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Joshua & Sons Watches: Quality, Reviews & Information

Updated on March 13, 2013

Let me guess, you have just stumbled across a great looking timepiece which is available for $99. The product listing says that the watch usually sells for $695, and you want to know whether you are really about to purchase an exquisite - possibly Swiss made - timepiece at a fraction of its true market value. If you want the short answer, then no. No you are not getting a timepiece worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead you are falling for a marketing trick that numerous new watch brands seem to be utilizing to trick those who have very little knowledge about watches into believing that they are getting a steal. This marketing technique is really rather shameful in fact, although fully legal and increasingly common.

I'm not going to dwell on that for too long though, because an important question remains, and that is "Is my Joshua & Sons watch worth $99", and that's an altogether different question. The answer to that question is "probably", they are actually decent watches. They look great, the movements that they use are the equal to the timepieces of established brands in the same price brackets, and they are shipped in quality packaging which make them perfect as giving as a gift.

Joshua & Sons Watches Information

It would be easy for one to stumble across a Joshua & Sons timepiece, see that well designed traditional logo, and be led to believe that Joshua & Sons is a fine watchmaker with a two hundred year history of fine watchmaking in their Switzerland based watch factory. Joshua & Sons are in fact a very new company, who are not from Switzerland, which makes mass-produced low cost timepieces which aren't anything special. I've opened up the backs of two Joshua & Sons watches to find standard Chinese made movements, and it would probably be safe to assume that the watches themselves are produced and assembled in China. Nothing wrong with that of course, with a $100 budget you will be hard pressed to find any timepiece which isn't made with a Chinese movement, you get what you pay for. What the brand is good at of course is producing timepieces which look like they cost much more than they do, and that may suit some people. If you want a watch to serve as a glam fashion accessory and only have a hundred dollars to spend, then why not purchase a Joshua & Sons timepiece?

Joshua & Sons Watches Prices

The prices being asked for Joshua & Sons timepieces ranges from as little as $60 for their most basic timepieces, up to around double tat (say $130) for their more detailed pieces. I don't think that those prices are particularly unfair, most brands will charge you similar prices for a similar quality timepiece with a similar quality simple quartz movement from China. So I would never say that Joshua & Sons are a "rip off", I just think that you are paying for the style on the outside. If you really like the look of one of their timepieces then just buy it! Just don't kid yourself into believing that your $70 Joshua & Sons watch is really worth $395, or that your $125 Joshua & Sons watch is really worth $595. Your $70 Joshua & Sons watch is worth $70, and your $125 Joshua & Sons watch is worth $125. If you can afford to spend a hundred dollars on a watch, and you decide that the watch that you most like the look of is a Joshua & Sons timepiece, then there is no reason why you shouldn't invest your one hundred dollars in that timepiece. You simply don't get premium Swiss made automatic watches in your budget.

Joshua & Sons Watch Reviews

The majority of reviews for Joshua & Sons watches have been excellent, with the main gripe among the occasional bad review being the realization that the buyer has paid $100 for a $100 watch instead of $100 for a $695 watch. In the main buyers are very happy with the quality of the timepieces that they have received from Joshua & Sons, with many being very pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the packaging that the timepiece arrives in. Luxury watch packaging makes a watch much more suitable for gift giving. I've seen a few reviews which say something along the lines of "Can't believe I bought this watch and it has a Chinese movement", those reviews are ridiculous, as you will struggle to find any timepiece under $200 which contains anything other than a basic Chinese or Japanese quartz movement, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Chinese quartz movements! To summarise, reviews among those who are realistic about the fact that you get what you pay for are typically very positive, reviews among the greedy who were gullible enough to believe that they were getting a luxury Swiss timepiece without doing their research are typically bad. You, the reader, have obviously come here to do your research!

Joshua & Sons Watch Quality

There is nothing wrong with Joshua & Sons Watches in the respect that their timepieces are no worse than any other watches which typically sell for around a hundred dollars. They are, simply, Chinese made. The movement is a Chinese movement, the case is Chinese made, the whole watch is likely to be made in China and exported to be sold in American and European markets. They are typically sold on Amazon, eBay, and in retail stores offline. The simple fact remains that if you want a Swiss made timepiece with a quality Swiss movement then you will need to spend two or three times the amount of money. There are so many watches on the market in a sub-$100 budget however and you should consider looking at all of your options, including options from long established household brands, I've featured some on my lens dedicated to the best watches for men under $100.

Best Selling Joshua & Sons Watches

There are hundreds of Joshua & Son pieces on the market, Amazon alone stocks 101 different pieces at the time of writing. The five bestselling at the time of writing are linked below, although this constantly changes. If you are interested in buying a Joshua & Sons timepiece then your best bet is simply heading over to Amazon where you can see all Joshua & Sons watches.

Joshua & Sons Watches on eBay

Amazon stock many Joshua & Son timepieces but they by no means stock all of them, another great place to shop for them is where you can also find discontinued used Joshua & Son watches. The five links below automatically update to show current eBay listings for Joshua & Son watches, click through to see the listing and to search eBay for other watches.


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      zcimar 2 years ago

      mine is not working

    • profile image

      majesta malcolm 2 years ago

      I bought a 2 pack of watches. One came broken. I purchased off groupon. I want the watch fixed as per the. Warranty offers. However, finding a phone number seems to be non existant????? Please email and let ne know what to do.


    • profile image

      Bert Goldman 3 years ago

      i purchased the leather box containing two watches. the grey rubber one works, but the other one arrived not working. The watch hands are hung up.

      Please tell me how you will handle this matter at your earliest convenience.

      Thank you for your kind assistance.