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How to Lose Fat from Face

Updated on January 30, 2020

Fat Loss from Face - Is It Possible?

Losing just a quarter inch from your face might seem like a great challenge. Some need to only slim the face, because they are fit, some need to lose weight overall, so the face slims down as an indirect effect, some will need to lose fat from the face, as a first step. Whatever your need is, you need to have a plan, to understand what is possible and what is not.If you follow the healthy tips on this page, and you add a few new moves to your regular exercise routine, you can expect to see results before you know it. Facial fat loss is not a new issue and it is something that can be done. If you are wondering how to lose fat from your face, you have come to the right place. You will be pleasantly surprised by the changes with the help of a few rules and a couple of cheap devices.

Why Do I Have A Fat Face and Can I Slim It Down?

For many losing weight is a long, hard struggle. Achieving an ideal, or at least healthier physique is the goal of many, especially in today's society. For others however, the challenge may not have to do so much with the body as it does with the face.

There are persons who need a confidence boost to get on board and start losing weight, I have seen people who only needed a small change in their appearance to start exercising and eating healthy. If you get your face to slim down a bit, you will get that confidence boost to convince you to start on a broader program.

There are people with a perfect weight, and and a perfect looking body, but their face looks chubby. There are a couple of reasons for this face chubbiness, one is that the bone structure is making the face look plump, but in reality there is not too much fat under the skin. The other reason is just genetics, a round and chubby face is what your ancestors gave them. Just because all the models have long skinny faces, doesn't mean that a round face is not beautiful. Stars like Rene Zellweger, Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Miley Cyrus, or Lindsay Lohan have round faces and they look great.

Some of us just need to get rid of a double chin, and that's all. This isn't impossible, in fact the are a few techniques, exercises and devices that can help you, just read on.

Losing some fat around the face can give a youthful, healthy and slimmer overall appearance. How does one go about slimming the cheeks, tightening the jawline and reducing neck fat? There are some simple things that can make a big difference. Here are some suggestions to help you put your best face forward.

Effective Slimming Face Lifting Skin Device - Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine for Reducing Face Fat

This Radio frequency cavitation device works with micro currents, sending ultrahigh frequency vibrations in the deep layers of the skin, to target the fat. It actions on the cell, forcing the decomposition of triglycerides, (fat), in glycerol and fatty acids. The reaction components are then eliminated through lymph.

How Can I Slim My Face Down? - How Can I Lose Fat from My Face?

For prominent cheek bones and the reduction of a double chin nothing makes the biggest and most lasting impression like a healthy lifestyle. Things like eating a balanced, nutritious diet will go a long way in keeping skin firm, fat down and slim you all over. Exercise, especially cardio will keep you burning fat and help you maintain a healthy weight - in your face too. While these are not new, they can help you lose fat from your face and keep it off. There is more that can be done, however. Take a look at some other ways you can keep your face slim.

  • Reduce Salt and Increase Water Intake
    Salt helps the body retain water and can make the face look puffy and bloated. By drinking lots of water a day and minimizing salt, you can flush excess water from your system. This is a relatively easy and effective way to quickly and noticeably reduce swelling thus slimming face.
  • Change your Diet
    Eating more vegetables and lean proteins while cutting out sugary and fatty foods will also help to slim down your face and neck (not to mention other problem areas). Overall, cutting out 500 calories per day, especially when done by combining both diet and exercise, will help you lose about one pound a week. This may not seem like much, but the results can be lasting and dramatic.
  • Facial Exercises
    Just as you exercise your other muscles to keep them tone and trim, facial muscles too can be toned and kept in good shape. Target muscles in your cheeks, chin and neck will help to with fat loss from your face. Consult your healthcare provider before adding exercises to your regimen. Just to be clear here, this will not diminish your cheeks, but it will tone them making them look great.
  • Increase Your Metabolism
    Increasing the metabolism will help you burn fat all over your body, hence the fat on your face. The metabolism can be increased naturally with more physical and intellectual activity, but also with certain plants, extracts, and even drugs. I personally, am an adept of natural products.
  • Increase Physical and Mental Activity
    Everyone knows that physical activity stimulates burning fat. But did you know that mental activity does it too? Keeping your brain occupied consumes a lot of calories, and it keeps you busy so you don't feel the need to eat so often.
  • Slimming Face Devices
    There are many face slimming devices, however very few are indeed effective. I will mention the sauna mask, a Japanese device, that will help you reshape your face. Another great device is the ultrasound cavitation machine device, that help you sculpt your chin and cheeks with great results.

Face Slimming Exercise Video

Face Puffiness or Fat Cheeks?

Often times the little extra on your cheeks comes from puffiness and not from fat cheeks. One or more of the following can cause puffy cheeks:

  • Smoking or drinking
  • Improper or insufficient sleep
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Very fast weight loss
  • Genetics
Toning your face muscles can be obtain with exercises, face lifting devices, a proper diet, and a healthy life.Your diet should contain a lot of vitamin C, which is directly responsible for boosting collagen production. You can also take some collagen supplements.Sleep well and long enough for a healthy and vibrant skin.Use ultrasound devices to tone and lift your face skin.Exercise you face muscles to tone them.Get a face massage, massage can have great results on any tissue, but face can benefit more than any other body part from a gentle rub.

Effective Slimming Device - Radio Frequency Cavitation Slimming Machine Equipment

Radiofrequency energy cosmetic treatments are a promising technology for body-contouring without a surgery. It will remove fat locally so it is not recommended for overall weight loss, but for shaping certain areas, that have excess of fat, or it can remove cellulite. These type of devices, will locally create high frequency vibrations, deep heating the fat layers, with the end result of skin tightening, and local increased blood circulation, and fat layer thinning.

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