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How to Make Homemade Hair Conditioner Easily Using Vinegar, Tea etc

Updated on September 28, 2012

For proper treatment of your hair shampoo and conditioner are must. Do you know that you can make some decent conditioner at home all by yourself?

Yes, you can do it with ingredients which are easily available in the market or in your home.

You may ask why I shall toil to make my own conditioner instead of buying it from the market.

It is because you know about and can control the ingredients of your conditioner. The hair conditioners available in the market may contain many harmful chemical which can damage your hair in the long run. Moreover, it would be much cheaper for you if you can make some hair conditioner at home. But the most important fact is that it will be fun for sure.

Shampoo VS Conditioner - an Infographic ( Enlarge it to View )

How Shampoos and Conditioners work - Pin it
How Shampoos and Conditioners work - Pin it | Source

How Conditioners Work?

Do you know hair conditioners work?

I know some of you may tell me: - “I do not know actually what conditioners do. I know they are good for my hair but what particular good they do to my hair- I have not any clue about that.”

If you can identify yourself with this speaker then read next.

What the Conditioners actually do?

When you use shampoo on your hair it makes your hair and scalp basic (alkaline). In that case the scales of your hair (yes, hairs have scales like a snake) or cuticles stands up. The hair has a tiny pipeline inside in which flows natural oil. When the cuticles stand up, it stops the natural oil from coming out. Thus, your hair becomes very dry.

The conditioners are acidic. They remove the alkaline effects of the shampoo from your hair. Thus, they help the scales to lie again. The flow of natural oil started again which makes the hair oily and shiny.

How to Make a Conditioner with Vinegar

You can prepare some hair conditioner for yourself using apple cider vinegar. To do this you need the following ingredients:

1) Some Apple Cider Vinegar

2) Fresh, clean water.

You have to mix 1 table spoon of Vinegar with a cup of water. Keep it in a bottle. Use it after shampoo. Before using shake the bottle well. After that you can use the mixture gently on your hair and scalp. After 2 or 3 minutes you may rinse your hair.

Home to Made Conditioner from Honey

Honey has some acidic content. Honey can be used to make some excellent conditioners. You can make a type of conditioner by mixing 1 cup of honey with 1 cup of water. You can use it after using shampoo. After that you shall have to use hot water to clear the conditioner. You need have to wash well to get rid of all honey from your hair.

Another type of honey based conditioner is honey – banana conditioner. A banana and a cup of honey are mixed together in it. You need to use this pack for almost half an hour to your hair.

Green Tea Hair Conditioner

Green tea can be used as hair conditioner too. You just need have to take out two tea bags of green tea from boiling water. After that you need have to cool it before applying it to your hair.

Coconut Oil Conditioners

Coconut Oil can be used in combinations with various other oils as hair conditioner. Mix some coconut oil with any scented oil or essential oil in 1:1 ratio. You can use this mixture on your hair and scalp.

Lemon Hair Conditioner

½ tablespoons of lemon juice can be mixed with 1 cup of water to form a conditioner. You can also make a conditioner using lemon juice and egg yolks. Lemon conditioners not only make your hair straight but also give it a shine and good smell.

Video: Home Made Hair Conditioner


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