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Indian traditional bridal lehengas

Updated on May 12, 2014

Traditional Indian clothes

Traditional Indian clothing is prominent in fashion once again. The contemporary trends are inspired by the exquisite styling of Indian royalty of the past centuries.

Do the Indian Fashion designers want to remind us of the glorious past? Maybe..

Well, in this article, I want to explore the fabulous world of Indian bridal dresses, in particular I will focus on bridal lehengas!

Bridal Lehengas: now and in the past

In the past, like nowadays, Lehengas were the most popular outfits worn at Indian weddings.

They were highly decorated and were first worn at Rajasthani and Gujarati marriage ceremonies. But with time it has been recognised as the wedding costume by other traditions and cultures as well. Consequently, wedding lehengas have totally changed because of the influence of different cultures on the development of these garments.

Type of Lehengas

Wedding lehengas often vary in design from traditional Indian lehengas to modern ones.

Furthermore there exists a huge variety of colours to choose from.

Although originally the traditional colour for Indian weddings was red, nowadays it is also common for brides to use different colours like peach, pink, sea green, lilac, and a range of blues.

In the case of evening events, you can choose deep navy lehengas or blue coloured ones. For morning events, you can decide from golden and copper colours.

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