4 Fl Oz

I was introduced to Ahava on the shores of the Dead Sea. All their products are made completely from Dead Sea Minerals and give amazing results. I use this one twice a week.


Learning to Eat Right. It's a Process - I'd much rather eat candy!

The one neurologist (I refer to him as Dr. Snake) recommended a nutritionist as my family and I were worried about my gluten-free diet. Well, that was a complete waste of time. Instead of being able to answer my questions about how the gluten-free diet affects nutrition (as you are replacing key ingredients like wheat with other stuff) she reiterated what I had learned in my Nutrition course. Yes, she even handed me information almost exactly like what I got in college nutrition. Then she added that she knew what Celiac's was but the other nutritionist was a twenty-year dietary veteran and she knew little about it. I walked away having learned absolutely nothing and fed up with all the hospital nonsense.

So I would just increase the fruit, vegetables, and protein in my diet. I kept trying to eat more often and actually now take medication to help against the side effects of other medication which make me sick to my stomach. Nutrition class to me was extremely boring (as a biology major you've learned most medical details) but I did learn a thing or two. If you are really interested in learning to eat right then consider taking a course or buying a book on the subject. Knowing a serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards really puts that 24 ounce steak you get at a restaurant into perspective. Gaining weight is more than eating a lot, it's eating what's actually good for you and starts by having the right knowledge.

Food and Feeling Good: Books on Nutrition - It's huge on your emotions

Many people do not realize the food they put in their bodies plays a huge role on their mood. Too much sugar and you feel great now...then are moody and grouchy when the crash follows. Their is so much to learn about nutrition and food in general. If you want to look good and feel good then take a look into what your diet is doing for you.

Clothing for You Now

and You Later

I did not want to spend a lot of time searching for a new wardrobe which I felt would (hopefully soon) be unnecessary. However, I could not just go around wearing clothes which hung off me so I decided to find ways to improvise. Doing that meant being able to avoid the hassle of finding skinny jeans which fit (which is not easy I might add) but still keep me happy about what I was wearing.

I wanted to combine the 'I can wear it now' with the 'I can also wear it when my body returns.' So I have tried my best to stay true to my theme so I can avoid the hassle of shopping in my wheelchair. Which, depending on who is pushing, is usually not a great experience.

Keep the Skinny Jeans of Then - Get Leggings for Now

When I think of wearing skinny jeans, it typically means performing the 'skinny jean lunges' meaning you have a slight struggle to get them on then go around your apartment trying to stretch them out. They are a bit tight but then fit perfectly for the next few times around before you wash them and start all over. Skinny jeans are not supposed to hang off you in desperate need of a belt and you definitely should not be able to slide them on and off without unbuttoning.

So instead of spending sixty dollars on a new pair, I decided to get leggings. Actually, I found them to be so comfortable I own every color (sometimes in multiple) except red, orange, and pink. They are comfortable for doing nothing to going out for the night. I also adore how they work with boots, flats, and high heels. The best part? I can wear them now and then later because unlike skinny jeans, I will be able to fit back in them even at my regular weight.

Shopping for Leggings on Amazon - Skip the store. Get it to your door!

I recommend every woman own a pair of leggings. They are great for wearing around the house, working out in, or out and about.

Get Leggings on eBay - Seriously. Leggings are a great clothing item to own.

I looked up leggings for Amazon and could find hardly any selection. So I switched to eBay and trust them to help you out. Why buy leggings? They are the most versatile piece of clothing in my closet. You can wear them to work out, lounging around the house, with long tops, and when you are out and about. I strongly recommend a pair or two.

Keep the Shirts of Then - Add a Waist Belt for Now

In the picture the shirt I am wearing is actually way to big on me. Make that about two sizes to big. My friend was giving it away and although I knew it would hang off my thin frame I wanted it. So what to do now? I wanted to wear the shirt but in no way would I look healthy if I did. Thus, I added a belt (from another top actually) to cinch my waist. Now the top fit me and looked right. People actually complimented me on it never realizing I had done it for the strategic purpose of fitting what I wanted to wear from then into wearing it for now.

Buy Waist Belts on Amazon - Find great deals here on waist belts

I love waist belts. They have saved many pieces in my wardrobe and overall, I like the look of them. They can take an otherwise plain shirt and add a flair to it. Waist belts are also not an expensive item to own which is another great reason to own a few.

Wear Peacoat W/Belt Now - Take off the belt later

I have a love for coats and own way more than an average person should. So what to do when my coats didn't fit so well? I just added to my coat collection with coats which came with a belt. In one case I actually added a belt. This way I can wear them now and remove the belt later. As you can tell, I am now all about the belts because they do such a good job in hiding my underweight figure. Plus, I enjoy sewing so it's no problem for me to just use a seam ripper to remove the belt loops and leave the coat looking like new!

