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How To Make Chinese Ball Buttons

Updated on July 20, 2012

Creating Oriental Look With Chinese Ball Buttons

You can make Chinese ball buttons from cord or from cord that you cover with fabric. The finished buttons should be about four times the diameter of the cord. If you want to make a bigger button, use two strands of cord that you can stitch together.

When you want to make an authentic oriental fashion style, you can supplement Chinese ball buttons to the front of jackets, coats or evening dresses. You can add the buttons from cord that is covered with a colorful fabric to match the garment.

To cover the cord, select a glossy, lightweight fabric with a firm weave and use the sewing technique below:

  • For one button, you will need 22inches of cord that is narrow and 11x1inch bias narrow piece of your selected fabric.
  • To use uncovered cord to make one button, you will need to use only about 10 inches of cord. If you want to use the enclosed cord, you will need to use extra cord because of the technique you will use to cover it, you can trim away the excess.

To Make a Chinese Button From A Cord That Is Covered With Fabric

With raw edges together, twist the bias strip round one half of the cord with right edges facing and stitch on a zip and sew near the cord bias narrow piece, then sew along the narrow piece of bias end of the cord by:

  • You should trim the seam allowances to about 3mm by pulling the end of the fabric that you stitch first, push slightly the fabric casing over the half part of the cord that is visible.
  • Trim excess cord and the stitched end.

How To Stitch On Chinese Ball Buttons On Garments

Prepare The Tubing

For each strand button, you can use one 10inch piece of cord or fabric that is covered with cord. For each double strand button, use about 15inch parts and slip stitch.

Make A Loop For The Chinese Ball Buttons

By taking the loop end under the main length of tubing, you can make a little loop. Where the tubing overlaps, you should hold the loop at that point to make it secured.

Repeat The Loop

On the top, make a second loop to the right of the first loop and tiet he loose end underneath. Always as you work, make sure that you Keep the seam of the tubing facing down.

Weave Through The Loops

Into the tie up or knot, twist or bend the loose end back up by weaving it through to the top of the tie up over and under the loops.

Form the Button

You can pull on both ends of the tubing by easing the tie up into a ball below of the button. Secure in place with couple of stitches and trim the finishes of the tubing to overlap under the button.

Attach The Button

With a thread shank, you can use additional thread that is strong, double it and stitch on the button.

Chinese Knot Buttons Video Instructions


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