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How To Tie A Headscarf

Updated on April 30, 2012
White headscarf.
White headscarf. | Source

Many women the world over continue to ask for tips on how to tie a headscarf. This is because some of them may not be familiar with the scarf or are suing them for the first time. The fact that there are different types of scarf available also adds to this dilemma that many of them have had to face.

It is a task that should not take more than a few minutes even for a first timer. The time taken to tie it is expected to reduce as one becomes accustomed to it.

1. Fold It In Two

The first step is to fold it in two. One end should touch the other end. The touching ends are meant to create a very big triangle. It is important to makes sure that this has been done before moving on to the next step.

Depending on the length of the scarf, this may need to be folded once or twice. One has to consider the resulting triangle in order to make a choice before proceeding. The size of the head where it is to be tied is also a consideration that will play a part in the triangle that has to be created.

2. Place The Scarf On The Head

The second step is a continuation of the above step. This is where it is placed on the head. The middle part of the longer part has to be brought to the middle part of the brow. By doing this, the side that is pointed should be facing the back side of the head of the person. This is where they then hold it in place. Depending on the hair style that one is spotting at the time, they will need to make changes accordingly.

3. Tie The Scarf

The second step is a prelude to the third one which is a bit important. Two and three are the ones that determine the comfort to be experienced by the wearer. They also determine the shape and the overall look that will be achieved at the end of it all. Following them to the latter is therefore important and you would never know how to tie a headscarf without this knowledge.

The ends should then be brought to the back and ties in to a single or double knot depending on the preference of the user. The person tying the scarf has to make sure that it is comfortable in the head and that is not too tight nor is it too loose. This is the third step. Knots are what holds it in place on the head and prevents it from falling off.

A loose knot would make the scarf to fall off the head. A tight one on the other hand may make the person feel uncomfortable. It is important to strike a balance between the two in order to enjoy comfort on the head. Having the right balance will achieve style and comfort all in one and in easy way.

4. Adjust The Scarf

The fourth step involves adjusting the scarf. This can be done in front of a mirror in order to look at the effect that is achieved after every adjustment. The mirror will help one identify which part to move forward or backward. This is aimed at having it lie in the position that you would like to cover. Adjustment is done while on the head and may involve moving it from side to side to create the required effect.

Scarf Styles

There are many types of scarves. Each may have a slightly different style that may be required to ties it. They will all use the first initial steps in the same way as this. After the third step is where they may vary a little bit. One is advised to look at the design of the scarf first before they can attempt to tie it.

Audrey Hepburn scarf style.
Audrey Hepburn scarf style.
Nicole Richie headscarf.
Nicole Richie headscarf.
Anita's headscarf with 2 colors back and forth.
Anita's headscarf with 2 colors back and forth. | Source
Eleanor Parker with turban headscarf.
Eleanor Parker with turban headscarf.
Hana Tajima headscarf style.
Hana Tajima headscarf style.
Beachy red headscarf.
Beachy red headscarf.
Green Glamour headscarf.
Green Glamour headscarf.

Video Tutorials

For women who would like to see a practical explanation, video tutorials can be used to provide these. They provide step by step explanation on how to achieve it. One can also rewind the video in order to view the parts where they may not have understood. It is a resource that is available and one that can be stored in a computer for future reference.

How to Tie a Headscarf -Retro Style

5 Ways To Wear Headscarf

Hana Tajima Headscarf Tutorial

These are just but some of the resources and the ways that can be relied upon by women who need to learn how to tie a headscarf. With time, they are bound to become experts in it talking less time than before. It is therefore important to practice it regularly.


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