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How to Pose in a Bikini

Updated on December 5, 2012

Fedora Photography Group's Bikini Posing Guide

How to pose in a bikini... for models and the girl next door that wants to have "the look" in her summer photos.

We've developed this guide to help our models and all others better understand what photographers are saying when they try to direct you into a pose. Practice these poses at home. Your photographer may call the pose something other than what we do, but you'll get the idea right away. These poses are also very helpful for every woman that wants to look good on the beach or poolside.

Shaping your body: Traditionally, a woman on film should have curves. The easiest way, especially if you don't have any natural curves, is to make curves is by contorting your body. Always think of the letter "S." Remember to elongate your body.

The models below are Jessie Rumbach and Ariel Schudde.

Calendar Pose


Facing the camera. So, stand up straight. Yes, now. Bend a knee. Notice how your hip pops out? Ok, now lean your torso away from the hip that’s jutting out, then tilt your head back towards that hip. To complete the pose place a hand at the top of the swimsuit line and relax it. Now place the other hand on your waist and make a triangle with your elbow pointing away from your body.

Vanna White Pose


From the side. Stand up straight. Bend the knee closest to the camera and left the heel of that foot ever so slightly off the ground. Arch your back. Turn your nose halfway between the lens and the direction your body is facing. Now make the triangle with the arm closest to the camera and point the elbow back.

Princess Pose


Sit on the ground and tuck both legs under one side of your rear. Lean on the hand on the opposite side of your legs. Place your other hand on your outside thigh (Warning: place it on the inside thigh and you will look like you have to take a potty break).

The Beach Pose


Sit on your rear with both legs extended out away from you. Lift the legs furthest from the camera up and over your other leg placing the foot flat on the ground. Your body will naturally lean back. Place your hands down to catch yourself. Arch your back slightly. Turn your nose to face halfway between the camera and your feet.

The Monk Pose


Sit Indian-style, criss-cross applesauce, or whatever the political correct term is today. Place both hands on your knees. Lower one shoulder slightly and send your hair to the other side of your neck. The camera should be at a slight angle to your body.

Playful Surf Pose


Kneeling, place one hand on the ground in front of you. You should be leaning far enough forward that your rear end comes up off your legs. Place your free hand and your hip and arch your back bringing your shoulders up.

Sexy Surf Pose


On all fours. Place hands slightly wider apart than your shoulders. Arch your back bringing your shoulders back and breasts forward. Drop your chin slightly and cut your eyes up to the lens. Your hair should be pulled to one side of your neck to expose one shoulder and the neckline.

Intensity Pose


On your knees sitting on your ankles. Place one hand on your knee with just a slight bend in the arm. The other hand rests just forward of your hip in the crease between your hip and thigh. A slight rigidity in the arm and bring the elbow slightly to the rear. Arch your back, and as always, tilt your shoulders slightly away from the camera lens. Focus your eyes above the camera lens at allow them to go out of focus. Withdraw all facial expression.

The Bunny Pose


On your side, prop your head up on your hand. The other hand extends the length of your body. Scissor your legs at the calf and ankle. Arch your back, and suck in your stomach. This pose has the ability to make even the most toned model appear to have a flabby belly.

Schoolyard Pose


Laying on your stomach. Place both elbows on the ground and raise your shoulders and head up. Bend your legs at the knee bringing both feet skyward and cross them at the ankle. Clasp your hands or alternative rest both forearms on the ground perpendicular to the camera. Do not press your breasts forward or together; it turns the pose from fun into a pose better left to adult magazines.

Now that you know how to look great in a bikini...

Posing questions? - Ask them here!

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