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How to Wear a Push up Bra

Updated on October 19, 2016

Wearing a push up bra boosts the cleavage and makes you more poised and self-assured. But how do you wear a pushup bra the correct way? Although not all women will find bosom enhancement to be fashionable, there comes a time when ladies want to feel more stylish and feel good about themselves. These guidelines offer you a clear insight on whether you should consider wearing a push up bra and how to properly wear it.

How to wear a push up bra
How to wear a push up bra | Source

What is a Push up Bra?

A push up bra is a popular and trendy bra that uses slanted cups to push the bo◦bs higher and closer. This results in a more rounded and full figured chest. The bras are mostly wired and padded, but not all padded bras are necessarily pushup.

Most Push-up Bras are demi-cup styles, covering only ½ to ¾ of the bust. Although the majority of push up bras will seem to squeeze the bo◦bs together, some will part the bust just like an ordinary bra. But they still have to offer the extreme cleav◦ge and super push. Plunge bras are very similar to pushup, only that they don’t have the padding.

Other than visually increasing the size of the chest, push up bras are also used to style some women’s clothes. Some types of ladies’ blouses are designed to accommodate the feminine chest and still fit at the waist. Girls with small chests find difficulty in styling such outfits. With the double-push effect, such ladies can comfortably wear such clothing.

Push up bras come in a variety of styles. Some types include low-back, backless and invisible. They are widely available in outlets and online stores. Some brands have 2 pads, with one being detachable. Extra pads can as well be acquired separately. Popular brands include bombshell and wonderbra.

What is a push up bra?
What is a push up bra? | Source

How to Put on a Push up Bra

Wearing a push up bra is similar to wearing a regular bra only that this one requires special care to give way to the extreme cleav◦ge. Follow these steps for an easier experience:

  • Adjust the straps by guesswork to what seems to fit you. This calls for experience but you don’t have to be accurate.
  • If the bra has a front closure, put it on and further alter the straps for a better fit. Bend frontward to arrange the girls in the cups as you close the clasp.
  • For an eye-and-hook bra, there are two ways of wearing it. One is to wear it like a belt, clinch the band by your navel and then turn it around. The alternative technique is to put on the bra and then fasten the band by stretching both hands behind your back.

  • Fine-tune the straps to make sure they are neither too tight nor loose.
  • Massage the cups to ensure a perfect fit. There should not be any spill-over above the cups.
  • Feel around the band to correct any creases. The front of the band should be lying squarely on your ribs while the back must be parallel to the floor, just like a belt. If the band is hiked up at the back, loosen the straps and tighten the band as may be necessary.
  • Apply makeup to your cleavage to add glamour.

Tip: Fastening the bra first and wearing it like a sweater will make the band age faster and is also uncomfortable.

How to wear a pushup bra
How to wear a pushup bra | Source

What Does a Push Up Bra Do?

A push up bra works by pushing the bo◦bs up and more closely together. The cups are usually tilted so as to counteract the tendency of the girls to point outwards. Soft pads and underwire are used to facilitate in the perking up process.

Women who find that an ordinary bra can’t give the required lift will find a push up bra to be of great help. Although the bra offers super push and extreme cleavage, it does not help with sagginess. Its effect is only cosmetic. Once it’s removed, the bust returns to its original shape and level.

Push up Bra Vs Normal Bra

Women who have saggy busts will get great support with push up bras. Girls with smaller chests will also like these bras especially with the angled cups and rounding effect. But because there are many styles to choose from, a pushup bra will not necessarily make the bust appear bigger. You must choose a style that suits your needs.

In a scientific study by the University of Manchester in March 2012, scientist proved that bosom boosting bras also boost a woman’s confidence by 75%. In the study, ladies wore regular and push-up bras in alternate days and were closely monitored via video. Their attitude and behavior strongly demonstrated that they felt more confident with the pushed-up look.

Woman in a push up bra
Woman in a push up bra | Source

Do Push Up Bras Stop Breast Growth?

According to, no type of bra can prevent or affect breazt growth. Research has shown that biological growth factors like genetics solely control the rate of enlargement. The types of outfits you wear do not matter. Nevertheless, a bra that pinches your chest the wrong way may cause pain especially in small girls who are more sensitive to touch.

Conversely, a bra that is bigger than one’s bust will lead to bouncing when the wearer is involved in various activities. This bouncing might lead to pain or discomfort. The rate at which your body grows is unique to only you. By pure chance, some ladies might associate the enlargement of their chests to their habits, thinking that many years of pressing their bo◦bies together have caused stunted growth or increased size. That is just a coincidence.

Girl in a push up bra
Girl in a push up bra | Source

Are Push up Bras Bad for You?

Studies have shown that an ill fitting bra might accelerate sagging regardless of its style. But any bra worn properly may delay sagginess by protecting the connective tissues and skin against giving in to premature stretching due to gravity. Wearing a push up bra is normally not bad for you. However, some ladies find it hard to alternate between pushup and regular bras, just like alternately wearing skirts and sometimes pants.

A bra may only be harmful to you if it does not have the properties of a well fitting bra. For a bra to fit, the band must be horizontal, straps not too tight. The front of the band is required to rest on your ribs, and not on the boоbies. Subsequently, you should always pay attention if a bra feels uncomfortable.

Women with bigger chests may also like an enhanced cleavage. Yet, a padded bra may not be the ideal thing as it will make the bust overly big. The alternative is to wear a Plunge Bra. It will offer the super push, but does not have the padding.

How to wear a push-up bra
How to wear a push-up bra | Source

Do Guys like Push up Bras?

Men are generally divided as concerns push up bras. There are those guys who like sexy ladies and will surely admire an enhanced cleavage. In conservative societies, men may at least get offended by women who wear miniskirts and other seemingly ‘improper clothes’. In more fashionable communities, you will find men who like an enhanced cleavage but hate the padding.

In most cases, men will naturally enjoy being around ladies who are confident in what they wear. If your whole point and attitude is to look the best, a good number of men would surely hold you in high esteem. A few may criticize you for manipulating your looks, but bras are meant to engineer your appearance after all.

Women who wear pushup bras on a first date may get surprises when they remove the bra and the man is shocked to see the bust vanish. This often happens if the guy likes women with big chests. Such men may feel cheated or betrayed, being hit by the fact that the contents are not as described on the packet. It’s not automatically disappointing, but may be surprising. To avoid such surprises, avoid wearing an awfully exaggerated bra.

Some men who love fondling long before the bra is removed normally hate padded bras. Conversely, men who love tiny busts will prefer it if ladies wore minimizer or other unpadded bras. If you mix with such kind of guys, it’s more appropriate to steer clear of a push-up bra. But though men’s preferences are varied, the bulk of them agree that a bust is a bust. Their great worry is not the sort of bra you wear but how to remove it.

Whatever outfits you choose to wear, acting and feeling confident makes you more chic. Pick the style of push up bra that makes you more comfy. Prior to going out, check in the mirror to ensure that you look your best. What you see is what you feel. For fashion-conscious women, any item of clothing that breeds confidence is the most adorable thing, hence the need to know how to wear a push up bra.


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