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How You Can Look Skinnier Just by The Way You Dress

Updated on March 30, 2011

Tips on How to Dress and Look Thinner

For those of you who want to look more slim and thin instantly without ever having to diet, all you have to do is simply add some changes to your outfits and your wardrobe. You've got to dress skinner to look skinnier. But just how do you do that? Well, it's actually quite easy really, if you follow these few clothing tips, you'll be on your way to appearing skinnier in no time!

Wear Black and Vertical Stripes

Clothing that is black or a very dark color gives the illusion of a person being more thin than what they actually are. Try to avoid white or very light colors on areas of your body that you're wanting to slim down since light and bright colors tend to make you appear heavier than what you actually are.

By wearing clothing that has vertical thin stripes, you'll look skinnier because this draws attention to the eyes to look up and down, and of course that means that horizontal lines are something you should really try to avoid. Especially don't go for wide horizontal lines because thick lines add on excess pounds to your frame.


Identical Colors, Add Volume to Your Hair, and Good Posture

If you wear very similar or even better, the exact same colors from head to toe, you create the illusion of becoming more slim. For example try putting on a shirt, jeans, sock, and shoes that are dark navy blue or black (anything dark is recommended) at the same time, you not only look thinner but taller as well. Even just matching your shoes and jeans work too.

For those of you who perhaps have thin or flat hair, its recommended that you give your hair some extra 'oumph,' if your goal is to appear skinnier. By giving your hair more volume, you're also making your head and face appear thinner and smaller in the process. Having good posture is a great way to appear as though you have lost some extra pounds. Plus good posture can also make you look more confident too.

Heals, Avoid Wearing Long Shirts, and Go Tighter In the Waist

If you're a woman reading this, then adding heals to your wardrobe adds height to your body without adding pounds. By doing this you can look as though you're a skinnier you. Why else do you think that models where heels all the time? It's because the fashion industry is obsessed with being thin and creating the illussion of being thin. Women have been using the trick of heels to look skinnier for quite sometime now, so obviously it's got to work! Plus, heels help your posture too.

If your shirt is close to your hips or crotch area, than you're only bound adding pounds to your frame, so long shirts are a definite 'no can do.' Shirts that are the tightest at the waist on your stomach create a more 'hour glass' appearance, which in return makes women appear more feminine and thin.

The V Neck

 Try wearing a top that have has some sort of a 'V' shape to it or has a V neck to it. V shapes on clothing give you a slimmer look and once again a more 'hour glass' shape to your body.

Lay Off The Bulky Pockets

 The larger and bulkier your pockets are, the lager and bulkier you look too. Bulky pockets are so a 'no go.'


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