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Irregular choice

Updated on February 17, 2012

Irregular Choice state that they are more than a brand, they are a state of mind. Their products maintain creativity and individualism in a world of conformity. Irregular Choice was launched in 1999 in Brighton by Dan Sullivan. Dan came from a designer background with his parents owning a transport company in London so had a passion for design and creativity. He was driven by changing the way everyone sees shoes and he wanted to put his ‘irregular’ stomp on his collections. After opening stores in London and New York the brand went from strength to strength. Its first season saw the launch of Irregular Choice’s take on the Japanese split toe look which still appears in todays collections. Over the last 10 years the brand has not looked back, they have created their own niche and have built up a loyal fanclub. Dan designs 500 pieces for his collection each season including hand bag lines and a new girls sneaker range.

Irregular Choice has now extended its product range to include clothing items. Women can peruse the Irregular Choice store and find goodies such as jackets, ponchos and leggings. From the well sought after shoe collection we love the Aphrodite heel which features blue and white polka dot print fabric with a block heel and open toes. A red trim adds a gorgeous contrast colour and adds nautical element to the sandal. If it’s a boot you are after look no further than the Big Momma boot. These ankle boots feature metallic embossed leather as well as a metallic heart charm and a fake fur trim. If you are a new customer to Irregular Choice you must take a look at their selection of wedges, Kupcake in particular is one of our favourites! Purple flower print fabric makes up the upper of the wedge whilst the platform is made out of woven rope.


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