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Cute Korean Makeup

Updated on September 27, 2014
Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm
Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm | Source

Korean Makeup that is so Cute for a Cute You!

I love looking at the cute and/or beautiful packaging of Korean makeup products. I'm a sucker for cute packaging. Thankfully a lot of Korean makeup brands have a reputation for being good quality and fairly inexpensive too (although if you are buying them in the United States or another country the price probably won't be as good as you would get if buying them off of a store shelf in Korea). So I'm not only swayed by the products cute looks, but by their reputation for quality too.

So if, like me, you've wanted to buy some Korean makeup, or are new to Korean cosmetics and would like to try them out anyway, consider checking out these products on (and I also found some on eBay too). But also know that there are many other online sites where one can order Asian cosmetics from Korea and Japan out there too that you can hunt down.

Peripera Brand Korean Makeup @ Amazon

When I first wrote about Korean make-up there wasn't much in the way of Peripera cosmetics available at But now there is! And it seems like more is being added all the time. I have now found Peripera many lip products, eyeshadow, and more at Amazon. I have fallen for the Peripera Korean cosmetics line, especially their lip tints that provide subtle and natural looking enhancement to your lips. Peripera water tints, milky tints, lip jelly tints, and lip balm tints at Amazon. (That's a lot of tinted lip products!)

Peri's Tint Balm

Peripera's Tint Balm come in cute little tins with girls faces that have a sort of 60s vibe on them. There are 6 different tints (the first actually has no tint at all technically) and various levels of plumping action. All of the looks are very subtle and natural looking, which is a look that I love.

Peripera Peri's Tint Water

Cosmetic Peripera Peri's Tint Water #1(cherry Juice)
Cosmetic Peripera Peri's Tint Water #1(cherry Juice)

I love the look of these lips with Peri's "tint water/juice" on fabulously sweet.


Peripera Peri's Tint Jelly

I think the lip tint jellies seem like they would be the most convenient and easiest to apply of the various lip tint products by Peripera...something easier to toss in your purse and use when you want.

Peripera on eBay

If you aren't having luck finding the Peripera makeup you want at Amazon you can try eBay.

Even though it's easier to find on Amazon now than there used to be, there are still more sellers on eBay selling it and with more selection. So you might have better luck there than Amazon. Or you can also hunt for other online stores that sells Korean makeup to see if they carry PeriPera. (Be sure to search for PeriPera on eBay yourself as I can only show one item below and it may not show the product you would be most interested in.)

Etude House - Korean Makeup

Etude House is one of the Korean cosmetic brands I've noticed that often has some really cute packaging. And some of their cutest packaging is for their hand creams.

I've also seen some really cute cartoon Paris themed packaging for Etude House makeup, including eyeshadow and nail polish, but sadly did not find any on Amazon.

Etude House seems to carry a wide variety of makeup from basics like eyeliner to nail polish. Because I have seen that Etude has so many cool products I will be mentioning them a lot more than some other brands.

ETUDE HOUSE - Promotion "Missing U, Bee Happy!"

This video is of promotional clip for the cute hand creams that Etude House has available featuring Korean boy band Shinee.

Etude House Shini Star

Special promotions, or limited editions, that tie in with popular K-pop artists seems to be popular. Such as the Etude House Shini Star line which seems to be a special edition to tie in with R&B boy band Shinee (see the video clip above). I don't know much about the band, Shinee. But I do like the pretty and cute packaging (which is also simpler and not so cartoon like as some of the other items I mention) of Shini with it's sweet blue color and pop of color.

The line seems to consist mostly of lip balm (which apparently has the signature of one of the boy band's in the bottom of each be revealed when the pot is empty), some face powder and some BB cream (a "multi-tasking" beauty/blemish cream that is popular in Asia and also becoming more well known in the Western cosmetic market as well).

Etude House Juicy Cocktail

This is a fun line of nail polish from Etude House with a cocktail theme (although actually not all of the names for the nailpolish sets seem to have a cocktail related name...just some of them). They come in a set of three so you can create your own special manicure with a gradation effect that ends with a sparkle of glitter at the tips of your nails.

Etude House Tear Drop

The Tear Drop line consists of glittery eyeshadow powders and eyeliners (one thing I read said that they are named Tear Drop because they are meant to go near the part of the eye where tears come from to help give your eyes an extra pop with the products light color and sparkle).

Once again the packaging is very pretty and also is very feminine. The liner comes in a bottle with elegant curves. While the loose powder comes in jars with hearts and swirls on it.

There is a pretty good review of the Tear Drop eye liner here.


TonyMoly also has some of the cutest packaging for Korean makeup. I especially love their little Fruit Princess Lip Gloss shown to the left.

They also have a lot of fun skin care products that come in containers that look like fruit or even eggs...and even cups of latte that would be perfect for coffee lovers.

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Petit

I love packaging that looks like dolls. So here's a brand, The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Petit, that has some doll like packaging for some of their makeup. Some of these are cheek sticks (cream blusher) while others are perfume sticks. But they all basically look like they are from fairytales like Little Red Ridinghood as they all wear cute little hooded capes. But some of the design inspiration for these may have come from matroyshkas, which are also known as Russian Nesting Dolls. (I've seen other Korean and Japanese products that seem to have the Russian nesting dolls as their inspiration.) I found a blog review of the The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Petit Cheek Stick here. And it sounds like a good product based on that.

Thank you for reading my "wish list" of fun, cute and pretty Korean makeup. I hope to update it sometime with my own experience of some of these lovelies.

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      Auriel 4 years ago

      i like it.

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      Kara Hara 5 years ago

      Interesting lens and makeup too.

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      Cynthia Davis 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Totally cute lens for makeup lovers! Angel Blessings**