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Jewellery and Indian Traditions

Updated on March 26, 2014

The Auspicious Value of Earrings

Nowadays, Indian jewellery withholds a strong significance amongst Indian women. Indeed, it is given as part of gifts on important occasions because there is favourable value attached to it. Moreover, it is an ornament used irrespective of class origins: even the poorest woman is entitled to receive a piece of jewellery at least once in her life.

For each phase of a woman's life, there is a specific piece of ornament: as an example, on their wedding day women are usually given nath (nose ring), mangalsutra and toe rings.

There are huge differences across the country regarding the design of jewellery, however there is basic pieces of jewellery that are common for all women across India: i.e. maangtikka, nose rings, necklace, bangles, mangalsutra, earrings. These items are mostly made of gold and studded with diamonds.

Indian diamond earrings, especially, are considered as important for married women as a symbol of a woman's wealth and of her status in society.

The Fantastic Collection of Indian Diamond Earrings I Found Online

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Big girls need big diamonds

— Elizabeth Taylor

Which make up to wear with Indian jewellery

Varieties of Indian Jewellery - The making of Indian Jewellery

The Traditional Craft of Kundan Keshri

Kundan Keshri is a traditional method of creating jewels involving a gem set with gold foil between the stones and its mount. It is used mostly for intricate necklaces. It is believed it originated in the royal courts of Rajastha and Gujarat.

A Pair of Royal Earrings

Earrings have been an important part of Indian traditional wear since 1st century BC. Indeed, statues of that period often portray men and women wearing elaborate earrings. However, the discovery of this pair of earrings provides tangible evidence that the pieces of jewellery provided by sculptors are not based on sculptors fantasy, but on real models.

These earrings are currently showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art :

Pictures of Great Indian Designer Jewellery

After searching through Pinterest I came across this great board which contains marvellous images of Jewellery which got me really excited!


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