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Business / professional attire for women - what to wear for interviews

Updated on May 28, 2012

Going to a job interview is one of the most nerve wrecking experiences in most people's adult lives. Everyone needs to pull off a great interview to score high points and impress the hiring manager. Looking professional when you are at the interview is very important because first impressions are what people remember you by. This hub is all about interview attire guide for women.

The proper shoes show the hiring manager that you are wearing something professional for the important interview. As a rule of thumb, you should stick to a pair of black close toed pumps for the best results. At an important event such as the interview, you will have to look taller to appear more confident (this is weird, but I am definitely more confident when in heels). Although black flats are also acceptable, they don't give you the added height.

For most interviews, you have several options when it comes to what to wear. For the most basic look, you can wear a shirt, a pencil skirt, a pair of black pumps and some light makeup. This is formal look suitable for most interviews. When it comes to the shirt that you select, it should be white, beige, light brown or other neutral colors for the most professional look. If the interview is for a job that is not very formal, you can choose a satin shirt that is either off white, purple or blue. However, it is best to stick to neutral colors for most interviews.

great basic look suitable for most interviews
great basic look suitable for most interviews
interview attire for not so formal interviews
interview attire for not so formal interviews

For interviews that are very formal, your interview attire should reflect that. These interviews consist of a panel of people that take turns asking you a variety of questions. As you can see, these interviews are very formal and nerve wrecking. Don't let the interview panel members judge you because of the wrong attire. In this case, it is best to stick to a black blazer, button up white shirt, a pair of slacks (or pencil skirt if you don't want to look all black) and a pair of black pumps. With the proper attire, you should go in there prepared and with lots of confidence.

What not to wear to interviews? There are things that you should never wear to interviews no matter how informal it sounds. A lot of times, a laboratory position requires a practical test in the laboratory. Many are tempted to wear something causal for it. This is a big mistake because it tells the interview panel / hiring manager that you are not taking the interview very seriously. Some women wear peep toe pumps to the interview because they don't have a pair of close toed pumps. These are okay for interviews that are not very formal. However, some hiring managers do not like to see your toes and they think it's a hint of you not being very professional. Leopard prints are big hits in fashion and almost every girl has some leopard print items. These items are a definite no for a formal occasion.

Last but not least, you need an appropriate handbag for interview purposes. To carry your resume, cover letter and other essentials gracefully, you should have a handbag for all of those things. To start off, a basic handbag without much embellishments would look best for interview and other formal settings. It should be leather and the color should be neutral colors such as tan, brown or black. These three colors are the best when it comes to looking professional. A cross body style is the best for interviews because both hands are free and the bag will stay in place when you are shaking hands with the hiring manager and other panel members. Another great thing about cross body is that it has a lot of space to hold all of your papers without having to fold them.


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    • cebutouristspot profile image

      cebutouristspot 6 years ago from Cebu

      Nice guide. I will share this to my follower I believe a lot of women will learn a lot from this hub.