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Joe Browns Mens Fashion

Updated on December 27, 2012

Joe Browns is More Than Just Fashion

Joe Browns designs are as much about lifestyle and state of mind as they are about the style of the clothing.

Based in the UK, their clothing sells in most major department stores, in catalogues and online. Joe Browns design house produces fashions for men and women that are all about fun, comfort and being unique without looking gaudy.

Here, I'll focus on Joe Browns tops and outwear for men, with sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets and more for everything from daytime casual to evening chic. I hope you'll like my selection and find something just right for you or someone you're shopping for.

Note: Ladies - Joe Browns is an English company so the labels are in UK sizes but you can be assumed when purchases in the US the size chosen is in US measurements. Men's sizes are the same on both sides of The Pond.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Featured here: JJoe Browns Men's Lady Luck Shirt

Joe Browns Men's Luxury Cable Shawl CardiganCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Hunter Tweed JacketCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Layer L/S Camper TopCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Sweaters & Hoodies

Joe Browns Fishermans Cable Crew Sweater for Men

The item description on Amazon says these fishermen's cables came from Lindisfarne. So I decided to find out more about the place. And a bit of what I learned is that Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island, is a beautiful tidal island off the northeast coast of England, which features a ruined monastery, a small castle, two lighthouses, and a nature reserve.

And now for the sweater inspired by this island community....

More Joe Browns Fashions for Men

Always on Trend

Whether you like bright and funky or more subdued, you'll find it under the Joe Browns name. That's a big thing I like about this design house -- their wide range of looks to suit all kinds of personalities and occasions. And many of their pieces are very versatile, so you can use one garment for different times and places just by changing up the accessories and what you pair it with.

Joe Browns Men's Comfy Double HoodyCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Favourite Knitted Tank TopCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Amazing Retro Shawl Knit CardiganCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Weekend Shawl CardiganCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Hoodies -- Colorful, Comfortable and Cool

Check the Amazon listings for size options and current sale prices, and also to see a larger image of the prints and patterns.

Joe Browns Men's Jackets

Joe Browns Men's Colorado Quilt Parka Jacket

This is a coat you'll be able to take out of the closet after warm-season storage and know you're still in style and will be for many winters to come. Actually, that's true for pretty much all of Joe Browns coats and jackets and other items.

More Joe Browns Outwear for Men

From leather and bomber jackets to vests

From rugged and outdoorsy to a slick, city-boy look to suave--Joe Browns designs with all types of men in mind. And, of course, one man can have many different aspects to his lifestyle and look. Joe Browns has him (every man) covered.

Joe Browns Men's Winter Warmer Bomber JacketCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Ultimate Leather Biker JacketCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Ultra Warm Colorado VestCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Biker Stripe Leather JacketCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Tops & Tees

These 100% cotton hooded t-shirts come in a range of sizes, from small to XXX-large. And they go with so much. You can wear one of these under a sweater or jacket, with a vest, or on its own.

More Long-Sleeved Tees and Tops

From Joe Browns logos to stripes and solids

Fans of Joe Browns designs can show off the brand with a JB logo shirt. Or wear the same styles in your favorite solid color or pattern or design.

Joe Browns Men's Long Sleeve Bulldog TopCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Retro Racing TopCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Very Versatile TopCHECK PRICE

Joe Browns Men's Super Stripe Layering TopCHECK PRICE

Search for More Joe Browns Fashions

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Joe Browns designs are as much about lifestyle and state of mind as they are about the style of the clothing. Based in the UK, with their clothing sold in m...

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