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Lace see through dress on celebrities at important events – the good and the bad

Updated on January 21, 2012

Lace dress is a very feminine piece that can look classy, elegant and pretty with the right designs. Celebrities love to show off their stuff and wear a variety of different outfits. On the red carpets and at important events, many celebrities are wearing lace dresses with style. This hub talks about lace dresses so that all fashion loving women will be able to learn which ones are flattering. In addition to beautiful lace dresses, this hub also list some of the ones you should avoid.

Rachel Mcadams – Rachel Mcadams wore this red lace see through dress on the red carpet. From the name alone, you would think that it is a very horrible dress. However, it is actually gorgeous because all the important spots are covered up. This dress is really one of a kind that is rarely seen on the red carpet. Rachel wore a pair of gold high heels which match with the dress perfectly. Her hairstyle is very elegant that made the whole look even more glamorous.

Halle Berry – She looks gorgeous with this see through lace dress back in 2002. The top is see through with her bust completely covered with flower designs while the bottom is a very conservative opaque dress. With Halle's gorgeous body, it is not difficult to pull off this dress. Lace dresses are at their best when all important body parts are properly covered and no visible panty lines or bra.

Jamie King's blue lace dress – This dress is gorgeous on Jamie. It covers up all the important parts while showing her shoulders and arms. It is a very good way to show a little bit of skin to play up the sexy look while covering other body parts. However, her heels does not seem to go with the dress.

Nicole Kidman's black lace dress – Nicole's black lace dress is very appropriate for her age. It is very elegant and sexy at the same time. I don't like the little flowers around the neck of the dress. It almost reminds people of what little girls wear with one of their dresses. Otherwise, the dress is very fitting for Nicole Kidman.

Milla Jovovich – This little lace black dress is perfect for all events. She adds a twist on the traditional little black dress to make it more unique and stand out from other women. This dress covers all the right places while revealing her toned arms through the lace. The shorter length adds to the fun of the little dress.

Lauren Conrad – Lauren's white lace dress is very cute on her. This dress shows off her toned arms while covering the rest of the places where people shouldn't see. It is not too conservative as it shows off her beautiful legs.

Taylor Swift – She has very good taste in clothes and choose appropriate outfits for important events. Her black lace dress is very elegant and feminine, while her white lace dress has a very girl next door look.

Christina Ricci – This woman looks horrible in this black lace see through dress. It looks like she is straight from the horror movies, not elegant at all. To be honest, she looks like she is out to scare someone for Halloween.

Rihanna – She has narrow shoulders and wider hips. Rihanna is definitely pear shaped. Her red see through lace dress with long sleeves and padded shoulders is gorgeous on her. She got the hair right too to give the whole look a big boost. However, Rihanna's black see through dress isn't so gorgeous on her. It makes her pear shape more obvious and the hair doesn't look like it would go with the dress.

Erin Wasson – This American model wore a black lace see through dress. However, she should leave something to the imagination. Lace dress that reveals your underwear is a not classy and shouldn't be wore to any major / formal events.

Abbey Clancy – This black lace dress leaves nothing to the imagination. What a horrible choice? At formal events, you have to be elegant like others. This is a perfect example of what not to wear if you don't want to look cheap and low class. Did she look into the mirror before stepping out of the house?


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    • Faith A Mullen profile image

      Faith A Mullen 4 years ago

      So many pretty dresses. I especially love the ones worn by Rachel McAdams and Taylor Swift.