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Jansport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack

Updated on February 16, 2013

The JanSport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack Saves Your Back Too!

Whether at work, university or business travel, take a load off your back and wheel your way through campus, the airport or sidewalks without the body stress.

The JanSport Driver 8 provides big space, tough wheels and a long handle to roll along with ease. I'm always looking for gear that does the job better for a particular task.

We all travel with too much gear to begin with and stuff our backpacks full of extra electronic gadgets or work files. For college students, hauling around textbooks and notebooks all day long is a real drag on the shoulders.

A rolling backpack keeps all your heavy equipment off your body and keeps the weight low, so you don't have the burden of lifting and carrying. If you're not sure about choosing wheels, check out these practical tips and factors on how to choose a rolling pack.

Think about it for a second. Why do see so many flight attendants and business travelers rolling their bags in hotels, parking lots and airport concourses?

If you carry a heavy backpack every day, then why not use wheels instead and put the strain on the pack, not your back.

JanSport Driver 8 - A Rolling Solution to Prevent Sore Shoulders

What Do JanSport Driver 8 Buyers Really Like?

Real Review Comments

If you like to know what people like about the Driver 8, then you can head over to Amazon reviews

and read through the ten dozen comments by customers.

But I can save you the trouble.

I pulled out some particular points of interest that many consumers want to find out before purchasing. So let's see if these comments hit the mark first before spending 30 minutes rummaging over an assortment of reviews.

"Sizeable wheels that have good traction." -- If the wheels don't function then your roller becomes dead weight. The Driver 8 comes with sturdy in-line skating wheels that run smooth despite traversing over rough cement, stair steps or jumping curbs.

"I really appreciate the long and adjustable length of the handle." -- A key consideration for any rolling backpack is the length and easy use of the handle. If it's too short, you have to stoop over and crouch your way to work. Plus, you can't walk in full stride without your back heels banging the bag.

"If you are looking for a tough, durable and roomy rolling bag...this is for you." -- Wheeling your backpack along city streets causes more wear and tear than one slung safe across your back. Take the daily beating into consideration when thinking about price and quality.

What Fits in the JanSport Driver 8 Wheeled Pack?

Made for Heavy Hauling

If you don't carry a ton of textbooks, business files or marketing material, then maybe you don't need a rolling backpack.

But if you're complaining about the load on your shoulders, then a JanSport Driver 8 backpack may be a good alternative to try out.

Oddly enough, nursing students, among other students, love this bag. One person put 30 pounds of books inside. That's a monster load for any student.

There are two main compartments for the the bulky stuff. In one section is a padded laptop holder that fits a 15-inch computer (Some users were able to fit in a 17-inch Dell laptop, but remember that that is not the standard.)

On the front of the pack is an organizer section with two smaller pockets to store your gadgets, gear chargers and other items that you need each day.

And there is also a stash zippered pocket on the front for quick access to your phone or keys or whatever you need to be handy. All in all, the Driver 8 packs all your necessities for a day on campus, an overnight business trip or just cruising to work in the city.

JanSport Driver 8 Backpacks - Commuter and Cabin Friendly!

There are several key features to notice about this JanSport rolling backpack.

First, the size is stout and compact for carrying a load without being too wide or too difficult to use in crowded cities, subways or planes. Next, be sure to watch how the mono-pole handle extends into a longer position to provide enough clearance space for walking without bumping your back heel.

On the outside, the wheels are sturdy enough to tackle most urban terrain like curbs, steps, grates and other obstacles. If the going gets tough on the ground, then switch to backpack mode with the hideaway straps.

FYI: I've tried to find the latest video that gives a good overview and shows off newer styles and colors.

5 Reasons to Consider the JanSport Driver 8

Durable and Affordable

Let's get down to the nitty gritty of why this Jansport Driver 8 wheeled backpack is a good candidate to consider.

I'm going to give you 5 reasons that might sway your decision. And of course you might have other reasons too.

1. No Hassle Handle -- Long enough to keep your pace snappy and easy to click up and down for storage and access.

2. Tuck-Away Straps -- Sometimes the roll has to stop. Just pop out the hideaway shoulder straps and carry it like a normal daypack.

3. Travel Friendly-- A perfect pack for zipping through airports and stowing it away under your cabin seat. Keep all your gadgets, snacks, and tickets handy and watch your own in-flight entertainment.

4. Tough Enough -- A solid base keeps the pack standing at attention without any tilting over when you need your hands. The wheels are strong and the handle and zippers are made for daily abuse.

5. JanSport Quality -- As the leader in daypacks, the JanSport lifetime warranty usually seals the deal. Brand loyalty is strong with JanSport products.

And if you want to know some other tips for buyer satisfaction, then head over to the rolling backpack reviews at Best Backpack Guide.

A Selection of JanSport Driver 8 Packs - Go Professional or Flash Some Pizzazz

Make the Right Choice!

For more information and practical tips on backpacks, including JanSport and other top brands, check out our in-depth reviews at

For those of you who've already converted to wheeled backpacks, let us know why. For those of you who have concerns or critiques, let us hear them.

Wheels Or No Wheels? What's Your Choice?

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