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Jewelry For Kids

Updated on October 8, 2014

Jewelry For Kids - Fun, Colorful & Exciting

Welcome to Jewelry for Kids!

My Handmade Beaded Jewelry site has been published and growing for quite some time, as has my Polymer Clay Jewelry site, but a common question I kept getting was, "Do you have anything available for kids?"

It took me some time, but, with the assistance of two nieces (and a nephew!) in modeling my young and tween jewelry, I can offer a good selection of jewelry for kids. Like my other jewelry site, I will constantly be adding more kid jewelry choices and am willing to take on custom orders.

If you see something you like, but need it in another color or size, just let me know.


I hope you enjoy your visit here at Jewelry For Kids and would appreciate comments in the Guestbook at the bottom of this site.

Won't you please help me thank Jill, Kyla, and Steven for their help on this Jewelry For Kids site. Don't they look great?


How To Contact Me Regarding Jewelry For Kids

You may contact me regarding Jewelry For Kids by leaving me a message at the bottom of this site in the Guestbook or emailing me at my address. If emailing, please place the words "Jewelry For Kids" in the subject line as I do not open email from addresses I don't recognize.

Jewelry For Kids Recommended Lengths

These Are Only Recommendations - What Length Would You Prefer For Your Child's Jewelry?

I've recently received requests for polymer clay jewelry pieces that will be given to children. Normal adult necklace lengths of 16"-24" just won't do when they are being made for the smaller ones!

So, me being me, I googled jewelry sizes for kids and came up with the attached link. See how easy it is to find answers when you know how to look?

Of course, these are only RECOMMENDED sizes for children. . . If YOU are ordering jewelry for your little one and have a specific length of necklace (or bracelet) you'd like to have, please just specify what the length is so I can make your jewelry for kids exactly how you want it.

Yes, it's that easy. Thanks for the time spent here on my Jewelry For Kids site.

Holidays and Jewelry For Kids Go Hand In Hand - Valentine's Day, Easter, First Communions, Flower Girls in a Wedding . . .

Jewelry for kids - bracelet Easter
Jewelry for kids - bracelet Easter

There are lots of opportunities for kids to wear jewelry every day, but Holidays bring out the need even more.

Valentines Day with a sweetheart necklace, flowered bracelets for Easter, tiaras and hair pieces for Spring celebrations and ceremonies . . . The list just keeps going when you think about what we celebrate in our everyday lives.

Here is just an example of what a child might like to wear on their wrist for a special day or just to enjoy on an everyday basis.

All bracelets can be made to length and be decorated with whatever color you desire.

DIY Kids Jewelry Link - Wonderful Jewelry & Craft Projects Perfect For The Kids

Rainy Days Getting The Kids Down? - Check Out This Link For Rainy Day Fun

I recently went looking for some good DIY (do it yourself) jewelry and craft sites that kids might enjoy looking at.

Craftbits, while being an adult craft and jewelry DIY site, also has a huge section of DIY for kids, too!

Check out this super cool Jewelry and Crafts For Kids site and watch your kids have a blast on the next rainy day!

Jewelry for kids - polymer pendants
Jewelry for kids - polymer pendants

Colorful Pendants - The Perfect Jewelry For Kids

When it comes to kids jewelry, it usually needs to be pretty colorful! The bigger, the bolder, the BETTER!

I'm adding a full line of colorful pendants that kids looking for jewelry they like should love . . .

Many of these pendants will be in a "blend and switch" technique that will feature kid's pendants in beautiful bold colors and fun shapes. While there may be some corner edges, to avoid injury, none of these will be sharp . All of these pendants will have been sanded by at least 4 different grits of sandpaper and sealed for protection.

The pendant in this photo represents only ONE of MANY different kid's pendants. You will find the full line by going to Facebook and typing in my name, Michelle Lacroix Toro. I have a photo album specifically for children's jewelry.

Modern Jewelry For Kids - Bright, Bold Colors

Jewelry For Kids - Big and Bold
Jewelry For Kids - Big and Bold

Kids tend to like the big and bold looking jewelry, don't they?

Of course, I agree, it needs to be age appropriate, however, these would look great on your teenager!

Can't you just see them in jean and a big white dress shirt with this pair of jewel colored earrings on their ears?

The Holidays are coming. Start your Holiday shopping early and avoid the hustle and bustle of the crowds! Only $15 for this beautiful set!

Jewelry for kids - owl
Jewelry for kids - owl

Owl Jewelry Made of Polymer Clay

Talk About Kid Jewelry With Personality!

I happened upon a line drawing of a very sweet owl today that made me head for my workroom to see if I could turn it into something that a child or an adult would enjoy wearing.

