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10-Step Korean Skincare Routine: Day and Night Regimen

Updated on March 31, 2020
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Carson goes the extra mile when it comes to skincare. She's passionate about helping women discover a skincare routine that suits them best.

Want to know the secret behind the soft and supple skin of Koreans?
Want to know the secret behind the soft and supple skin of Koreans?

Every woman deserves to look flawless both at home and when they go out. But with a hectic lifestyle on the cards, most women find it challenging to maintain their looks. However, Korean makeup artists are shedding light on a 10-step skincare routine that gives you radiant and glowing skin for years—regardless of your age. This routine consists of two parts: one that you follow during the day and one at night.

Here's the entire routine explained step by step.

The Best Korean Skincare Routine in Ten Steps

  1. Wash face with water.
  2. Apply a toner.
  3. Use serum.
  4. Apply ampoules.
  5. Finish with an eye cream.
  6. Cleanse with an oil-based cleanser.
  7. Follow up with a water-based cleanser.
  8. Remove dead skin cells with an organic exfoliant.
  9. Apply toner, serum, and ampoules.
  10. Finish off with a face mask and moisturizer.

Morning Routine

The morning routine includes five steps that you need to follow one by one. Make sure you don’t skip or mix the steps because that may not provide the desired results.

1. Water

Start your day by washing your face with water. Your face absorbs a lot of pollutants every day when you go out. From smoke to air pollutants, these impurities can make your skin dull. Even if you wash your face after coming home, the air pollutants in your house can manage to find a way to reach your skin. Therefore, always wash your face with water first thing in the morning.

Start your morning by splashing water on your face.
Start your morning by splashing water on your face. | Source

Pro tip

Don’t use oil or cleanser. Water not only cleanses your skin but also keeps it moisturized and soft.

2. Toner

The second step involves applying a toner to balance your skin's pH levels. A toner, along with water, makes the ideal combination to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Water may disappear from your skin's pores after a couple of hours. But a toner can keep the skin moist for a longer period. Moreover, a toner acts as an absorbent for the next skincare product.

Cleanse face using cotton pad with toner.
Cleanse face using cotton pad with toner. | Source

3. Serum and Toner

Most women want to maintain the youthful glow they had in their twenties. You will notice Korean women looking young even after their forties and fifties. The secret to their long-lasting beauty is a hybrid solution of serum and toner. Regardless of your age, this water-based fusion will keep your face glowing for years, provided you follow this routine regularly.

This essence, which is a combination of toner and serum, not only hydrates your skin and improves its complexion but also helps in cellular turnover. It is a must-have for women with dry and oily skin. It controls the oiliness in your skin and also keeps it nourished for extended periods.

Apply serum after using toner to help skin retain moisture.
Apply serum after using toner to help skin retain moisture. | Source

4. Ampoules

With age, your skin starts losing collagen. This means your skin will start developing fine lines and wrinkles. Most women experience these signs after they cross 40, unless they don’t notice premature skin wrinkling. It makes you look old. You may try a variety of beauty products to hide those wrinkles, but they usually offer a temporary effect. These products will not provide a long-term solution to your fine lines.

Instead, you can use an ampoule to promote collagen restoration and production in your skin. Ampoules contain a high percentage of active ingredients that can improve your skin's elasticity. Once your skin starts regaining its collagens, it will retain its elasticity, thus preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Ampoule works wonders for boosting collagen production.
Ampoule works wonders for boosting collagen production. | Source

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5. Eye Cream, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen

The last step of your morning routine involves three stages, starting with applying eye cream on and around your eyes. This area doesn’t have sebaceous glands, thus making the skin thin and delicate, leading to cracks and fine lines. That is why you will notice wrinkles and fine lines appearing near your eyes before other parts of your body. Eye creams contain essential ingredients that can increase the collagen content around your eyes. It keeps the skin around your eyes moist and tight.

Eye cream prevents dark circles.
Eye cream prevents dark circles. | Source

The second stage involves applying moisturizer to prevent dryness and acne. Women with oily skin tend to have acne attacks frequently. A moisturizer has soothing properties that can keep your skin soft and supple throughout the day.

Apply moisturizer to soothe skin.
Apply moisturizer to soothe skin. | Source

Lastly, you should apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays. Make sure you apply sunscreen even if you stay at home because it contains ingredients that can prevent wrinkles and dark spots. Choose a sunblock with at least 30 SPF.

Apply sunscreen to prevent skin discolorations.
Apply sunscreen to prevent skin discolorations. | Source

Night Routine

Korean beauty experts advise you to follow the morning routine at night as well to keep your skin hydrated. Also, proper skincare at night prepares you for the morning regimen. The night routine is essential to remove makeup and maintain your skin's softness and texture.

1. Oil-based Cleanser

Makeup products contain oil that can clog your skin pores. This usually leads to acne breakouts if you don’t clean them thoroughly. Therefore, you need to cut iron with iron. That means you need to use an oil-based cleanser to remove your oil-based makeup. The oil content in the cleanser dissolves the oil in the makeup and removes all the impurities. It leaves you with an oily skin that is free from pollutants. But that's not what you want. You need a soft and supple skin and not oily skin. Hence, follow this step with double-cleansing.

2. Water-based Cleanser

Double-cleansing washes the excess oil from your skin. Oil usually attracts air pollutants that can further block your skin's pores. Cleansing your face with a water-based cleanser can unclog those pores quickly. Your skin's pores need to breathe to stay aerated and smooth. Moreover, when your skin stays hydrated, it provides that tender and glowing look. Double-cleansing with a water-based cleanser keeps your skin free from any type of pollutants at night. It creates the base for your morning routine.

3. Organic Exfoliant

The next step involves exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells from your skin. Dead cells also make your skin look older as they create fine lines and wrinkles. Always use an organic and granular substance as your exfoliation tool. Exfoliating your skin regularly can remove dead cells within 30 days. However, you should continue this process to prevent dead cells from reoccurring on your skin. Moreover, exfoliation provides an even-toned complexion, effectively removing dark spots or patches from your face.

Granular scrub gets rid of dead skin cells.
Granular scrub gets rid of dead skin cells. | Source

4. Toner, Serum, and Ampoule

Once you finish exfoliating your skin, it is time to follow your morning routine. Start by using a toner to balance your skin's pH levels, followed by applying a water-based essence consisting of serum and toner. The essence actually rehydrates your skin after it absorbs so much of pollutants throughout the day. The penultimate stage involves applying an ampoule that prepares your skin for your morning routine.

5. Face Mask, Eye Cream, and Moisturizer

Lastly, you need to use a serum before covering your face with a face mask. Alternatively, you can soak the face mask in serum and then use it on your face. Make sure you use one mask for one night. Finally, apply eye cream and moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and tight.

Face mask for deep hydration.
Face mask for deep hydration. | Source

After reading all this, you shouldn't be surprised how Koreans manage to maintain their youthful and glowing skin. This 10-step Korean skincare day and night routine requires commitment and patience, but stay consistent and you just might be the next one to rave about this regimen.

Get Started with the Korean Glass Skin Trend

After reading all this, you shouldn't be surprised how Koreans manage to maintain their youthful and glowing skin. This 10-step Korean skincare day and night routine requires commitment and patience, but stay consistent and you just might be the next one to rave about this regimen.

For a quick recap, here are all the things you need:

Oil-based cleanser
Water-based cleanser
Organic exfoliant
Eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen
Face mask

Did you get excellent results with this skincare regimen?

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