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Laser Hair Removal Cost & Prices

Updated on September 3, 2010

Laser hair removal cost and prices can leave one spending more money than necessary. For most do not realize the services and associated cost that come with this procedure. The cost of laser hair removal can range anywhere from 5 to $1500, and that's everything included. Laser hair removal costs can vary from place to place and the establishment and surgeon performing the procedure. On demand market products such as commercialized brands that puts the power in the hands of the consumer.


So how does laser hair removal cost the consumer in the long run? these days buying laser hair removal products is much cheaper and products are more user friendly. Up until recently, only registered practitioners were able to perform such laser surgery, but it seems they have created a more compact and easy to use version for the consumer to use from the comfort of their own home, this type of laser hair treatment comes with a set period of use before permanent results are shown.

Here is a step by step guide to help you decide if getting one done is really worth the cost. There are many other alternatives one can choose from, for instance using a pair of tweezers is still considered a fast and a very low cost effective way to get rid of that unwanted hair. As is bleaching too,.. this is by bleaching the hair follicles , to the more widely used and favored waxing. Prices will differ depending on the area you have decide to get done, and the product you choose to use. decide on this first. The area and the type of product.

Online Information

Do a Internet search, to determine the cost for laser hair removal and find more about this procedure and the various prices you will be charged. As stated before, Hair laser removal cost around 5 to $1500 to be done , this is only a estimate of the average cost of laser hair removal it's the hidden costs you don't see. There is much one can learn by just Goggling , the information is endless. Type in any query you want and get a list of potential establishments. Be sure to read their policies, terms and conditions, if you can find a local establishment near your area at a fair price , then check it out! how convenient is that. Make sure they are well established companies that offer laser hair removal services, do a little background research.

Find say three or four companies you like that will go over the financial side of hair removal laser cost and other services you will have to pay. Do a little brain storming, once you have them in a logical order, start from the top and work down. Analyzing the cost difference of each one, and taking in such factors as location, weather it will be done in a clinic or private premises, are there other medical equipment expenses such as pre-consultation with you G.P, this is a service and needs to be included. Just create your list and tackle each step one at a time, and you will have your own price list in which to work from. And decide the best option for you.

Purpose Of Laser hair Removal

The purpose of using a laser to remove hair is pretty basic, a laser has the accuracy to pinpoint a target with a %99.9 rate of success. The laser targets the hair follicle and in theory stops the growth of the hair, and this is done to each follicle, so it can be a time consuming process. As i said depending on what area you want to do will need to be considered, for instance doing a fairly small area such as the bikini line, opposed to a laser hair removal bikini cost a lot more in terms of difference. Technology has certainly come a long way since the tweezers,... but hey let's not take anything away from the tweezers, their pretty handy when there's no power supply. Go to your local M.D, you never know you may just get some vital information to help you work out any associated costs.

OK Let's go over it once more, find out what you need in terms of hair removal. Find the best medical products that will help, such as either surgery (surgical removal), alternative creams and lotions, or laser hair removal which maybe a bit more costly but i guess makes up for it with precision

Lasers Hair and Transplant Surgery


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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 7 years ago from Minnesota

      I've heard this is super painful, have you done it yourself? It'd be worth looking into though.