I came up with three different versions of which I was quite happy with. To see more photos of these owls, please head on over to my Facebook Album where I try to keep all of my offerings updated.

Jewelry For Kids - Copper Bracelets
Jewelry For Kids - Copper Bracelets

New Solid Copper Bracelets With Appeal!

Copper Wire Bracelet Jewelry For Kids

With the rising price of precious gems and metals, it's getting harder and harder to find quality jewelry for a decent price.

Here is a solid copper wire and glass bead bracelet that has a designer look and feel. It's made of 12 and 14 gauge solid copper wire handmade links and a single blue swirl glass bead that is capped in coiled copper. It's is 7" long and available for only $25.

More photos of handmade jewelry for kids (and adults) can be found on my Facebook Photo Page.

Jewelry For Kids - Birds Nest Pendant Necklace
Jewelry For Kids - Birds Nest Pendant Necklace

Birds Nest Pendant Jewelry - Designer Jewelry For Kids

I've recently come across some people who have been talking up Birds Nest Jewelry of all things. And received a recent order for a piece of the same.

Talk about a surprise when I saw a sample of this type of jewelry! I'd never heard about it before and didn't realize that it was a new twist on an old theme for jewelry.

Needless to say, I had to hop on the bandwagon and make up a few pieces. Here's a sample that is still available with blue eggs in a silver toned birds nest.

Jewelry For Kids - Pandora Beads
Jewelry For Kids - Pandora Beads

Pandora Style Beads Available - Choose Your Colors

These European based beads have grown so in popularity that the name "Pandora" is a household word. Even those who don't follow the jewelry world recognize the word.

Here is an example of Pandora styled beads available on the Jewelry For Kids, Handmade Beaded Jewelry, and Polymer Clay Jewelry sites.

If you have a favorite color or color combo, please ask for a set of beads that will be designed specifically for YOU!

Jewelry for Kids - anklets
Jewelry for Kids - anklets

Wonderful DIY Bracelet That Is Easy To Make - Fun Jewelry For KidsTo Make Themselves

Jewelry Making For Kids

I was sent a link on Stumble Upon from a friend who knows I love making jewelry. It's a DIY (do it yourself) style bracelet that also lends itself well to anklets. It's easy and it uses materials most people have hanging around their homes.

While using leather cords was "ok", I found that it made the knot too big for what I liked. It also made it necessary to use a large hex nut or a bead with a VERY large hole. Shoe laces worked well, so did using 50 lb weight fishing line. Using the fishing line made it necessary to wrap the ends of the line with embroidery floss, but that worked out very well.

Here's the link to the DIY Wrap Bracelet on Stumble Upon.

Jewelry for Kids - blue gem pendant
Jewelry for Kids - blue gem pendant

When a Simple Pendant is a Perfect Match

Jewelry For Kids Can Be Exciting, Too!

I was a bit surprised when Kyla's mom told me that she picked out this pendant. It is not one of the brighter colored pieces of children's jewelry that I have to offer and I actually thought it might be just a tad bit "old" for her.

However, with this picture, she proves that she definitely has her Mom's fashion sense and a style that is already beyond her years. It goes perfectly with her beautiful dress, just the right amount of accessory, and just the right color.

These simple pendants are made of colored glass gems and polymer clay in complementing colors. They cost $5 when in pendant form (the bead itself on a jump ring ready for hanging on a chain or cord) and $10 when ordered on a cord or ribbon necklace.

Jewelry for Kids - gem pendants
Jewelry for Kids - gem pendants

More Simple Pendants With Lots of Color and Style

Here are a few simple pendants that are already placed on a silver jump ring. They are ready to be hung from a chain, ribbon, or cord when they arrive.

This is just a small selection of what can be done with a glass gem and some raw polymer clay. The shapes, the colors, and "feel" of a simple pendant are infinite and varied. Let me know what your child's favorite color or color combination is and I can easily create something your child will love and wear all the time, just because it's HER.

I also try to keep up with my "kids jewelry" album in Facebook and usually have lots more photos available there. Here is the Kids Jewelry Album link on my Facebook.

Jewelry for Kids - silver bracelet sea
Jewelry for Kids - silver bracelet sea

"Under the Sea" Creature Bracelet for Kids

My three sons, when they were little, loved the Disney movie, "The Little Mermaid". I don't know of ANY kids that don't.

The music, the characters, the things they get into . . . It's a wonderful movie.

The sea characters in these bracelets remind me of that movie and bring back memories of my children and I watching good wholesome movies when they were young. Sigh. . .

While these two particular bracelets sold within minutes of me placing them on my Facebook album, I still have enough of the sea creature beads to make a few more similar ones.

