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How do you tie a tie? Four-in-hand, Full Windsor, Half Windsor and Pratt Knot

Updated on December 27, 2012

Different Knots for Mens Ties, Lear how to Tie them in Windsor, Pratt Knot or Four-in-Hand Style

In this Lens you will get a quick step by step guide on how to tie a tie in the easiest and best ways. You will find step by step instructions and instructional video's of the four classic ways to tie a tie; the four-in-hand, windsor, double windsor and the pratt. Scroll down to find out how to tie a necktie easily.

Which knot do you prefer?

4 ways to tie a tie
4 ways to tie a tie

Which style do you prefer?

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How to tie a tie

The four classic ways to wear a tie

Three of the four following knots; the Four-in-hand, the Pratt and the Half-windsor go with almost any collar and look good on all occasions. They are fail safe ways to tie your tie. The full Windsor or Windsor knot is the most dressed up way to tie your tie. When you use it you will end up with a wide triangular knot. Use it with wide collar openings and long neckties or it will lead to a strange appearance.

How to tie a tie - Four in Hand - the Four-in-hand

Learn to tie the schoolboy knot UK style

How to tie a tie - Half Windsor - Half-Windsor

Clear instructions on how to tie a half-windsor knot in your tie

How to tie a tie - Full Windsor - Full Windsor Knot

Clear instructional video on how to tie a full windsor knot

How to tie a tie - Pratt Knot - Pratt Knot

Clear instructions how to do the counterintuitive Pratt knot


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