Women's Belted Jackets & Peacoats - A Must in My Coat Collection

I love coats and peacoats in particular. I own them in colors ranging from midnight blue to black to pretty pink. Almost all of these coats come in more colors than black. I was so sad when I couldn't show you them in my favorite ones! I guess you will have to take a look on Amazon for yourself and find the perfect belted coat.

Comfort. Baby Doll Style Now - Wear it Then

One my new favorite clothing types is the 'baby doll' look. I used to call these tops the 'pregnancy' tops as you cannot tell if a person is pregnant or not. I have completely changed my mind on them and love the way they feel. You can cinch the tops with a waist belt or if they are long enough, wear them over leggings. I love how it doesn't matter your size at the moment, it fits you.

Tunic and Baby Doll Tank tops and tops - All season for baby doll tops

Baby doll (tunic) tops are for all seasons. You just need to accessorize in the right way. Get one now and wear it then.

Get Scarves Now - Wear them Always

My father travels regularly to Asia and brings back a little of everything for his children. Thanks to him I have scarves in all colors, designs and shades. They range from silk to cashmere to lace. In the picture I am wearing one from his latest trip to India. I love how scarves look on anyone and they do a great job in distracting from a top I'm wearing which is a bit to large now. People notice the scarf and not the shirt which makes life so much easier.

In the picture I am holding my new niece. This February I became an aunt for the very first time. She's going to be bigger than me soon!

Cute Scarves on eBay - You can never own to many!

I must own at least fifteen different scarves and the collection keeps growing. I love the the unique colors and designs my father finds all over the world. Most people do not have a traveling scarf supplier so eBay is here to help you get the scarves you want without the travel tab.

An Update on Me Now

With the added dietary restriction of being yeast-free (no sugar, pickles, olives, ketchup...etc) I've had to restructure my eating thoughts. Living with it has been a definite challenge in regaining the weight but I like to think I am making progress. I have gained back about half of what I lost and am still working towards regaining the rest. There is no estimate of time for when it will be because my health changes day by day. So I just keep working my way there and hope someday soon I will be back to my good old size again.

The picture is of me less than a month ago at my friend's baby shower. Her baby needs lots of your prayers as he arrived a month early with serious health complications and remains in the NICU. I hope she will be able to take him home soon and I'm praying for him!

Misconceptions on this Lens

Read before you complain

In my time at squidoo I have had lenses where as my little sister said "Wow. They completely missed your point! That comment has nothing to do with this...." I still post the comments as I believe a person's opinions are important no matter whether I agree or disagree. Still, I feel I should clarify some points to avoid comments complaining on anorexia being so prevalent or the dangers of obesity (which has nothing to do with this lens).

Yes, my weight loss was very hard on me mentally but it there is a far more important reason for concern. I was becoming dangerously underweight. Being underweight can be just as dangerous as being overweight. If no one had started treating my health issues I could have gotten to the point where I was in danger of dying from being so thin.

Even though I never progressed to that point (thank goodness) I did have problems. My hair and skin both became very dry. Actually, my hair was so dry it became brittle, would break off, and every time I brushed hair would come out. Luckily, I had a lot of hair but it was still a pain. I also had little energy which was terrible as this was the time when I needed it the most. I became very prone to catching any cold, cough, or flu around me meaning my immune system was lowered which meant a case of bronchitis could quickly become pneumonia.

Many of my vitamin levels were low and I had to take prescribed amounts to try and compensate. All in all, it was downright miserable both mentally and physically. So this lens is about learning to feel good and look good while regaining the weight lost. This is about personally being healthy and happy, not about adult obesity and anorexia in children (etc). Those are definitely important issues but not the ones being covered here :)

Questions? Comments? Flames?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice lens.

    • Kalafina profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @Catherine Frias 9: I always say I am a walking pharmacy! Hence the pill box lens. It's great to know I'm not alone :) Have you tried a prescription medication for the nausea? Every time I was at the ER I generally had to get it by I.V. Thankfully, it is now in pill format and has made a HUGE difference in my nausea. Thanks to it I can finally not fight nausea on a daily basis which has helped me in my weight battle.

    • Catherine Frias 9 profile image

      Catherine Frias 

      5 years ago from Salem, Oregon

      I am so sorry that you are going through this, I on the hand am going thru the opposite. Since my car accident 4 1/2 years ago, I was able to keep weight off for a little and then after my back surgery, it is all I can do just to walk to the bathroom. I am never hungry tho, but now I have to deal with Diabetes. The unfortunate part for me is that I have this whole pharmacy that I have to take now, Food makes me feel nausea and when i do eat, it just comes back in half an hour. So I gain weight while you loose, What a pair we are. I will keep you in my prayers. And always stay positive you are worth it.


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