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Jackets And Blazers Recycling

Updated on April 27, 2017

Learn How To Recycle your blazers and jackets, and save some cash.

By Sharon Stajda

Jackets and blazers are very in vogue. The classic blazer is one of the most versatile jacket style. It can be worn casual or dressy. Although jackets can be big budget buster. So, why not recycle last years jacket, shop your closet girl !

The classic black blazer is very on trend , and is a great fashion building piece to have in your wardrobe. A black jacket or blazer is one of the most functional blazer a woman can own. The simple black blazer can be used in so many ways to build new wonderful fashion outfits. If you don't own one, it may be time to purchase one. The cost of a little black blazer will in the long run save you loads of money.


Trends In Women's Jackets

Jackets this spring and summer range from cropped, to long oversized boyfriend styles, you will see solid colors, plaid, and striped, not to mention floral. A very big trend this season is cropped pastel leather biker look jackets, and some wonderful dull man made metallic looks.

Most of us will not find a cropped pastel leather jacket in our closets, this is unfortunate I know. let's face it, a cropped leather jacket would be hard to duplicate, unless you want to blow your budget on a trendy jacket. Keep the faith think of it this way, the cropped leather is a trend, and may not even be in next season.

How to accessories a jacket or blazer

Think huge lapel pins, the bigger the better this season. Keep in mind the vintage look when choosing a lapel pin. You can find some great vintage lapel pins at resale stores or online.

What to wear under your jacket, Lacy, ruffles, stripes, see-through tops - you name it. Mix it up according to your mood.

Buttons Can Transform A Jacket To A New Level

Next, assess buttons, are they plain? If so remove them, and replace the old buttons with some buttons that make a bold statement ! Are the cuffs boring? Why not add buttons up the sides of the cuff - not just one or two - try four or five! There are some fabulous buttons out there in your local fabric stores, not to mention vintage buttons. Vintage buttons are preferable, if you can find them. Hey, you can add your own special personality with just a few changes to that boring jacket. It actually will be one of a kind.

First , Check Out Your Jackets - Do they have over sized shoulder pads, if so remove them?


How To Revamping Last Years Crop Jacket

The cropped jacket has been around for many years, and it appears that are making a big comeback this spring. Hopefully, you find a cropped jacket or two in your closet that will serve you well this season.

Tip: Revamp what you have. Cropped jackets are fantastically versatile, they can be worn with jeans, skirts, and trousers and even dresses . In fact, one of biggest trends this season is wearing a well chosen cropped jacket with various style dresses', from mini dress to the maxi dress. At fashion week cropped jackets were even added to top off shorts. Therefore, If you have any cropped jackets, get them out and assess them.

The Boyfriend Jacket It's All The Rage...

The boyfriend jacket is a huge trend for spring, resurrected from the 1980s. Although they are cute, and I am sure very comfortable. I think this is a fast fleeting trend. The budget minded closet shopper may not want to splurge on the boyfriend jacket. A second thought, if you can talk your boyfriend into buying one for you that's OK.

Boyfriend Jackets Are So Versatile - If you really want the look - think resale


Check Out Your Resale Shops you will be pleased at what you might find.

Yes, resale, you can find great boyfriend jackets by shopping the vintage and resale stores. As I mentioned they were very big in the 80's. Boyfriend jackets look great with jeans, trousers, and pencil skirts. For casual trendy look layer long sweater vest over striped T shirt, topped off with a boyfriend jacket. Accessories with chunky necklace, and oversized slouchy handbag. Boyfriend jackets all Dressed Up - on the bottom wear a tailored trouser or pencil skirt (length, whatever flatters your figure) under your jacket add a frilly blouse that's fitted to be left un- tucked. Add a wonderful high heel shoe, and a chunky sparkling bracelet ,earring, and an envelope clutch.

The Women's Blazer Is Versatile

The blazer is a classic style of jacket, and has been around a very long time. They are stylish, can be worn all dressed up, for business, and for casual wear.

Shop your closet for : Blazers can be used to create some wonderful outfits. Mix and match items below with that pre-owned blazer. You may be very shocked at how many new ways to wear your blazer. Maybe you want to add a new item to your wardrobe? Assess the list, purchase an article you don't have or an item that is truly out of date.

Sheath Dress


Striped knit shirt

frilly blouse.

waist length sweater vest

Pencil skirt


To Utilize Your Pre Owned Cropped , and Boyfriend Jackets - Shop your closet, and see how easy it is to create some new outfits... That won't break your budget


Shop Your Closet Pull Out A Favorite Jacket And Make A Fabulous New Outfit

Shop your closet For: First pull out any and all cropped jacket, and boyfriend jacket, and your blazers.

Then Shop your closet for items below.

Sheath Dress


Striped knit shirt

frilly blouse.

Long sweater vest

Pencil skirt


vintage lapel pin

Hopefully, you have a few of these articles in your closet. I have six of the item's right in my closet. I actually have several boyfriend jacket along with a couple cropped jackets. I guess I will utilize what's in my closet, and create some new ways to wear my jackets. I will be changing the buttons on two of my jackets, this will give them a new funky trendy look. One trendy item I might consider buying, a large vintage lapel pin." As you can see I have saved money by purchasing new buttons, and a new funky lapel pin.

How many jackets do you have?

So, I am curious how many jackets do you have in your closet?

See results

Just Curious???

Will you revamp one of your pre owned jacket's?

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