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Knee High Socks For Women

Updated on December 1, 2014

A Collection Of Fashionable Knee High Socks For Women

Knee high socks are a fun fashion statement, and can be used to jazz up any outfit. Whether you are attending a fancy dress party, going to a club or just like your style to be a little different, this collection of knee high socks will appeal.

I LOVE knee high socks. I first came across them in Camden Market in London a few years ago and they literally brought a smile to my face. Since then this style has become a lot more popular, however this article features knee high socks that you may not find elsewhere! I love the coloured ones and the stripy ones are my favourite! They can be used to add a splash of color to your outfit and check out the schoolgirl style knee high socks further down!

Stripy Knee High Socks For Women

Striped Knee High Socks

These stripy knee high socks are my personal favorites. They really add a little something to an outfit and are so fun! Plus they keep your legs warm in winter.

K. Bell Rainbow Stripe Knee High Socks (32049)

Sakkas Ladies Cute Colorful Design or Solid Poly Blend Knee High Socks Assorted 6-Pack

Lycra Acrylic Rainbow Thigh High O/S MULTICOLOR

Sakkas Womens Fun Colorful Design Poly Blend Knee High Socks Assorted 6-Pack

Sock It To Me STRIPE BOLT Womens Knee Socks

Colorful Tiger Stripe Knee High Socks 6 Pairs Assorted Size 9-11

Spotty Knee High Socks

Queen of the spots! If you like spotty socks you are going to love these! What a selection for all you spotty socks lovers!

Polka Dot Knee High Socks in Your Choice of Color by Foot Traffic

Betsey Johnson Womens Two Tone Dot Knee Socks

Popular & Comfy Checkered Knee High Fashion Socks-Assorted 6 Pack

Sock It To Me Gnomes Knee High Socks

Cute Knee High Socks Polka Dots Circles Blue

Cute Knee High Socks Polka Dots Hearts White Size 9-11

The Knee High Sock

Do You Like Knee High Socks?

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Novelty Knee High Socks For Women

I just love these novelty knee high socks for women. From the 'Starry Night' ones, featuring Vincent Van Gogh's famous picture, to the pink 'Pigs Might Fly' ones and the red monkey socks, to the stripey ones featuring skulls, you will find novelty socks for everyone!

Sock It To Me Starry Night Knee High Sock (Blue)

Stripe Skulls Knee High Socks 6 Pairs Assorted Colors Size 9-11

Sock It To Me Flying Pigs Pink Knee High Socks one size

Sock It To Me Paper Planes Knee High Socks (One Size Fits All/Blue)

Criss-Cross Multi-Color Hearts Knee High Fashion Socks-Assorted 3Pack

Sock It To Me Sock Monkeys Red Knee High Socks

Are Knee High Socks Making A Comeback?

On the topic of knee high socks my mum tells me that in fact she used to wear them to school. They were fashionable in her day! OK maybe not the funky, colored ones we have today, and as with many items in fashion, it looks like this is not the first time around the block for knee high socks.

If my Grandmother was still with us today, I can bet that she would say knee high socks were good because they would keep more of your legs warm! But then she would probably also ask if you were wearing a vest under your blouse :-) bless her!

A Few Facts About Knee High Socks

Popular in westernized cultures and often worn in Japan, America and the UK.

Did you know that knee high socks are often made out of nylon as well as cotton, whereas most ordinary socks are made from cotton. This gives knee highs there stretchable quality, which is a good thing as knees are always moving!

The knee high sock first became popular in the swinging 60's when mini skirts were all the rage, and the two items were often worn together. I'm sure my gran would not have approved! On the practical side of things they keep your legs and feet warm. Hmmm, perhaps gran would not have minded so much after all!

Knee High Socks Instead Of Slippers!

Not into slippers? Wear a pair of knee high socks around your home instead for a funky alternative!

Knee High Socks For Women Also Make a Great Gift!

Socks for each day of the week.

My big brother actually has a special pair of socks for each day of the week. For example on Fridays he always wears a pair of red socks, and on Tuesdays he always wears a pair featuring cartoon characters. It has become something of a joke amongst his friends, who always ask to see his socks, however it's easy to know what to buy him for Christmas!

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    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @dann7trdro lm: Excellent - I hope you like them :-)

    • dann7trdro lm profile image

      dann7trdro lm 4 years ago

      just bought one of these soxx

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @mirrie: Hi Lou,

      Ah glad to hear you like them!


    • mirrie profile image

      Mirrie 4 years ago from France

      I already have the top ones :) colourful socks are definitely addictive - They also make great gifts!

    • profile image

      jessy0411 4 years ago

      I love those stripy ones, too~