Aren't they sweet?

Cadmium Free - Lead Free Childrens Jewelry

When it comes to kids jewelry, style wasn't the only thing I took into consideration when creating jewelry for children and building this website.

SAFETY is a #1 concern in that our kids need to be kept away from any substances that may harm them. My kids jewelry is lead free and cadmium free and your child won't have any adverse effects from wearing anything you order/purchase from me.

Here's a video clip I found on a news clip about the dangers of some children's jewelry. . .

Jewelry for Kids - Turtles
Jewelry for Kids - Turtles

Brightly Colored Polymer Clay Turtles On a Cord?

Polymer Clay Turtles, anyone?

These darling little turtles come in bright colors with sweet smiles on their faces. They are pierced through the shoulders so when hung on a chain or cord, they are looking up into your child's face.

They garner quite a few comments and once your child wears one, all of the friends will want one, too!

These little charmers only cost $15 each and come on a corded necklace.

A Polymer Clay Turtle Close Up

Jewelry for Kids - Purple Turtle
Jewelry for Kids - Purple Turtle
Jewelry For Kids - Copper Bookmarks
Jewelry For Kids - Copper Bookmarks

Copper Bookmarks For Kids!

Handmade Hammered Copper Bookmarks With Kid Charms

While I've been creating copper hammered bookmarks for adults, I made a few that I think the kids will enjoy using, too.

These are made by using solid copper 14 gauge wire and forming/bending them so they will fit securely in a book and not fall out when you open the page. They are hammered to make the wire stronger and more attractive and are wide enough to fit on a normal bound book (but NOT a spiral bound book). Once the copper is prepared, then a polymer clay charm, piece of wrapped sea glass, or cluster of beads will be placed on the hook for decoration.

Here is an example of the copper bookmarks I expect will bring a smile to your little bookworm. This one has a small mushroom charm, however, I'll be placing more photos of other options on my Kid Jewelry Photo Album in Facebook. Keep checking there for other styles, colors, and charms.

If you have any ideas you'd like to see on the end of YOUR copper bookmark, please write me at the bottom of this site in the Guestbook section or email me at

Thanks for all of your input!

Only $9.99 each. **Since these bookmarks make great gifts for teachers, classmates, party favors, and bazaar selling, I do give discounts for larger orders. For orders of 10-25, $8 each. For orders of more than 25, please email me for a large order price.

Thanks for visiting my Jewelry For Kids site.

Jewelry for kids - copper bracelet glass gift box
Jewelry for kids - copper bracelet glass gift box

Solid Copper Wire Link Chain and Glass Gift Box Charm Bracelet

While poking through some bead trays, I came across a single glass bead with a beautiful shimmer in the shape of a wrapped gift box. It's beautiful and the only one I have.

So I created a flowing copper wire bracelet in a 7.5" length and the single bead acts as a gorgeous focal point to the bracelet. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry that should appeal to children as well as adults.

And at only $25, it's affordable, too!

Jewelry for Kids - stretch bracelets
Jewelry for Kids - stretch bracelets

Stretchy Bracelets in Beautiful Glass, Crystal, and Metal Beads

I just picked up some stretch cord a few weeks ago because, in my mind, it was ONLY for kids and had no practical applications in adult jewelry. Boy, was I wrong!

While I know that it's a big hit with the kids, there are many adults who also enjoy the flexibility and ease of wear that this style of bracelet brings.

So, bring it on! Let me know what colors you'd like to see on YOUR bracelet!

Only $15 each.

And, doesn't my niece, Jill, photograph well? I see a "future" in there in front of the camera . . .

Jewelry for Kids - Granite Necklace
Jewelry for Kids - Granite Necklace

A Stone-Like Necklace - Perfect For Tweens

Jill told me she loves stone-like pendants, especially when they have initials on them, so that's what I did.

This sweet necklace features two small ovals of granite clay with her initials imprinted on them and then small pebble like charm beads attached to a silver chain. It's a very simple look that looks as good with casual wear as it does dressed up.

Stones can be in different colors and styles. Only $24.

Jewelry for Kids - Pirate Jewelry
Jewelry for Kids - Pirate Jewelry

Pirate Jewelry - Perfect for Boys and Girls of All Ages

I am pleased to announce that I have some Jewelry for Kids that boys will want to wear, too!

The movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean" is out right now (the 3rd one, right?) and Jack Sparrow is often shown wearing a headband and a jeweled piece that hangs from the headband. While I've found lots of headbands, kerchiefs, AND hair wigs on eBay and even Amazon, I've not found ANY of the jeweled piece that Jack wears.

