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Kristen Stewart Hair

Updated on June 15, 2012

Kristen Stewart's Hair

Kristen Stewart is famous for changing her hair at least once per year. Every film she creates brings out a new hair side of Miss Stewart. She doesn't fear mullets or lengthy coifs. In fact, she doesn't seem to care about anything at all , but that is a different lens.

What I love about Kristen Stewart is that with each new hair color or style, her inner beauty shines through those deep green orbs.

Whether is it red, black, brown, or some intertwining mixture, she makes it her own and doesn't care what the media says...AND that is Fierce!

Kristen Stewart's Side Swept Waves

Kristen Stewart's Snow White Tresses

Kristen Stewart Messy Red Hair

To get Kristen's look,here is a great tidbit from Glamour:

"For her hair, Jeremy told me that Kristen wanted something edgy, so he wrapped strands around a 1” curling iron—no clamping down—to create a sort of texture-y zig-zag pattern. His major tip: Alternate the direction of the curls, so you don’t look too done. Then he used some hairspray and a bit of"Liquid Gloss" serum from Sebastian, and voila—finished.

As for makeup, Kristen asked for something “fresh and cool” that played up her eyes, so Nick wanted something a little bit smoky, without looking dark. He used a taupe-y grey eyeshadow along her lashline up to the crease and a black waterproof eye pencil on the inner ridge of her eye with some of Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara Long Wearing Formula.

I’m already planning on trying some of these tricks out at home to capture Kristen’s je ne sais quoi, but I also asked Nick for some cold-weather tips, seeing as how my normally dull skin is super dull right now in Utah’s freezing nighttime temps. His two musts:

1) A peach crème blush. If your face turns red when it’s chilly outside, a red or pink color on your cheeks is only going to make them look even redder. A peach is more neutral, and will keep you from looking washed out.

2) Gloss. Everyone’s skin gets dried out at Sundance, especially lips, so it’s important to keep ‘em looking hydrated. Nick gave Kristen Clinique’s Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Guavagold for touch-ups throughout the night."

Kristen Stewart's Long Blonde Hair

If you have wavy hair, this style can be achieved by getting your long hair layered (but make sure you ask your stylist for LONG layers, or you'll end up with something totally wrong! - bring this photo just to make sure you get the right look).

TO style this cut yourself, if you have wavy hair or some wave, towel dry your hair then use a SCRUNCH product in your hair that will help hold or create the curl. there are a ton of these on hte market. The purple Aussie scrunch spray is pretty good (not the best) but it's cheap. You can blowdry your hair on low while scrunching your hair with your hand to create waves. If you have a diffuser for your blowdryer (basically waht this does is take away the wind, but give you the heat to dry your hair) that works even better. Crunch your hair with your hand as you blow dry. Once it gets more dryhairspray it just a bit while you scrunch to hold the waves.

Now if you don't have wavy hair this look can be achieved with a blowdryer and a curling iron. Add a product to had body or volume, then to make your hair thicker if it's not thick, flip your hair over while you blowdry it. And blow dry it from back to front then do the right /left sides with your head upside down. THis will make it look thicker and a bit poufy which you can calm down later.

When dry, run your fingers through your hair, to even out the strands, then use a big or medium curling iron to make spiral curls. Depending on your hairtype, either brush these out or run your fingers through your hair so they are not ringlets. This will also determine how curly you want it, use a brush if you want less curly hair.

TO get the effect of height and some distance from your hair to the top and sides of your hair, put your blowdryer on low then hairspray your hair on top and sides while blowing it just a little bit. Style wiht your fingers.

The Hue of it All

Which Hair Color Do You Love Best on Kristen Stewart?

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Get Kristen's Hair Color

Interested in mimicking Kristen's hue on your own locks? These are my favorite DIY hair coloring kits that will get you the colors of Kristen's hair.

Kristen Stewart Sleek Black Hair

Kristen Stewart's Braided Copper Updo

Kristen Stewart Radiating with Blonde Tresses

Kristen Stewart's Medium Black Hair

Kristen Stewart Ponytail

Kristen Stewart's Short Black Hair

Kristen Stewart Red Black Hair

Kristen Stewart Updo

Kristen Stewart Copper Hair

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