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How to tell a real Cartier watch from a fake

Updated on March 18, 2016

Spotting a real Cartier watch from a fake one can be a challenge and with such a big purchase, it's important to know the difference. Armour Winston have released a some guidelines you can follow which are helpful.


The most obvious way to tell a real Cartier watch from a fake one is to remove the back and check if the watch has "Cartier" inscribed on the moment. All real Cartier watches have this and it should be easy to find.


Thanks to the high quality material used on the real Cartier watches, they are usually much heavier than a lightweight fake. It might be quite difficult to tell unless you have a real and a fake in each hand, but check to see if it feels heavy and its more likely to be genuine.

Smear-proof and Scratch-proof Glass

Genuine Cartier watches come with scratch-proof and sapphire-quality smear-proof glass, something which the fake watches do not have. You can check this fairly easily by dropping a little water on the watch and seeing if it rolls off - it should on a real Cartier watch!

Cabochon Winder Stone

Cartier use a polished gemstone as the winder on their watches which are securely fastened. Fake Cartier watches will not have this or it may just be glued on instead of feeling secure.

Serial Number

A genuine Cartier will have a serial number engraved into the back or the side of the watch. Fake Cartiers do also usually have a serial number but this won't be as well engraved.


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