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Is Tangled Hair Hurting Your Relationship?

Updated on February 20, 2013

Let Your Hair Down

Does your hair affect your relationship? Does the length, cut, color, etc. really matter to your partner? While men greatly appreciate their partner's hair, men (in general) have absolutely no clue what hair is all about! Hair is the frame to the picture that is a woman's face. The two have to match and complement one another, if a woman is going to have any peace.

A good haircut may not only give you peace of mind, but it may improve your relationship. The condition of a woman's hair plays a large role in relationships and is worth looking into. This lens is about how hair impacts relationships and (for fun) a collection of the best hair commercials I've been able to find. Finally, a lens you can have some fun with while combing through it!

"Hair is the richest ornament of women"

Martin Luther

The Health & Wealth of Hair

The primary reason a woman's hair receives attention is because it is a visual indicator of a woman's health. The production and growth of healthy looking hair requires adequate nutrition. Given a 5" long hair strand, a lab can determine the overall health and condition of a woman over a ten month period. By analyzing a single hair strand, a lab can evaluate a person's current and past levels of health, detect exposure to drugs, toxins, heavy metals, poisons, etc. and compare his/her results to normal acceptable levels. Therefore, hair is not only a visual indicator of health, but it can also provide an accurate health history. Hair truly reflects a woman's current health, healthy looking hair = healthy woman.

With that, it is no wonder why women spend so much money and time on hair and hair care products, but how much exactly? In the course of a year, the average woman will spend $120 on home hair treatments, $160 on shampoos, $330 for colorings, and $520 on haircuts, adding up to $1,150 annually. Over the course of a woman's lifetime, she can expect her hair alone to cost her in excess of $50,000. Based on time, a woman on average will spend 1 hour and 53 minutes a week, 4 days a year, and over 7 months of her life focused on "fixing" her hair. Seems like a little too much? Well, not when there is a direct correlation between the condition of a woman's hair and how she feels about herself!

Hair Tip for Men

It is unlikely men will ever be able to fully understand the amount of time and effort a woman puts into her hair and, because of this, men will often underestimate the importance of complimenting their partner on their efforts.

Men- whether it is a new hair color or hair style, it is important to recognize the changes she has made and acknowledge her efforts!

The Cut & Color of Hair

While men worldwide, across cultures and income levels, have been known to pay close attention to the condition of a woman's hair, no preference for a particular hair style or hair color has been detected. Although there is some research suggesting men prefer longer versus shorter hair styles, it appears men are mostly interested in healthy looking hair.

The results from the Keeping Score quizzes thus far have largely confirmed the findings above. Men appear to be quite happy with the hair color and style their partner has chosen. The only factor where the percentages make big jumps are when it comes to hair length. However this factor only asked whether a man liked the length of his partners hair, not whether he specifically wanted it longer or shorter. To draw your own conclusions review the data collected at the Keeping Score Hair Data link below.

If you would like to experiment with your own hair and makeup, try the Virtual Makeover . It will take you to a free interactive beauty site which allows you to upload your own photo, play with various hair styles (length, color, and cut), and apply makeup. Always wanted to be a blonde? How about a red head? Or maybe, a punk rock version of yourself... whatever! Have fun.

Reference Material Links

Where all the reference material that went into this lens can be found.

I'm still trying to find a style that works, after you've combed through this lens let me know what I can do better. Thanks

Does this lens need a makeover?

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    • ella11 lm profile image

      ella11 lm 

      6 years ago

      Nice share , I love hair articles

    • Silverstar2154 profile image


      6 years ago

      I understand hair can be a very tiring thing to deal with. I have a lot of it and while I don't tend to spend much money maintaining it, I do spend a lot of time fixing it.

      Still with all of that guys seem not to care too much at all unless it really looks horrendous.

    • orangegirl6020 profile image


      6 years ago

      The stat you have about how much us ladies spend on our hair made me want to shave it off, because I know I'm above average! But then I looked at how cute it is... I suppose it's worth it, huh?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ah, I am thinking of a quote about a "tangled web we weave." Actually, I no longer suffer from tangled hair hurting my relationship ... my hair is shorter and I'm divorced. lol ... but seriously, I've often wondered about women who do have extremely long hair and if they put their hair up to sleep?

    • MariaDSk profile image


      6 years ago

      Think this is a good lens! Just wanted to add my own little bit. Hair can also affect cuddle time a bit, in the sense that say a girl has long hair, well apparently it can get in the way and be "itchy". So another reason to keep it soft and such, in cases where it gets in the way :)


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