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Jewelry Making: An art or craft?

Updated on October 19, 2010

The ever lasting debate between arts and crafts

The quote by Frank Gehry truly signifies this by stating that “Jewelry is an art form ... In conceptualizing designs for Tiffany, I worked as I always do, sketching and creating models. Sculptors and painters have inspired me with their ability to make things with their own hands. This process led to the discovery of new ways to give feeling and spirit to form, and realize our shared vision of jewelry that provides a beautiful context for living now.”

   Jewelery has always inspired me since I was a child. The exquisitely designed and placed gems and beads used to take my breath away and made me wonder that "What a wonderful art". Even today, I always stop to admire a piece of jewelery that catches my attention. The unique shape and cuts of stones and to know exactly the right angle to place is truly an art in all sense. The just right combination of colors and the spark it brings to a dress is amazing. Team up a black formal dress with a pair of stunning gold earrings and there you have it... Instant splendor!

    I eventually started designing jewelery in later years and I can justly say that it takes me quite a while to prepare one piece that really satisfies me. The choosing of colors, beads, semi precious stones especially to design and sculpt the mould is the trickiest part that signifies the beauty of the masterpiece. Each depth and each curve is mastered through use of passionate creativity and concentration.

   It can be said for sure that crafting is also an art-form, whether it is designing jewelery, painting or even stitching a dress takes the right use of a person's aesthetic sense to generate a design that is pleasing to the eye. The difference between designs that are simply created without keeping in view the aesthetics and ones which are crafted with profound care and deliberation is eminent to any jewelery aficionado. Whenever I buy a pair of earrings or any other piece, I always make sure the colors are bright and the stones are sparkling. The cuts and the elegance of design are extremely important. There are millions of companies that claim to be jewelery designers; however there are few that are well known and well dependant upon. The main reason for this favoritism is simply the love for chaste art. The claim that jewelery is an art form is proved when we study the ancient civilizations or old emperors and royal families. Their lifestyles and greatness was enhanced and symbolized through their attire which specifically included exotic jewels and charms. Jewelry was always and will always be a true form of art.


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