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Joe Browns Clothing: Womens Trendy Coats

Updated on December 27, 2012

Joe Browns Outerwear and Clothing is Fashion for Everyone

If you are a fan of trendy, up-to-date fashion for women, this page will suit you right down to the ground. (Or to the knees at least.)

Here, I'm showcasing the cool, chic style in coats from Joe Browns design house. Some of them are funky, some colorful, some chunky but all perfect for the young woman about town. Show you live life to the fashionable fullest by sporting one of these coats or jackets when you walk out this winter and spring.

Joe Browns is a lifestyle company based in England, with loyal customers all over the world. Browse through this page to enjoy the whole collection. There's sure to be something to suit your personal style.

Note: Ladies - Joe Browns is an English company so the labels are in UK sizes but you can be assumed when purchases in the US the size chosen is in US measurements. Men's sizes are the same on both sides of The Pond.

Image courtesy of Amazon / Featured here: Joe Browns Women's New Ultimate Coat

The Joe Browns Women's Absolute Coat - Tweed is on twend! Or, on trend rather....

Irregular hem lengths, as you'll see here, are very flattering to the figure, and the asymmetrical collar keeps your neck warm as well as looking chic. Huge buttons and a clinch cloth tie give this coat great shape.

Joe Browns Women's Our Favourite CoatCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Women's Country Manor Tweed JacketCHECK PRICE

More Popular Fashion Jackets and Coats - Favorites in a variety of lengths and styles

Be warm, comfortable and truly fashionable at the same time, with faux fur and sheepskin collars. There's even a Joe Browns hoodie jacket in the mix.

Take a look at the Amazon listing for a close-up of the great detail in these jackets, size options and sales.

Joe Browns Women's Boutique Longline Coat

This retro-style coat is right on trend this year. The shawl collar and long lines are very flattering, and this is a coat you can use both for casual and dressy occasions. Wear it with jeans or slacks or over a dress -- you can't go wrong.

Joe Browns Women's Perfect Purple Tweedy CoatCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Women's Boutiquee JacketCHECK PRICE

Choose from solids, prints, patterns and plaids

These coats and jackets come in multiple sizes. Check the Amazon listings for what's available and for the current sale prices.

Joe Browns Women's Perfect Printed Coat - Feminine and fun outerwear is where it's at

This is a "wow" jacket everyone will love. If the bold print isn't enough, it's matched with a ripstop shawl collar, a cinch waist and deep pockets. This is definitely a jacket with attitude.

Joe Browns Women's Crazy Cord CoatCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Absolute Jacquard CoatCHECK PRICE

Even More Jackets from Joe Browns Available from Amazon

If no Amazon price is shown, that means there could be a sale going on. Check the listings for current sale prices.

Specific sizes shown here are only one of many options for each style.

Shop for Joe Browns Bargains - The latest limited-time auctions on eBay

If yours is the highest bid when the auction comes to an end, the coat is yours to purchase. Be aware of sellers' return policies before you buy.

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If you are a fan of trendy, up-to-date fashion for women, this page will suit you right down to the ground. (Or to the knees at least.) Here, I'm showcasing...

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