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I like my comfortable Sanuk Hemp sandals

Updated on April 23, 2011

My SANUK sandals really give me the edge in comfort

Yes! I do have my own pair of SANUK sandals. They really made me feel comfortable. There too many good points to own a pair of SANUK sandals but the best points would be; they look great, they come along with any wardrobe and they are really comfortable.

There are a lot of SANUK sandals varieties. You can choose any color or style that you want. They come in different prints and materials. I have a pair of HEMP SANUK sandals, I've had it for over a year and I wear it on a regular basis.

This page is a tribute to the comfort that this pair has given me over the past year. I am glad to have bought one and I would like to share it with you.

Watch the founder of sanuk define his brand!

Why do I like my Pair of Hemp Sanuks?

I’ve bought the Sanuk sandals for the reason that I’ve seen my friends wearing them. I was amazed at its simplicity and the way they are worn. People will usually notice that they simple and elegant. I bought my HEMP because of that reason. The comfort that they give you is different and unique to all footwear. They also have a smile on their logo suggesting you’ll be happy with it.

I use my sanuk sandals anywhere I go. May it be work, the mall, the beach, attending religious services, I’ve even used them in formal functions such as innovation awards and forums; again, Its comfort and style that brings in the deal for liking them.

Check out this sandal at AMAZON - They come in three colors

This is my Hemp sanuk sandals, feel free to view on them. You may also seek out the sanuk sandal that meets you style.

What gives it comfort?

I use my Sanuk sandals while happily goofing around and seeking my adventures for the day. They are really good for walking. You may walk for hours and hours on covering the every possible corner and your feet won’t be stressed. Your feet are properly set on the wide fit while the soft sole cushions you.

Comfort from the Sanuk sandals comes from ho w it is made. The assembly is pretty much simple but the materials and design make a good comfortable and durable one.

The Toe cap and the Vamp of the Sanuk Sandals are simple and special

The toe cap of the sandals is not tight so your toes don't have to be squeezed in. The toe cap of the sandals is built wide by design to ensure comfort. It maybe describe as having an oval wall for your toes with a simple roof. Of course they are tailored much more elegantly and customized to fit your feet.

The Toe cap of the sandals goes through the Vamp. They are made with one for the sanuk. The vamp is the portion of your sandals that cover the sides of you feet before your ankles. They are tailored to meet a simple shape of feet but the materials stretch and adapt to the shape of the one wearing giving your comfort.

The seat and the insole of the sanuk sandals give you cushion and support in a most comfortable way

The seat is where your heels rest. This is the portion of the sandals that cater your weight. It is made with the same material as the insole. The thing is it is made with a really soft material that will give you cushion while walking. These sandals are made for comfort and they made sure that everyone wearing it will feel good.

The seat was made to go through the Insole. The in sole is where your entire foot seat. It is shaped wide so regardless of the shape of your foot or the way you walk, it will seat your foot properly. Because of the soft material that it is made from, It allows the sandals to shape itself with your foot. It is much like your sandals are constantly adapting to your feet.

Find the right sanuk for you

There are a lot of Sanuk sandals at amazon. You should start seeking the right pair of sanuk sandals that will give you comfort and suit your style.

More comfort given by Sanuk - The heels and fitting may seem ordinary but they are not!

The heel of the sanuk sandals may give you a feeling that is was tailored just so your feet can fit in fast. But no! The heel tab and counters, or just the heel fitting is made not to stress and give you splinters when walking for a long time. They actually give you that easy stride on the back heel side just above your ankle. This keeps you ankle from being swayed side to side while walking. They slid a leather lining on the heel side to give your more support and comfort.

The slip-on lofty type of sandals that made sanuk known working for them, there are no laces for this hemp sandals, although they have some leather versions that have those. Instead, they put stretchable garters that again, adapt to you feet’s contours. This makes fitting them less tricky and provide added comfort for your needs.

Come and pick your own Sanuk sandals

There are too many Sanuk sandlas to choose from. The best part is they are al good. You can even have thong sandals, flip flops and slip ons. The sanuk sandlas are also availabl for women. They are pretty popular too. think of having on or two.

Got one?

A lot of people have their sanuk sandals and they compare which parts they like the best or what they want on it the most. My other favorite is the Kingston sanuk sandal because it has a pocket. What type would you have?


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