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Hunter Rain Boots - The Quest for Gloss Black Hunter Welly Boots

Updated on February 13, 2013

Why are the Gloss Black Hunter Wellies the best?

Looking for Gloss Black Hunter Wellies? Regular but elegant rubber rain boots for splashing about in the rain and keeping your feet warm and dry? Look no further as we have collected the best black hunters wellies designs for you all in one place.

The great thing about the black gloss is you get more of the true black color. The famous wax blended into the Hunter rubber boot material to protect from UV can cause a light bloom top give a more grey appearance to the non gloss rubber rain boots.

Traditional Hunter Gloss Wellies

These traditional Hunter gloss wellies are wonderful for outdoor wear in the garden, farm or a walking the dog. These are roomy, elegant and comfortable with the famous Hunter orthopedic lasts for comfortable arch support and the cushioned footbed provides padded comfort.

The low calendered sole gives the best traction in mud and slippery sidewalks. The latex rubber adds a degree of stretch and flexibility you will not find in a vinyl boot. That extreme stretch makes for a snug comfortable fit and reduces the bulky feeling you can get with a cheap rain boot.

Traditional Gloss Black Hunter Wellies - Traditional Hunter Rain boot Styles

We have chosen the best-selling favorite Hunter rain boots in black gloss as reviewed by many happy Amazon customers.

The Hunter short boot is recommended if you have wider calves or prefer a more roomy fit on the calf. The original Boa Black rain boots have a glossy black snakeskin-design textured surface to add a little still to a traditional shaped rubber rain boot. The Royal Horticultural Society Hunter rain boot has a wonderful elegant Blackberry design for those who are will be wearing their Hunters wellies in the garden.

Elegant Black Gloss Hunter Rain Boots - Elegant Urban Rubber Rain Boot Styles

These elegant gloss black hunter wellies are wonderful in the city for keeping the feet dry and comfortable without compromising on style! These chic Hunters welly boots can be accessorized with warm, cosy and decorative Hunter boot liners.

The Hunter Women's Regent Savoy rain boot is reminiscent of a quilted rubber riding boot and is very showy and dressy around the stables. Note the snug calf fit. If the Regent Savoy is too small for your calf, then the smart Arolla Hunter welly may be a great option. More of a city boot, the Hunter Arolla will keep feet warm, dry and snug while looking great.

Black Hunter Boot Liners - The best way to keep your toes toasty!

What better way to keep your feet toasty warm and comfy than with these charming and useful Hunters wellie socks in cable knit and fleecy Hunter boot liners. They can be fun or more elegant, but always warm.

The Quest for Gloss Black Hunter Boots is Over!

Don't forget....

To save money and time on returns and get the right black Hunter wellies for you, you need to measure your calf (at widest) and your floor to knee height to get the most comfortable shaft height for your leg

Have fun shopping for your gloss black Hunter wellies!

Black Hunter Rain Boots - Check these out or search on your own!

Are you a Hunter Wellie-oholic? How many pairs do you have? What colour and why? Share!

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    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 6 years ago from Australia

      Just craving a pair of black glossy wellies!

    • Stacy Birch profile image

      Stacy Birch 6 years ago

      Nice boots, good page.