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Jessica Simpson Coats For Women and Girls

Updated on August 31, 2011

Jessica Simpson Coats

Here's a gorgeous selection of Jessica Simpson coats for women and girls. There's lots of styles to choose from, there's elegant and dressy, casual but stylish and cosy but chic. If you are looking for a stand out coat without the designer price tag, Jessica Simpson coats are the ones to choose from.

Jessica Simpson coats range in sizes from X-Small - X-Large. There's a flattering style to suit all figures, no matter what your body shape. For a specific guide on how to get the perfect size for you see below.

Jessica Simpson coats are beautifully designed, come in a wide range of styles and color options at affordable prices. These are high end coats without costing high end prices.

Jessica Simpson Coats For Women

Stylish in both dressy and casual form, these Jessica Simpson coats are really wearable pieces that compliment both slender and curvy shapes.

Some of the Jessica Simpson coats come in additional colors to the ones listed:

Lucy Coat: Black, Taupe, Plum

Bree Coat: Claret, Black

Leah Coat: Crimson, Black

Shelby Coat: Olive, Black, White, Plum

Alison Coat: Blue, Black, Crimson

When you go through to the product pages for those styles, you can select your choice of color.

Please note: The Satin Trench Coat listed here appears in white, however, when you go through to the product page you will see that it's only currently available in black.

Jessica Simpson coats come in a great range of styles. These are stand out designs that are stylish, modern and super feminine.

Coming in sizes that range from X-Small to X-Large means that these coats work well with both slender figures and curvy figures. Please note that not all Jessica Simpson coats listed are currently available in all sizes, these are popular choices that sell fast.

For exact coat measurements via Amazon, please see the size chart below.

If you want a real statement piece coat for your wardrobe, choosing from the Jessica Simpson coats means that you're getting great designs in quality materials at affordable prices.

Whether you're looking for a dressy or casual coat, or maybe one that doubles up as both, this is a great collection of coats that has designs that appeal for various looks.

See below for the girls Jessica Simpson coats range.

Jessica Simpson Coat Size Chart - Women

Coat Size
Clothing Size
Bust (Inches)
Waist (Inches)
Hips (Inches)
0 - 2
32" - 33"
24" - 25"
34.5" - 35.5"
4 - 6
34" - 35"
26" - 27"
36.5" - 37.5"
8 - 10
36" - 37"
28" - 29"
38.5" - 39.5"
12 - 14
38.5" - 40"
30.5" - 32"
41" - 42.5"
16 - 12
41.5" - 43"
33.5" - 35"
44" - 45.5"

Jessica Simpson Coats For Girls

This gorgeous range of Jessica Simpson coats for girls come in sizes Small to X-Large, for the 7 - 16 age group.

These are great designs that are vibrant, fresh and contemporary. As with the women's range above, additional colors are available when you go through to the product pages of some styles, these are:

Tammy Coat: Black, Magenta, Crimson

Katie Coat: Crimson, Plum, Sand, Black

Stacy Coat: Black, Crimson

All other Jessica Simpson coats for girls that are listed only come in the color shown.

These are really young, stylish designs that are edgy, but smart. It's easy to wear any of these Jessica Simpson coats casual or dressy. It all depends on what you team them with.

Any of this range would be a great addition to a young girls wardrobe. These are stand out coats that are sure to get plenty of compliments!

Jessica Simpson Coat Size Chart - Girls

Coat Size
Kids Size
49" - 51"
55 - 60 lbs
8 - 10
51.5" - 53" / 53.5" - 55"
61 - 66lbs / 67 - 74 lbs
12 - 14
55.5" - 57.5" / 58" - 60"
75 - 84lbs / 85 - 96 lbs
60-5" - 62.5"
97 - 110 lbs


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