So this is my version and I'm happy to say that I have them in adult sizes and a slightly smaller version for the small fry. My nephew, Steven, likes Jack Sparrow and didn't mind modeling the Pirate Headband and Jewelry for this website.

Only $22 for the set (standard S&H within the U.S. is included in the price) when ordering jewelry for kids size. Adult versions are $25 for the set.

Jewelry For Kids - Purple Flower Barrette
Jewelry For Kids - Purple Flower Barrette

My Young Girlie-Girl Niece Playing Grown Up!

Young Kyla already knows how to accessorize! This purple bouquet barrette matches her outfit perfectly and looks stunning on her.

Kyla let me know that she likes light blues and purples, and I can see why! They are wonderful colors on her.

Your young child may like different colors and color combinations in jewelry . . . Let me know what the preferences are and your daughter, too, will enjoy putting something pretty in her hair.

Way to go, Kyla!

Jewelry For Kids - Squeeze bracelets
Jewelry For Kids - Squeeze bracelets

Squeeze Bracelets - They Fit Everyone No Matter What Size

Kids and adults alike are enjoying the ease and convenience of wire "squeeze" bracelets.

These bracelets can be made using silver or copper colored wire and your choice color beads. They can be tightly coiled, like this photo, or a loose swirl, like Kyla's wedgewood blue stone bracelet. These bracelets also can be manipulated so that the separate coils can be stretched or curved even more than when I made them.

Yes, it's that easy . . . Place on the wrist and "squeeze"!

Only $22, shipping and handling within the US included.

Kyla's Squeeze Bracelet in Silver Wire and Blue Stones

Jewelry for kids - squeeze bracelets Kyla
Jewelry for kids - squeeze bracelets Kyla
Jewelry for Kids - orchid barrette
Jewelry for Kids - orchid barrette

Flowered Barrettes - Different Flowers in a Variety of Colors

Here is an example of a flowered orchid barrette. Jill loves purple so this barrette was perfect for her.

I also have rose, daisy, and floral bouquet barrettes already available. I'll keep adding photos of different barrettes and hair clip pieces as I create them.

Depending upon style, barrettes (set of 1) and hair clips (set of 2) cost between $8-$12.

Here's a Gorgeous Floral Bouquet Barrette - Colors Can Be Custom Chosen ($10)

Jewelry for Kids - Leaf Flower Barrette
Jewelry for Kids - Leaf Flower Barrette
Jewelry for Kids - aurora brown coin
Jewelry for Kids - aurora brown coin

Aurora Borealis Pendants On Leather Cords

There is a technique called aurora borealis that polymer clay artists use when they want colors to swirl and shimmer on their jewelry pieces. Needless to say, blues, greens, and reds are the most striking, however, using this technique with golds, bronzes, and browns bring stunning results!

This coin pendant is simply showcased on a black leather cord where it can do what it does best . . . Show off subtle swirls and shimmers of color that encourage people to give it a second look.

These simple pendants can be shaped into coin, dog tag, or free form shapes. The sky (no pun intended) is the limit!

The aurora pendants on a jump ring are sold for $12 or $17 on a corded necklace.

A Barrette Featuring a Floral Bouquet in Bright Colors ($12 ea or 2/$20) - Kids Love Brightly Colored Jewelry

Jewelry For Kids - Floral Bouquet
Jewelry For Kids - Floral Bouquet
Jewelry for Kids - Flower Buds
Jewelry for Kids - Flower Buds

And The Little Miss Diva Award Goes To . . .

Kyla! Absolutely Breathtaking!

This picture says it all, Kyla has an inside "Diva" that is busting to get out!

With her tiara, long gloves, blue gown, and blue flower bud necklace, this little girl is feeling sassy and ready to show the world she has style!

Don't you just love the attitude, the joy, the confidence of children who know who they are?

Do you have a little "Diva" at home wanting to dress up with some designer jewelry made uniquely for her? To borrow a famous slogan, "Isn't she worth it?"

I do appreciate you spending a bit of time here with me viewing my jewelry for kids and hope you visit again soon.

I am constantly designing and making more jewelry, for adults AND for kids, so please stop by again soon to see new items.

Have a wonderful day!


Thank You For Visiting My Jewelry For Kids Site

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    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      What a fantastic lens! Like it very much and Blessed :)

    • dosmaster5000 profile image


      6 years ago

      These are some pretty cool looking items! I bet my little girl would love them.

    • WaterMom profile image


      7 years ago

      Your young models are all beautiful (and handsome) and the jewelry is also gorgeous!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      came across this site while looking for children jewelry for my niece, great job...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I stumbled upon this site and must say, I'm impressed.


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