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Indian Designer Dresses

Updated on March 26, 2014


Not a lot of people (except if you are Indian of course) know about Indian Fashion, but it's actually a very interesting world.

In today's post, I'm going to write about Indian Fashion and more specifically, Indian dresses.

There's the traditional fashion, like the lehengas and the sarees or the more contemporary fashion like dresses and gowns.

Traditional Fashion

Indian Fashion goes back to thousands of years BC as discovered in excavations and ancient sculptures and paintings.

Silk and cotton were woven into different designs and styles depending on the region and dying the clothes was practiced as an art form.

Nowadays, women's clothes are widely varied and are associated with the religion, the local culture and the climate.

For example, traditional indian clothes in the north and east are basically sarees and lehengas, while in the south women wear mostly sarees. Among other traditional clothes there's Salwars, Kurtas, Dupattas, Kaftans or Anarkalis.

You can find Designer Indian dresses online, take a look at some of their best designs below.

Our pick of Indian Designer Traditional Dresses

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Contemporary Fashion

Indians not only wear traditional clothes, but they also wear western clothes in their day to day lives.

They started wearing western clothes during the times of the British Raj. And by the 21st century, Indian people wore both traditional and contemporary clothes.

Indian women started wearing more comfortable clothes and the rise of exposure of International fashion created a fusion of both Indian and Western clothes leading to a unique contemporary style.

Some of the best Indian Designers combine both styles. Take a look below at some Indian Designer contemporary dresses.

Our pick of Indian Designer Contemporary Dresses

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