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J World Backpacks Review

Updated on November 7, 2014
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James has been a blogger and writer for over 6 years with a focus on product reviews and answering peoples questions.

Best J World Backpacks

J World backpacks are a brand of backpacks that make many different styles of backpacks to suit everyone's need.

When it comes to availability, functionality, styles and price, there is really no other brand of backpacks that offer what J World have to offer.

If you have a child going to school then J World backpacks has you covered, with a large selection of backpacks for kids, kids rolling backpacks, lunch bags and kids casual bags, your child is sure to find the perfect backpack for school no matter her or his age.

If you have a child that is a bit older and going to college, J World has backpacks for them as well. You will find a wide selection of backpacks, rolling backpacks, messenger bags, laptop bags and casual bags to suit their individual style and needs.

If you are a business person who is always on the go then J World backpacks has just what you need with a large collection of business backpacks, business messenger bags and wheeled bags that all offer a very business like style and functionality that is perfect for every business person.

J World backpacks even has a line of travel bags that would be perfect for you on your next trip. You can choose between luggage style bags, duffel bags and rolling duffel bags. As with all of their other types of bags and backpacks, the J World travel bags are very rugged and stylish.

For the outdoor types there is a very cool line of J World products made just for you. With their outdoor line of backpacks you will find hiking backpacks, hydration backpacks and waist packs that are perfect for taking camping, hiking or what ever outdoor trip you have planned.

Finally, J World backpacks has a line of Eco bags to offer that come in both backpack and messenger bag form.

As you can see, no matter what you need a backpack for, whether school, business, outdoors or travel, J World has the right bag to fit your needs.

Below is a selection of J World rolling backpacks for children for you to learn more about.

J World Sunrise Rolling Backpack

J World Sunrise Rolling Backpack

This rolling backpack comes with an air mesh padded shoulder strap, side mesh water bottle pockets and features a recessed 3 stage locking handle. If black isn't your color that's ok because you can get this particular backpack in many different colors.

My Opinion

I have seen a lot of reviews on J World products both negative and positive. In my own experience I truly love their line of backpacks. I have 3 daughters and ever one of them get a new backpack from J world at the beginning of each school year. Of course they typically don't need a new one as the ones they have from the previous year are almost always still in good shape, but with girls being girls and wanting to keep up with the latest fashion we get them new ones anyway.

A big part of what we love about this brand of backpacks is the rolling feature. With the amount of books and supplies that children are required to carry home each day we have concerns about the weight producing back problems later down the road. Since they can just roll the backpacks to school with them we do not have this worry anymore.

J World Sundance Laptop Rolling Backpack

J World Sundance Laptop Rolling Backpack

This rolling backpack come with an air mesh cushion padded shoulder strap, an organizer panel and padded laptop sleeve. Of course, just like the Sunrise backpacks, the Sundance line of backpacks come in many different colors and designs.

J World Backpack Features

J World rolling backpacks have many features that make them one of the best brands of backpacks you can get today. Check out the handy features that these backpacks come with below.

  • Recessed three stage locking handle with push button
  • Soft and noiseless wheels
  • Air mesh cushion padded shoulder straps
  • Padded grip handle

J World Lollipop Kids Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag

This rolling backpack comes with a soft and noiseless wheels with magnetic self-lighting system and side mesh pockets for water bottle

J World Lollipop Kids Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag

"My granddaughter is very rough on her backpack and this one can really take a beating. It's the third one I've bought for her and she loves it."

J World Rolling Backpacks

Everything Your Child Needs

If you have a child in school then you already know how many books and other items they need to bring home from school everyday, you probably also know how heavy all these books can be. What you might not know is that it can be very unhealthy for your child to have to carry all this weight on their backs. This is why a J World rolling backpack is the right choice for your child. It allows them to bring home everything they need everyday without having to lug all that weight around on their backs.

Additionally, J World rolling backpacks offer other great features that can make things much easier for your child such as space for their laptop, convenient pockets to carry things in and space for a water bottle.

All and all a J World rolling backpack is the perfect school accessory for your child.

J World Backpacks Video

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