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How to make a Black Cat Costume

Updated on June 22, 2014

Black Cat

Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, is a sexy and alluring character. Her costume is very simple to make and packs a big punch of sex appeal. There are different variations of her costume, but the one i will be focusing on will be the white gloves and boots version. For those who do not know about Black Cat, she is a Marvel Comics character that appears alongside Spiderman.

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Black Cat Cosplays

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The Wig

As i mentioned before, there are different variations of her costume, which means different variations of her hair. It is always white, but it can go from straight and long, to wavy and super long. It always is white though. Here are a few different styles. Which you use is your own preference, but these are some excellent choices.

Wig Cap

Wig caps are important to wearing a wig. It makes it look more natural and less messy.


You can either draw the mask on your face, create one out of material or buy one. Here are some choices for face paint if you choose to draw on a mask.

The Mask

After much searching i have found a mask that works with this costume! This cuts the most difficult part of making this costume if you choose to use it.

Spirit Gum

If you choose to make your mask.

The Bodysuit

The bodysuit is skin tight to accentuate all your curves with a zip in the front. You also want it to have a bit of a collar so you can fold it down and follow along the edges all the way to about the top of your chest. Here are my top picks:


The gloves should be about elbow height, but it is okay if they are longer because you can fold them down. Just know that the positioning of the fur will have to be adjusted when adding it on.


The boots should be white, and should come up to a little under the knee. The heel height is variable. Usually they should be flat, but a small heel works too, especially if you want some extra height.

The Faux Fur

This will be added to the gloves, bodysuit collar, and boots.

Black Cat

The Process

The Wig -

My preference for the Black Cat's hair is the long and wavy wig, but that's just me. The long straight white wig also looks sexy. Like putting on any wig, don't forget to use a wig cap! It holds the wig in place better, and holds the stray hairs back. Overall it gives it a flawless look.

The Make up -

The make up should be natural shades of pinks on the eyelids and bright red lips.

The Mask -

The mask is the hardest part of the costume. When i made my costume i used drew it on with black face paint. It pretty much follows an "X" type of outline so it is pretty much easy to look at the picture and draw it on. If you aren't happy doing it this way, you can go the more advanced route and try to make it yourself out of material. You will have to find something closely matching the material of the bodysuit. My suggestion is to draw it on a piece of paper first. Everyone's face is a different shape and size. So by using a paper drawing first, you can make sure to have the exact size to match your face. After doing that, use it as a stencil and cut it out on the material. You might also want to make it in a few layers so it looks somewhat thick. Since there are no strings on this mask, spirit gum would be the best choice to use to stick it on your face. Using spirit gum also means it'll stay on for a very long time and you don't have to worry about it. Oh, and don't try to make it using foam! It looks terrible!

Black Cat Mask

Here is a great make up tutorial for the mask.

Black Cat Mask

Part 2 of the tutorial.

The Collar -

There are two different collar choices. One with an "O" and one plain collar. The plain collar is the more popular choice.

The Bodysuit -

The choices of bodysuits I listed are the closest match to the Black Cat's costume. What you want to do (and this is what i did) is pull the zipper down to give you the right amount of cleavage exposure (you should be showing A LOT of cleavage) and then fold back the upper part of the bodysuit all the way up to the collar. This will give you an idea of the outline of how her fur collar is sized and shaped in picture. Next, you can cut the fur to fit the outline. The final step is to sew the fur to the bodysuit along the edges. Construction wise, this is probably the hardest part of the costume.

The Gloves - The gloves should pull up right under the elbow. If it is a bit longer, the easiest thing to do is just fold it down. You will need to attach fur to the top part of the glove also. This is very simple to do. Just cut a fairly thick strip of fur, enough to go around your arm and then sew it on.

The Boots -

No sewing required! Yay! Again, cut a fairly thick strip of fur and hot glue it on. If you have the boots with the zipper, you want the fur to reach quite close to the ends so when you zip up your boots and it comes together, it will appear seamless.

Guess what? You're done! What a sexy, easy costume to construct! You also can't buy anything similar to this. Good job!!

Black Cat Costumes

If you still want to buy a "Black Cat" costume, know that buying it throws the real costume way off. It is a lot different. But here are some choices if you do decide to buy.


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