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Indian Wedding Dresses, Traditions and much more..

Updated on September 11, 2014

Weddings and Traditions

India is famous for the splendour and fun atmosphere of its wedding celebrations. There are so many details to be arranged for the whole three days and the guest list is so long that planning and organisation can easily turn into a nightmare. In fact, if the couple want to follow the traditional ceremony, there can be up to 40 different rituals to follow.

In addition, because of the variety of cultures and sub-cultures within the Indian country, there are quite a few different official versions of what can be considered as an authentic Indian wedding. But lets start from the most important part: the bride's outfit.

Indian Wedding Dresses
Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian Wedding Dresses for Her

There are a huge variety of different bridal outfits available. From sarees to kurtis or salwar kameez, there are plenty of Indian wedding dresses to choose from. The saree is always a good choice, especially because its traditional roots can be combined with a more modern silhouette. Also in this season, this piece won't go out of fashion. There are plenty of fabrics and colour palettes. And if sarees are not your first option, then you could opt for salwar kameez, of course a designer one.

If your bridal outfit is a kurtis, saree or salwar kameez, don't forget to adorn it with ornate jewellery and decorations.

Indian Bridal Jewellery
Indian Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery and Accessories

Gold and diamond jewellery are traditionally the natural complement for Indian wedding dresses. Floral and classic motifs are also very popular.

Showy clutches, glimmer and silk clutch purses are also very mainstream. They are good to combine with any bridal outfit, be it sarees or salwar kameez. Gold bangles and classic kundan neckpieces also enhance the whole attire.

Indian Wedding Hairstyles
Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Hair Tips

Also regarding the hairdo there are plenty of options for an Indian bride to explore.

An evergreen is the up-do. This classic bridal hairstyle is very fashionable despite its simplicity.

Loose, wavy hair or twists can also look very nice and practical and they usually match with almost every type of wear.

A final option is either to wear a veil on your hair or to accessorize them with little shiny pieces of jewellery to create an enchanting style.

Indian Groom Outfit
Indian Groom Outfit

And for the groom?

When it comes to wedding outfits the bride always seems to be the major protagonist. But recently things have changed and also the groom has started to pay more attention to his look.

Traditionally the groom wore very white or dark colours however now there are plenty of options available, such as kurtas in bright orange, green or yellow colours.

Our special tip for the groom: be cool and go with the flow!

Indian Wedding Dresses for Her and Him

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