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Kids Umbrellas

Updated on September 15, 2014

Umbrellas Just for Kids

If you live in a rainy climate, carrying an umbrella can be a necessity. These kids umbrellas are on the smaller size and perfect for little hands to carry to stay dry.

The novelty of a new umbrella will encourage little ones to go out when it's raining. And the choices are nothing short of adorable!

The hat that fits on a child's head is perfect for a fun time in the rain. They can play and still have their hands free!

Photo of Ladybug Umbrella for Kids courtesy of Amazon. Click the link to check out this fun kids umbrella.

Welcome Summer Rain

"Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you."

~ Langston Hughes

Brainy Quotes

Angry Birds Rain Gear - Keep Dry with Bomb Bird, Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Egg-laying Bird, and of Course, the Thieving Pigs

This fun themed rain gear is a perfect way to encourage kids to use an umbrella.

Ages: 5 and older

Weighs: 1 pound

Measures: 20 inches long

She Walks the Sodden Pasture Lane

"My sorrow, when she's here with me,

thinks these dark days of autumn rain

are beautiful as days can be;

she loves the bare, the withered tree;

she walks the sodden pasture lane."

~ Robert Frost

Brainy Quotes

Clear Bubble Umbrella

Lets kids see where they're going with a clear umbrella.

These clear rain protectors allow kids to see through while walking keeping them safe and dry!

Features: Pinch-proof closing mechanism

Measures: 25 inches long

Do you love to walk in the rain?

Do you love to walk in the rain?

See results


The rain is raining all around,

It falls on field and tree,

It rains on the umbrellas here,

And on the ships at sea.

- Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1895)

Scottish essayist, novelist and poet.

Source: Mother Goose Caboose

Novelty Kids Rain Protectors

This frog umbrella will fit right in on a rainy day. Ribbet ribbet.

Check out the hat to wear to stay dry is fun and keeps kids dry with their hands free!

Let the Rain Kiss You

"Let the rain kiss you.

Let the rain beat upon your head

with silver liquid drops.

Let the rain sing you a lullaby."

~ Langston Hughes

Brainy Quotes

Affiliate Disclosure

This author, Peggy Hazelwood, participates in Amazon, eBay, All Posters, and other affiliate advertising programs. When you click an advertising link on this page and make a purchase, I receive a small percent of the sale. Thank you for reading this far!

Do you know a child who would love a new umbrella?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Kids love umbrellas and walking in the rain. I sure did, still do. :)

    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 

      6 years ago from Topeka, KS

      They're all so cute!

    • malena10 profile image


      6 years ago

      So cute umbrellas every kid would like it!

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 

      6 years ago from New York

      Hard to make up my mind which one I like the best they are all so cute.


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