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How to treat inflamed gums

Updated on July 25, 2012

Inflamed gums

More than half of all people have ever experienced inflamed gums.

When your gums are inflamed it hurts and it looks dark red instead of pink. Furthermore, inflamed gums are often thick and swollen. When you are brushing your teeth, inflamed gums bleed easily. Basically it is not a serious condition, although it is very annoying.

Most people get inflamed gums because they do not clean their mouths sufficient. They do to little brushing and flossing, for instance.

What would you like to know about inflamed gums?

Symptoms of inflamed gums

• The gums feel painfully.

• The gums look dark red instead of its normal colour.

• The gums are thick and swollen.

• While brushing your teeth, you will notice that the gum bloods easily.

Inflamed gums, before and after treatment!
Inflamed gums, before and after treatment!

Causes of inflamed gums

• Plaque. You get plaque when your tooth are not polished well. Plaque is a kind of invisible layer filled with bacteria. These bacteria can cause gum disease.

• Medications. Some medications have a bad effect on the gums. There are drugs, which cause additional burden of the gums. It often happens to gums that were already weak and could be easily infected. Other drugs help you create less saliva. However, saliva is good to kill bacteria. The risk of gum disease increases!

• Pregnancy. When you're pregnant your gums are more sensitive to hormones. The gums become inflamed more easily.

• A shortage of vitamins. Especially vitamin C is very important to keep your gums strong.

• Thrush in the mouth. Thrush is an infection that can be recognized by white patches on for example the tongue. If you have thrush, the gum is also weaker, causing you to get inflamed gums easy.

• Smoking. If you smoke, the immune system in your mouth weakens, so you can easily get inflamed gums.

Brushing your teeth prevents gum disease!
Brushing your teeth prevents gum disease!

How to prevent gum disease

  • Most important to prevent gum disease is by brushing your teeth properly. In this way, the plaque will be removed and bacteria have no chance to cause gum disease. Not just your teeth should be cleaned, it is also important clean your gums while brushing.
  • Flossing is also very important for healthy gums. Often there is dirt between the teeth and molars, which are difficult spaces to reach for your toothbrush. By flossing, you can also clean these spaces.
  • Go see a dentist twice a year (if you could afford it). A dentist provides advice on how to best brush your teeth and he will see when you have a known risk of gum disease.

How to treat inflamed gums

  • If your gums are inflamed, there is filth in. The idea is that you get it clean again. Even though it is painful, brushing is really the solution. You can do this best with a traditional hard toothbrush. Set the toothbrush diagonally into the gum, and start brushing. It is very painful, so perhaps you tend not to touch it, but that does not make the inflammation to stop. While you're brushing you will notice that your gums really bleed. This is a good thing.

Flossing your teeth will help!
Flossing your teeth will help!
  • Good flossing. If you experience gum disease you should just keep flossing. The dirt will be removed, which could otherwise cause the gums disease to become worse.
  • Go the oral hygienist or dentist. If the gum disease will not go away or you are severely affected by it , you can make an appointment with the dentist or oral hygienist. He will thoroughly clean your mouth and give the inflamed gums an extra treat.
  • If your gum disease is not treated, the gum disease worsens. In the end even your jawbone may be infected, which could result in loosening of the teeth.


Inflamed gums is basically a simple and harmless disease. Everyone has ever suffered from inflamed gums. The easiest way to prevent gum disease is by brushing and flossing your teeth properly. You should not only clean your teeth, but also your gums.

When your gums become inflamed, they need additional cleaning. This is very painful to your inflamed gums but the dirt must come out.

Also, taking additional vitamin C may help reduce the inflammation of the gums faster.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      im just 21 weeks pregnant and today is the first time out of 4 pregnancies my gums are swollen and painfully hurt. I've flossed brushed mouthwashes flossed brushed did everything and still im in pain!! Help!!

    • MaggieMaye profile image


      7 years ago

      thanks for info on squeamish subject

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi I've got inflamed gums any1 no how to get rid of it cuz I'm is soo much pain I just want to go bk to normal please help


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