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Jil Sander

Updated on December 10, 2010

In praise of Jil Sander

Ask anyone about high fashion, and it is always about Prada, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, or Armani. While those are very good designers in their own rights, I feel that people get blind sighted with names and logos. As a former associate at an upscale consignment shop, I have handled many brand name items, including under-the-radar designer labels that many people pass on. For this lens I want to highlight Jil Sander, a German high fashion designer that I personally like.

Jil Sander career suits

My very first Jil Sander piece is a dark navy pant suit. I bought it just before leaving my associate position, using my employee discount of course. I still have it to this very day. It is 100% lightweight wool, with a silk lining and fabric covered buttons. It has a slim cut, and the pants has a flat front. I don't consider myself as a suit person, but if I'm going to own just one suit, it better be one of the best piece in my wardrobe.

Jil Sander leather goods and bags

Ask any fashionista what their prize possession is, and they'll probably tell you it's their designer bags. While a designer bag is a good investment piece to any wardrobe, I think a good wallet is just as important. In addition, small leather goods are good entry pieces to acquire, and their details really reflects the designer's characteristics.

It's not long before I acquire a Jil Sander wallet. It is a smooth, tan leather bi-fold with a snap on clasp. A zipper run along on one side for small coins. The inside has two compartments for paper bills, and there are numerous slots for cards. The exterior is totally unpretentious. There's no logos or markings on the outside that might indicate a designer piece. There is a small embossed name on the inside only. But every time I pull the smooth gliding zipper around the wallet corner, or thumbing the smooth leather for a credit card, I know that I own a quality designer item, and there's no need to impress the people around me.

Jil Sander shoes

I bought my first pair of Jil Sander shoes on eBay. They are a pair of pointy kitten heels in the shade of pale yellow (kind of like the egg yolks after whipping them for 5 minutes). The leather is top grain and you can see every stitch through the bottom sole. The inside is so smooth I think my hands would get jealous of my feet. Now I'm not really a shoe person and those Jil Sander is really my first pair of designer shoes. But after that I'm afraid I might start an expensive habit that I cannot afford!

Jil Sander dresses

I have yet to acquire a Jil Sander dress because they run a pretty penny. A good second-hand piece is hard to find, but I check with eBay all the time. Believe me, I will strike when I find THE piece that I just got to have.

So, you got a favorite underrated designer you wanna share?

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    • Stazjia profile image

      Carol Fisher 9 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

      It's great to see a lens on less famous designers and so beautifully illustrated. Welcome to the Art & Design group.